Blog of the Week & Post of the Week: 8

Hello everyone,

I am again back to share two different yet wonderful blogs with you all. One is having some wonderful photographs of all most all the beautiful places in the world and the other is simply beautiful.

I hope you will spend some of your time exploring these blogs. I am sure I am not going to disappoint you. And this week it will not take much of your time to visit these blogs, as I am choosing one travel blog and a photography blog for you all

The blog which I am selecting as the Blog of the  week is- The sophomore Slump” by Rommel.

About the Author- Rommel, is a really lucky guy to visit all the beautiful places in the world. But he never forgets to take us all with him to these beautiful places. He visited places like Italy, Germany, Paris, Rome, California, Germany, Amsterdam, s Japan, Singapore, Las Vegas, Mississippi, Switzerland, Kuwait, New Orleans and Austria and the list continues…. But His posts based on his country “Philippines” are my favorites.

Note to Author of  “Blog Of The Week”- 

Rommel, it was a small way to send some good wishes to you & your blog. Keep up the great work as you always do. :)

This time-  “Post of the Week” is “Who needs direction” written by  the author  “Angelia“.

Angelia, works as a corporate travel agent. But as she says, she dreams in photographs. And let me honestly tell you, she is a really wonderful photographer. I am sure you are going to agree with me, once you will visit her blog. I love each picture she posts in her blog. I am also sure you are going to agree with me once you will visit her blog. :)

Note to the Author of “post of the week”:

Angelia thank you for all the colors and beautiful moments you share with all of us through your photography. Lots of good wishes for you. May you get all the colors of happiness and success in your life.


We will meet next week, with one more new blog and one more new post; Until then it’s “Good Bye” from me.

Keep smiling, keep believing, keep Dreaming!

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16 thoughts on “Blog of the Week & Post of the Week: 8

  1. What an unbelievable coincidence!? I’m not sure if Arindam set up, but me and Angelia just met when I stumbled upon her blog last night. We found out that we share similar interests, and now! we were both featured at the same time here.
    Thank You Arindam for the kind words. May we all have fun creating posts and reading other blogs.

    • It was all my pleasure & honor to share your blog with my readers Rommel. Yes, May we all have fun creating posts that speaks for all of us.
      I am glad I can feature both yours and Angelia’s blog on the same day when you people came to know each other. Sometimes things happen just perfectly. :)

  2. Thank you my dear! You make my colors more vibrant with your beautiful heart. I appreciate it SO much! And I just discovered the lovely Rommel this morning. We were destined to meet. I love that!

    • Let me say thank you to you Sunshine. You are so supportive and kind. I am glad you always take your time to visit the blogs I mention. Just be the way you are. You are really great.

    • Thanks a lot Penny. :) I am glad to hear that I could inspire you in some way. It’s always a pleasure to visit your blog and to see you in my blog. Congrats to you too on getting the award.

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