Googlie’s Visit to Washington DC

Trying to See the world through a six months baby’s eye

As per your wish, and on my request Googlie has now agreed to make her first appearance at “being Arindam”. If you still do not know, who is Googlie, then for the second time and the last time I am informing you that, “she is my six months old niece”.

Now it’s over to Googlie, listen what my sweet heart has to say you all.

Hi people,

I came to know that, you all wanted to meet me. So here I am, making my first appearance just for you all. I hope you people want to thank me for that trip to Mystic Aquarium. Right? But do not worry, it was all my pleasure.

I am with my Dad & Mom. They say that, they are lucky to have me. But do not tell anybody I am saying this, the truth is-“Actually I am lucky to have them”. ;)

Ok you all old people (I can say that, as I am only six months old and you people are….. ;) ) today I am going to take you all to Washington DC. I hope you are going to enjoy the trip with me. If not, then also you can lie a little bit to make this six months little baby happy.

Hummmmm….. Dad is driving really fast. I am waiting to meet my GrandMaa, so that I can tell her “How fast her son is driving!.

“Hey! Dad read my mind or what! …. He is driving really slow now. “

“blue sky… green trees… beautiful architecture…  if every thing is so perfect then why to worry about this planet’s future”…  wah wah! I was not aware of the fact that, I can speak such wonderful lines.

Hey people see… this is really beautiful! Mommmmm… Why are you holding that camera in your hand… to show us you have one or what?… Go and take a picture.

Dad I heard that, there are plenty of places like this in our home town.

Dad… I am really tired now… I am going to our room. You go and park the car.

Hmmm… It’s a really nice place.

Dad, Indian roads are like this or not? I know they may be different, but they must be beautiful in their own ways.

Ok let’s go to sleep, tomorrow we have to visit the museum, park and lots of other places.

Mom… I never realized you are such a good photographer. Ok do not get too happy. I just said so , to increase your confidence level. Now go and Take few more snaps.

Smile please! :)

Ok you all wonderful people, now please leave me alone for some time…. I have to read this one!

Dad, one day I will fly high and will make you all proud. Just wait for my turn to come.

I do not need a seat to travel with public transports. I have my own.

She is sexy! oopssss…. I am sorry… I am too young to use this word. ;) 

This is a really beautiful place. Hey guys… if you love this place just like I do… then do not forget to visit Taj Mahal  in India, at least once in your life. I am sure you will love that place.

Salute to these people… Who sacrifice their lives to help the flag of their country fly high… and with pride!

Hey you all old people, are you doing your bit to make your part of world a better place? If not, then what are you waiting for. Your children and grand children are going to live in this world only. So do not wait for tomorrow…. try to make this world a better place from today only.

 Ok guys…I am really tired now. Now let me take a nap…. I will take you all with me to some other place on another day. Till then listen what my boring uncle, Arindam has to say you all.

Now as my uncle always says, “Keep Smiling, keep Believing and keep Dreaming” and do not forget to keep Loving (it’s something which my uncle never says). :)

Love you all…..

NB: All these pictures are taken by my Sister In Law.

53 thoughts on “Googlie’s Visit to Washington DC

  1. Your little niece is so cute, Arindam. I hope she, and the rest of the family enjoyed their visit to our Nation’s Capitol. I really hope you got to take the full tour of the Smithsonian Museum while your were there. There is a lot to see, so you’d probably need several days to really take it all in.
    If it weren’t for the congestion, I’d probably visit D.C. more myself, since it’s only a couple of hundred miles away from where I live.

    1. Thanks a lot Marcy. Yes, they had a great time; but as much as I know, it was raining those days; so my sister in law failed to capture few places with her camera.
      And you live only a couple of hundred miles away from such a beautiful place. Then Do not worry much about congestion Marcy, go to this place more often. We would love to see few more photos of this beautiful place in your blog.

