Talent deserves recognition in blogging too!

Yesterday when I went to sleep, I thought that tomorrow “I will write something good in my blog”. I got up early from my bed.  That promise which I made to myself was still in my mind.  I completed my routine task. But, unfortunately not a single thought came to my mind. May be I was missing my family the most after a long time, as it is festival time in my home. So I decided that, there was no point in writing something for the sake of writing. So finally I decided to see what the other peoples were up to. What were the thoughts going through their mind? So I decided- “I would read other people’s blog in my free time today.”

After the lunch, I started surfing other people’s blogs according to my preferences of tags. I am sure you people will guess it right that, “a Young man in his mid twenties having relationship status as single will prefer to read posts under which tag or category first?” ;) Yes, you are right I preferred to read those posts which were tagged under love. :) Then I started reading blogs of different people from various parts of the world. I liked many of those posts and with due respect to some other writers, I did not like their posts. May be those posts were good, but I did not identify with them.

But one thing really hurts me after going through all those posts. That was- I saw some posts which were really good, rather I will say they were excellent. But what really astonished me that, those posts had neither one like nor a single comment from any of the people. Where as those posts deserves much beyond than a like or a comment from its reader. And there was another amazing trend I saw.

I went through some posts which were either really terrible or just average.  I may say that those posts were nothing in comparisons to other posts which I mentioned before. Still more than 100 blogger’s pressed like button on them. And obviously some hundreds of people gave their comments on those posts. From my heart, I knew that these posts got more recognition then they deserve from readers. But so many people could not be wrong. I thought maybe there was something wrong with me. So I started looking for the actual reason behind me going against so many people’s view. It took me some time, but I got to the conclusion why so many people appreciate those posts. Actually the reason was that most of those were written by some good looking people or those blog pages were designed beautifully. Then only I knew that actually in war between Mind & Beauty always Beauty wins. And other remaining posts were either written by some famous people or some  people who hold key positions in their organization. So in both these cases they are going to be appreciated for their work, does not matter they worth it or not.

I do believe when a person write something, he gives it his heart, mind and soul & obviously lots of time. In the end what he wants in return is appreciation. A writer is happy of the fact that at least his writings are reaching to so many peoples. Similarly what hurt him most is, when his creation goes unnoticed. So if someone is good at something, we must encourage him by appreciating his work. Actually we people never give something its worth, if it’s available to us for free. We value it only when we spend some bucks for it.

I know this post of mine is going to get neither a single like nor a single comment. Still I thought I should share this thought of mine with you people.As i feel everyone should promote talent with out caring about his gender, his religion, his position, his nationality etc. Everyone must appreciate the good work that person is doing.

I do not consider myself as a writer; I just write what my heart says. Still this post of mine is dedicated to all those wonderful writers whose efforts went unnoticed.

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46 thoughts on “Talent deserves recognition in blogging too!

  1. This is a thoughtful post, Arindam. I used to love to go through blogs by subjects, but it is so much harder to find them since Word Press moved things around again.

    There may just be a place for these good blog posts — how about on your post of the week feature! Then we’ll all get to know them.

    1. Thanks a lot Elyse. :)Yes, it’s sometimes really hard to deal with WordPress’s experiments.
      Yes I started that blog of week just to bring some wonderful blogs to one place.

  2. “Actually we people never give something its worth, if it’s available to us for free. We value it only when we spend some bucks for it” ….. this is the truth. It’s funny that you wrote about this, because I recently noticed that someone had about 800 followers and wondered..why? I just didn’t “get” the content of the Blog and also thought something was wrong with me. Thanks for sharing this thought.

    1. That same thing happened with me many times. There are some blogs which have some 1000+ followers and some how I did not get connected with their content. I know I am no one to judge to their skills; but somehow from deep inside I have a feeling that, do they deserve that much recognition; where as there are some wonderful & talented people who do not have that much followers.
      Thanks a lot reading this one.

  3. Another stimulating thought, arindam. I myself have long been wondering, I don’t mean to start a debate, on how some simply created blogposts get more views, likes and comments that those that are obviously done with labor.

    1. I will completely agree with you Rommel. That was actually the point I wanted to raise with this post. We need to appreciate the effort someone is putting in to his blog. But may be promotion is equally important too.

  4. Searching tags, I’ve never thought to do that. Maybe I’m afraid I’ll find many more blogs I want to read, but there are only enough hours in the day! Thanks for sharing your research experience.

    1. Yes, I do that sometimes Patti. I try to find some really talented people who are new to blogging and I think I can find them only by searching tags. :) I do that once in a while, when I have nothing much to do.

    1. You are really kind to me. And who says, ” You can’t write like me”. Every individual has his own thoughts to share, his own emotions to spread. SO I really believe there is nothing called a better writer.
      I am glad to hear that, you enjoy reading my writings. These words mean a lot.

  5. I agree. Sometimes I see posts that are poorly written but in the blogging world I think it’s got a lot to do with how you sell yourself and how often you post. If you tag correctly and know enough bloggers etc you’ll get loads of hits regardless of whether the blog is any good.

