A prayer without any wish

Two hands together,

Knees down and

I am doing the prayer;

That same old place,

Those same old people,

If something changed then

It’s only that you are nowhere near.


Nothing much to wish,

Nothing much to complain;

I am here again to just ask the god,

If “you are the one I was praying for”.


I saw that same lady in front of the temple holding her child in arms,

And begging each devotee for her son’s better future;

I just smiled and said to myself,

This time I do not have that person with me, who can feel the love of a mother.


I walked on those steps,

Where you and I used to sit for hours together;

But I did not stop for a moment there,

As I did not want to enter the temple with eyes full of tears.


When someone,

Who knew both of us, asked me about you;

I did not have any other answer,

Except these words, “you are nowhere near”.


Just like you, now I am intelligent enough,

to understand and realize it dear;

 We are now walking on two different paths,

Where we will never meet again for sure.

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31 thoughts on “A prayer without any wish

  1. This makes me sad, Arindam. If it’s not about you, it’s good writing because of the effect it has on my heart. If it is about you, it has 10 times the effect on my heart.

  2. like amy, it touched my heart 10 times over too . Maybe also because I know what you mean and how much separating from the one we care about hurts. Good luck. may you get this person back in your life somehow

    1. Believe me when I say that, I actually do not want anyone back in my life; as Life actually goes on. We all have our share of pain, mistakes and regrets but at the end of the day, we all realize that, there are some people who do not deserve to get a place in our lives.

  3. this was like a short moment with a writer walking together and listening to his words that flowed onto the page…thanks for the lovely stroll…;)

  4. Beautiful words of love, of hope, of sadness from not having destiny merge two paths of two people who could have been sharing a lifetime together. Sometimes, destiny has plans for us that is hard to understand. Perhaps one day soon, fate will lead you to the one that will bring love and happiness to you world. Have a great weekend Bro.

    1. Thanks a lot Bro. Yes sometimes destiny plays with us in such a way that it’s really hard to realize if we won or lost that phase of life. :) Have a great weekend too.

  5. This is deep. I am touched. Yes, there is a poet in you. For any art, a person has to live, to feel, to think – all of this is in you, which makes this poetry great!

    1. Thanks a lot Paula for all these kind words. I am glad that you like this poetry. When i started writing this one, I had no intention to write a poetry; I just went through the flow of words and realized that it could be a poetry.
      Have a great Sunday!

      1. Now you said something that is the clue to it… you had no intention to make it a poem… if you had had such intention, it would probably not turn out to be a poem ;). I also decided to read just one post of yours at the time, to allow my impressions to settle :) Do you understand what I mean?

        1. Yes Paula, I do understand it. I will not mind seeing you reading one post of mine at a time. :)
          Yes, If I would have tried to write a poetry, then it might not be possible for to get these thoughts from my mind.

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