Blog of the Week & Post of the Week-3

Hello you all beautiful and wonderful people,

I am back with one more new blog and one more new post to share with you all.  I know you people are really busy these day. Still go visit these places, I can tell you will experience something really wonderful in these blogs.

The blog which I am selecting as the Blog of the  week is- “Fifty Four And a Half” by Elyse.

“Fifty Four and a Half” by Elyse

Elyse is a medical researcher and writer. She do drugs and get paid for it. She work for a consulting company that studies the side effects of drugs.  According to her the interesting thing is that- she has one job, one husband, one son, one dog, and all of them make her laugh. And According to me, what is more interesting that, by writing about what she feels about this world and its people, makes us all laugh.

There is one more thing which is common between me & her blog. We both share our birthdays on the same day. Tomorrow me and her blog will grow one year older.

Note to Author of  “Blog Of The Week”- “Elyse,  You are a wonderful person and a wonderful writer. One thing I admire about you the most is your honesty; both as a person and as a writer. You always spread smiles with your words, which is the most difficult job to do. SO a big thank you for all the fun & laughter you bring to our lives.”

Happy Birth Day to your blog in advance. May it reach all the new heights in this blog world.


Again I hope you are ready to spend few more minutes this week in discovering a new blog if you have not yet.

So this time-  “Post of the Week” is Long time Sun written by  the author Sam of the blog “Everyday Asperger’s“.

Sam is a really wonderful poet and writer. I once said to her that- ” she play with words as per her wish to come up with something extraordinary. And believe me, this post says it all. I do not need to say anything more about her as a poet and writer. I can only request you to go and visit her blog; so that you can experience something really extraordinary there.

Note to the creator of this post- “Sam, You are a gifted writer. I do not want to add few adjectives to try and justify your talent. I can only request you to write from heart as you always do, and inspire us with your words. “

DO not think too much; go and meet these two wonderful & talented people . I am very much sure you are going to love their blogs.

We will meet next week, with one more new blog and one more new post; Until then it’s “Good Bye” from me.

Keep smiling, keep believing, keep Dreaming!

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21 thoughts on “Blog of the Week & Post of the Week-3

  1. Feel silly pressing the like button. But I do like very much that you find connection with my words. Connection and light are very important to me. I appreciate your effort and time, much. Thank you for this lovely gift. Look forward to exploring more of your blog and your journey. Light and love to you, Sam :)

    1. Thanks a lot Sam. You are a really talented writer, and I really mean it. Your words are so touching and full of emotions. Have a great week ahead. :)

  2. Dear Arindam,

    Thank you so much for thinking of me! I am truly honored to be mentioned by you for this, Arindam. And you will notice, I haven’t yet said anything sarcastic or silly.

    It is great of you to highlight other blogs in the many ways you do. I thank you for being my friend, my reader, my bloggin’ buddy.

    Now I’m off to read Sam’s piece.

    Happy Birthday to you!

    1. Yes I did notice that, you had not said anything silly or sarcastic. :) I hope you are in serious mood today. :)
      Jokes a part, Thanks a lot for considering me as your friend. Thanks a lot for the wish, Happy birthday to your blog too.
      I am somehow sure that you will like Sam’s blog.

  3. Happy Birthday, Arindam. May this be the first of many, many, more to come. And congratulations to Elyse for your acknowledgement of her blog. You did a great job giving her exposure. :)

    1. Thanks a lot Marcy. :)
      No actually I not that good enough to give exposure to Elyse’s blog. She is a really talented writer and she already has her own set of readers and followers. I only tried to share her blog with those people who visits my blog.
      I hope you like both these blogs.

    1. I am glad you think so. Yes I try to come up with two blogs every week, which I like a lot. But I will be more happy, many people who visit my blog will visit theirs. :)

    1. It’s all my pleasure Shamajee. That’s why I started this blog & post of the week; to bring some of those blogs which I like to your notice. Both Elyse and Sam are wonderful writers. They are both different in their own ways.

    1. Yes Renee, the concept is same but procedure is different. :) I went with this idea, because here the people I nominate, do not have to follow any rules, neither need to pass on to someone nor need to thank me or my blog. :)

  4. Simply a lovely idea about blog awards, Arindam…I think I may follow right behind you. :)
    Okay, going now to check out your bloggers! Happy belated birthday!

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