    1. Yes Megan, what you said was some how true. But there is also one more reason behind some of those writers not getting enough readers. I have experienced it many times that, when I comment on a new blogger’s post, he/she does not bother to reply my comment. It’s somehow does not help/her cause, as it creates a wrong impression. When someone spending some times reading our thoughts from his/her busy schedule, we need to respect that. I once read a quote that, “Blogging is not about writing but also it is all about reading”.

  6. You speak truth, Arindam. I have wondered the same thing. There are posts that are so obviously just thrown together. Yet hundreds follow the blog. And you’re so right – most of the time, these are attractive men and women, with little content to offer on their blogs.

    On the other hand, there are posts by thoughtful bloggers that get little recognition, either through lack of promotion, sometimes lack of physical beauty, or poor blog layout. It is so unfortunate for those writers.

    Thank you for thoughtfully speaking your mind, my friend.

    1. Thank you Mj. Yes, I read few posts which are beautifully written on some unique topics and interesting thoughts. Still not many people bother to read these posts. I am not sure about the reason, neither I was trying to judge or insult any of those bloggers whose posts I did not like. But some how I felt very sad & disappointed seeing no one is giving the worth those posts deserve. Some may disagree with this thought of mine, Still I thought of sharing this with all. I also know that I might be wrong while sharing this thought.

  7. You make some excellent points, Arindam. I also look at the blog-o-sphere like a giant bookstore. There are so many titles to choose from. A friend of mine, who had recently published a book, encouraged his friends and followers to go to the store, and move his book from the back of the store to a table at the front of the store where it would be more prominently displayed. I’m not sure how you’d do that in blog land, but it showed some true enterprise on his part. I do enjoy your blog, your thoughtful comments.

    1. Hi Judy,
      Yes we can’t display our blogs by keeping it at the front of the store just like a book. That thing only WordPress can do for us by making our blog part of the freshly pressed list. But what we can do is to write or create the best post to our ability. And then we have to keep on reading the blogs of those bloggers whose skills somehow deserve our respect. And one fine day that person visit our blog to know more about us find some great content in our blogs. That’s the only way our blog can reach to a larger number of audience.
      Lots of good wishes for you and your blog.


  8. You hit the mark on target Arindam: Beauty, in many cases, will rise above ugly or maybe not so severe . . . average looks. Even beautiful babies have it far easier than ugly ones, or, so I have read about on this topic.
    I hope for the many good writers who fail to get recognition, they continue to write and create. I think many do because writing is part of who they are and like breathing, in order to stay alive, it is necessary.
    I’m reminded of Van Gogh, the painter, while he was alive was to most people, a complete failure as an artist. He kept creating regardless. Well, we all know, it was only after his death did his work become so famous.
    What’s up with that, eh?
    Peace be with you, Arindam. :)

    1. Hi Sunshine,
      Yes, Beauty some how gets the attention very easily ; which we human need to somehow make other realize our existence. But it can’t help us grow, until unless we have some talent. I always ask the question to myself “if tomorrow I have to buy a book spending few bucks Whether I will chose a book of a talented writer or a beautiful writer? Somehow I feel I will go for the better book. ” Still beauty helps the talent.
      I had not much knowledge about Van Gogh. Thanks for sharing this inspiring story of such a talented person and things like this is such a shame on all of us. I just hope and wish this trend will change someday.
      As always thanks a lot Sunshine for sharing your wonderful thought and wish. :) Lots of good wishes for you too.

  9. I have to disagree Arindam.
    Yes good design and publicity brings people to your blog. That is the way of the world and the reason why ad agencies make money. But you can’t make people stay if there isn’t enough content. Plus most readers’ attention spans are short and unless a very long post without visuals, presents subject matter they are particularly interested in, they will not stay and read. However well written. Most just don’t have the time. Again that is the way it is.
    My best – in my opinion – posts barely got 2 or 3 comments initially. So I put photo links to them on my sidebar. They still only attract the odd comment as opposed to several on my newer posts. I assume only the really interested will check them out. Nothing wrong with that. Didn’t discourage me either. I just went about finding a way to increase traffic.
    But to say that people visit a blog because the author is attractive, is to insult the intelligence of the reader :-) A person’s appearance is of least interest to me and I have no doubt it is to a lot of others.

    1. Yes, I do agree with you that without good content it’s hard to make people stay. But sometimes what happen, people do not read a new blogger’s post just by thinking he does not have enough readers or enough likes or comments on his posts. And this really hurts me. Because we all need to help a person grow with time, by appreciating his talent. I was not trying to be judgmental, while writing this one. It was just a thought which came to my mind after seeing so many wonderful blogs getting unnoticed.
      And to be honest, I had no intention to insult someone’s intelligence with this post, I know there may be something good in those blogs which are famous yet they did not speak to me much. But what I thought was, If those posts got so much appreciation, then the posts which were excellent yet no one bothers to read them, deserve much more. And I too realize that I was not 100% correct with my analysis. But What I really hope and wish is that, those talented people will get all the appreciation and recognition they deserve one day.
      Thanks a lot for taking your time to read this post, and sharing your wonderful thought Madhu. I am glad you shared your thought honestly; this actually what helps us to grow both as a human being and a writer. :)

      1. Thank you Souldipper (Amy?)! Your Gravatar led me to so many links, I was overwhelmed :-)
        @ Arindam. I understand and admire your concern for those ‘less popular’ blogs. Just that, most times I find it is more productive to concentrate on finding ways to improve – yes….even try to make oneself more presentable – than to waste time worrying about why someone else is doing better. Life isn’t always fair. But I truly believe we can make things happen if we want something badly enough and work towards it. Nothing in this world is free!
        Love the new look by the way.

