Googlie’s Day Out @ Mystic Aquarium


I know you all are thinking who is Googlie? You do not need to search it in Google. She is my niece, whom I love the most in this world. She is six months old, the youngest in my family. I hope you remember, that post where I informed you all about her birth. Last weekend she went to Mystic Aquarium with my brother & sister in law. And this is what she brought for all of you.

Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, CT is a private company categorized under Public Aquariums. It was established in 1973. It’s perfect place to enjoy your weekend this summer.

Googlie with my elder brother….
My sister in law ….. Taking rest from her day with camera

All pictures are taken by My sister in Law, Who does not realize that she is a really nice photographer. I hope after seeing this post, she will realize that.

61 thoughts on “Googlie’s Day Out @ Mystic Aquarium

  1. Hi,
    You just cannot beat a day out at the Aquarium, always a lot of fun seeing the different marine life, and the white whale is gorgeous. :D
    Great photos.

    1. Darla, I hope last time you you had been to that place , that “Titanic – 12,450 Feet Below” part was not there.
      And now before you people go there, just show your son & daughter glimpse of that place through these pics. :)

  2. How sweet of you to feature your SIL’s photos, Arindam. Hope she sees that she has the talent to offer a family day full of beauty. Bet she has more courage and will do lots more.

    1. Yes Amy aunty, It was a pleasure to post her photos in my blog. She is really talented. She was topper of her engineering college and now a software professional in a MNC. But I am not sure if she realize how much good she is as a photographer. :)

      1. Do you also find the creative urge never leaves us alone, Arindam? If your SIL is meant to tap into photography, she won’t be able to ignore the nudges. As uncomfortable as the nudges may be, they are a gift.

    1. No it’s a name with which me & my brother call her. It’s derived from Google. :) I am sure after few years, when she will know that I let other know this name of her, she is going to fight with me. :)

  3. Looks like Googlie had a lot of fun time. Plus she gets to be close with her super cool uncles. The Aquarium looks amazing. Marine life fascinates me thus my excitement when I saw the photos. Beautiful Bro. Thanks.

    1. Yes she had a great time. :) This aquarium is in USA. So I hope now, you are going to visit that place soon with your son. Have a great weekend bro. :)

    1. Nothing in the name, until someone give it with love & affection. She is my dearest, so I hope she will not mind, if I will call her with this name in future. :)

    1. Yes Jo, I usually do not prefer to do so. But as my SIL is really talented, so I decided to share the space with her.
      Thanks a lot for the visit Jo. :)

  4. beautiful images. it looks like a great place to visit! i especially enjoyed the beluga whales. your sister-in-law captured some great clicks! thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes it’s a great place to visit this summer. I will pass on your complement to My sister-in-law. :) Thanks a lot for taking your time to go through this post.

  5. Thanks for the visit to the aquarium! I enjoyed it- and yes, the photos are lovely. I haven’t been to Mystic since I was a child. Would have loved to see a photo of Googlie.

    1. Yes I will love to post a photo of Googlie. She is now at Washington DC. So next week I hope she will permit me to post her photo in my blog. :)
      Thanks a lot for these kind words. Nice to see you after a long time in my blog.

    1. Thanks a lot Rommel. I have very little to do with this post. My sister in law took all these pictures. I just edited them and posted here. I am glad you liked them.

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