Niagara Falls June 2012 (72)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment

Today’s weekly challenge post is dedicated to two of my most dearest people, I hope you can guess who they are. Yes you people are right. I am talking about my brother and Googlie. All these pictures are taken by my sister in law on their visit to Niagara falls.

These are some wonderful moments between a father and his daughter. I hope one day when Googlie will grow old, she will realize what she means to her dad since the moment she was born.

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74 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment

  1. It would take a beautiful mother and father to bring such a gorgeous little girl into the world. Children today are incredibly fortunate. They will have all the photos and videos of them, like these fab ones taken by Googlie’s mom, with their parents from the beginning. My father was soooo important to me, but I have no photo of the two of us together!

    1. Amy aunty, I too regret that I do not have a single photo with my mom and dad. And yes, these kids are really lucky. But I am really happy that, they will not have to regret anything when they will grow, jusy like us. :)

    1. Mj, I hope you will be really happy to hear that, my next post is on Naigara Falls. I wish you can relive those moments with those pictures I am going to post next. :)

  2. Great photos! Lots of love there. (I’ve always wanted to see Niagara Falls in real life!)
    Yes, these photos will be a treasure for that young lady, as well as her family. My nephew lost his dad this past year. They had not always seen eye to eye on things, some animosity between them. As the family pictures were taken out, the young man saw himself as a baby and his father’s delight in him. Finally, he realized his father’s love for him.

    1. Patti, I am going to post all the pictures of Niagara falls taken by my Sister in Law in my next post. I hope you will like them.
      And yes, these moments are really precious for all of us. When she will grow old, by seeing these pictures, she will realize how much she loved by her dad.

    1. Wait for few more Years, I am sure Being Arindam is going to be be “Being Googlie”. :) Thanks a lot Rommel for all the good things you said about my sweet heart. :)

  3. Just yesterday I had to think about your blog and asked myself when I would read from Googlie again. And here she is :D Really beautiful pictures, she is so cute!
    Somehow the pictures remind me of me and my dad. There are similar photos. And when I look at these photos I see all the love my parents have for me. So yes, I think that Googlie will one day realize how much she is loved :-D

    1. Thanks a lot Cassie. I am glad these pictures help you remember those beautiful days of your life. And love of parents for their children is something really special. It’s always my pleasure to see you in my blog and to read your kind words dear. :)

      1. Right after I read your post, I looked at pictures from my child hood. These photos are so adoring! And I can’t believe that this was me.. this tiny sleepy little cutie :-D
        I have told you this before, Arindam, but I think it’s so great how you present Googlie and her parents. Not only for us readers, but I think that Googlie one day will read your posts about her and that will make her understand how much she is loved and where she comes from (so don’t forget to at least print them one day!). My mother wrote a little diary when she was pregnant with me until a few weeks after I was born. It’s a precious memory to me! So I have both, the pictures and her thoughts.

        Always my pleasure to read from you, dear friend!

        1. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend Cassie. I can’t believe you paid a visit to those old days of your childhood days after reading this post. :) I do not know if Googlie will one day read my post or if she will ever realize what she means to me; but she will always remain special to me. I will try my best to give her everything she wants from me. But I do hope just like me, her demands from life will be much less than others. :)

  4. You know that I’ve always enjoyed Googlie’s pictures on Facebook. Moments like these are indeed fleeting. But thank goodness for technology. You can have something tangible to help you go on that trip down memory lane. :)

    1. Absolutely, these kids are really lucky as technology reached to such a level now; they can go on the trip down the memory lane whenever they wish. :)

    1. Thanks a lot Rosie. :) Yes everyone asked me to post some her pictures. So I thought of sharing pictures. I am glad you liked these pics.
      And what a wonderful gift you gave me, in this post of yours. I am going to remember it for a long time. Thanks a lot for gifting me “Inspiration”. I needed this today.

  5. Fleeting moments that will be treasured forever. Love, family and the memories we make no matter how transient becomes an eternal reminder how beautiful life is. wonderful images. Thanks for sharing your amazing family. your niece is so adorable!

    1. Thanks a lot bro. :) Yes these pictures are very precious to me as they are of two of my dearest people. I had never seen my brother so happy before. So yes these are the moments, which will be treasured forever.
      Enjoy your weekend bro!

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