  2. This post of yours… ahm.. this post of Googlie made me really happy! Soooo sweet! I hope I will hear a lot more of Googlie’s trips! You should make a little book out of that and one day give it to Googlie (or her parents) as a gift! Googlie is lucky to have an uncle like you, dear Arindam!

      1. I don’t know any other other uncle who gave his niece such a charming voice of her own. Besides, when she gets older she won’t have any memory about that trip, but your posts will tell her something about it, far more than photos alone can do! So make sure, you make copies of these posts..

        1. Yes Cassie, it’s a great idea; I have to keep a copy of this post; so that when she will grow up, she can experience her childhood once again. Thanks a lot dear, for all of your kind word. You are really inspiring Cassie.

  3. Other than the love story you told us before, this is your best post ever! Candid execution. Great travel post. Excellent, very excellent photgraphies. Nothing a travel post can critic against. This post is for the win!

    1. Thanks a lot Rommel. All these photos are taken by my sister in law, I have very little to do with these pics. I just edited them. Still your travel posts are beyond excellence. I love all of your travel posts,

    1. Thank you Amy aunty. :) But Googlie is a girl. Even I hope she has got love for me in her vocabulary, as I have not net her till now. Waiting for her to come home this October. :)

  4. I am not much of a city girl, Arindam. I don’t go to D.C. unless my oldest son joins me to navigate, since I know very little about what is where. I went to Crystal City (an underground city in D.C.) about 15 years ago. We’ve also been to the Smithsonian, a time or two. In the 1980’s when I was married, my X and I used to go to a lot of the pro basketball games. You’re lucky if you get to see photos of Richmond in my blog, dear. :) I am not a crowds and concrete person, if you know what I mean. :)

  5. That is such a fun post Arindam. I hope she had pleasant dreams at then end of a long day enjoying the sights and sounds of the adult world :-)

  6. Ah, she’s a beautie! And Washington is a very clean and awe inspiring city to visit. Thanks for sharing this with us. And maybe if my friends who are coming to India in September will forward some pics to me, I can post the Taj Mahal on my site.

    1. Thank you Renee. Yes after seeing these photos anyone can feel the beauty of this city.
      I will love to see pics of Taj Mahal in your blog. I hope your friends will have a great time here. Pass on my good wishes to them. But how could you miss the chance to visit this unique country with your friends! :)

  7. A wonderful post through the eyes of your niece, her mom’s camera eyes and your creativity, Arindam. I loved the last photo…so adorable! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thanks a lot Sunshine. More than anything else, this post belongs to my sister in law’s camera eyes. I am glad you liked Googlie’s photo. :)

  8. Fantastic post, Arindam. Great pictures of one of the most interesting and beautiful cities in the world. So glad we got to meet Googlie! Thanks for sharing this.

  9. Oh my gosh, Arindam, she is just BEAUTIFUL! So precious. I am so glad you shared these pictures, she looks like such a little sweetie, much loved by her caring parents (and uncle, too, of course!).

    I’ve been to Washington D.C. many times, and it fills me with awe and wonder every time. It’s really its own little universe. And what’s so interesting is that everyone who goes there sees the same sights, but sees them in completely different ways. I so enjoyed your sister-in-law’s journey through the city, and the sleeping shots of your little niece there at the end. What a day! And your captions were perfect. I especially liked your quote on the Iwo Jima memorial. And the promise from Googlie to take us to another place in the future. Can’t wait.

    1. Thanks a lot Melissa. Yes, She looks like my brother. I have not seen Washington D.C. yet, but by seeing these pictures I can tell it must be a wonderful place. Even my fav is that, Iwo Jima Memorial one. This pictures tells a beautiful story.
      And Googlie will take you to a new place soon, she went to mystic aquarium before Washington D.C. I hope you were part of that trip with her. :)

    1. Thanks a lot Madhu. :) It was all my pleasure to share some of the pictures of Googlie with you all. It was all my pleasure to see you in my blog. :)

    1. Sir Charles,I am really happy that, Googlie got your blessings at an age of six months only; it took me almost 26years to meet an inspiring person like you.

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