  10. Beauty does catch the eye at first. But if there is no heart, the beauty soon fades. I find that I like to read a blog with pictures or drawings included in it. But, to keep reading one author, if the content or writing is not quality or interesting to me, I probably won’t read too many of that author’s pieces.

    “I know this post of mine is going to get neither a single like nor a single comment.” We can all comment and tell you that your writing is special because it truly comes from your heart. But unless you know that deep in your heart, what’s the point? And the day that you KNOW that deep down inside, you won’t care if anyone comments or likes a piece, because you will already know it’s good.

    Oh, and just a little bit of pop psychology for you, when you are self confident and self assured, you will glow and ooze it out of your pores… and your love and life partner will be attracted to you like bees to honey.

    1. Yes, I am going to agree with you on what ever you said. I know when something comes from heart, it reaches to the other person. I will not lie while saying this, “Every time I post something I somehow get a feeling that, it’s going to touch some other hearts. ” But still there is some limitations in blogging. I always wonder if we can read a novel or a book by spending some bucks from our pocket, why are we reluctant to read a post of more than thousand words. It may be a brilliant piece of writing. I know time is a factor. Yet, in this whole process we are encouraging a talented person to gain that confidence in him, that he is doing good work with the talent god has given him. I am also aware of the fact that, I may not be completely right with my thought process. But I shared my thought honestly with this post.
      Ad thanks a lot for reading this one, and sharing your wonderful thought.
      And thanks for the advice. I will try my best to be self confident and self assured.

  11. Arindam, in the UK the biggest selling newspapers are the trashy tabloids and in the US more people vote for American Idol than they do for their President. And George W Bush was voted in twice!

    This is not to suggest that popular blogs are the equivalent of trashy tabloids but rather a comment on the mysterious science on the drifting followers of fashion and the perpetuating perception of what is popular.

    I agree with @Madhu with regard to content. With honest engagement!

    Have fun exploring the outliers, there are so many wonderful, and quiet, blogs out there!

    1. Yes Patti, I too agree with Madhu regarding content. Content is the most important part of our blogs. But somehow, there are some blogs which have everything in them; still they fail to get that much attention they deserve. I am not sure about the reason behind it. But what I believe is that, they must get their share of attention.
      Thanks a lot for taking your time to read this one. :)

  12. I have noticed some blogs receive incredible readership when there’s little meat, but are, instead, like reality shows. (Shudder!) That tells me the collective readership of that blog just want to be entertained. One such blog was consistently about fights between the writer’s teenage daughters.

    I have an “acid test”. When I read a blog, I ask myself, “How is this enhancing my spiritual growth?” That’s how I decide. Many gems would be missed if I only looked at numbers.

    To each his own, Arindam. The key is to stay true to oneself and not be seduced by the appeal of the masses. One of the deepest and best written blogs I read (Into the Bardo) is a collection of various writers who have been diagnosed with life threatening illnesses. They write their feelings about life and death. Their readership is very small. I experience that the number of comments are NOT an indication of quality material.

    You just be you, Arindam, and don`t fall into the trap of comparing.

  13. thank you for putting into words what I have thought about myself. :) To me, the like buttons are another social game.
    You write with such clarity, heart, and truth. A pleasure to read.
    Giggling over your tabs of love…….I remember being in my mid-twenties….oh, the love was intense then….but I seemed to be reliving that decade again.
    Great post. Really great.
    Sam :)

    1. These words mean a lot Sam, as they came from you. I can honestly say that, all your posts deserve more likes & comments. They are simply excellent. I am glad to hear that, you do realize that like buttons are nothing but the social game. Thanks for all the inspiration you bring to the blogosphere. :)

  14. You know Arindam, many people write blogs just to find an outlet for their feelings. Often, they don’t actually expect a response… It’s a cry in the wilderness. Some of us are fortunate enough to write our message into that wilderness and to strike a chord with someone. It’s how you and I have found ourselves watching each other’s blogs. All those cries in the wilderness will find followers. The lost souls you have portrayed as lacking any likes or comments wil get them – It took some weeks before I had my first like or comment. ps. Maybe searching blogs for ‘Love’ wasn’t going to be very productive anyway?

    1. Ha ! You are absolutely right Martin, Searching the tag “Love” was not very productive. :)
      I will agree with you that, some people write without expecting a response. May be for them blog is just like an electronic diary. But I do believe it encourages all of us to know that, someone liked our post or spent few minutes sharing what he/she thinks about our posts.
      And I am glad I came across you and your blog. You are a wonderful person.

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