Blog of the week & Post of the week-2

Hello people,

The blog which I am selecting as the Blog of the  week is- The Art of an Improbable Life by Becky“.

Becky Aaronson is- wife and mom, author, guest blogger, photo agency director, marathon runner, triathlete, book-lover, chocolate addict, hopeless romantic, fan of fermented grapes, worshipper of quiet moments and adventure-filled days, lover of friends, family, and gatherings that bring them all together, and the grateful recipient of numerous improbable moments that have swirled into this wonderfully dizzying thing she call her life.

Her blog is all about the experiences she had as being a wife of one of the best photographer’s of this world Jeffrey Aaronson. Do not forget to read her post about her husband Jeffrey’s experience with Steve Jobs.  Becky is also author of the book “Steve & i“. So go ahead and enjoy your trip with her across the world.

Note to Author of  “Blog Of The Week”- Becky it’s a small way to thank you for all the inspiration you passed on to me and just a small way to thank you for all the support.


Again I hope you are ready to spend few more minutes this week in discovering a new blog if you have not yet.

So this time-  “Post of the Week” is “On My 28th Birthday… written by  author Darla of the blog “She’s a maniac“.

It’s a post about- “how life can change in such a small amount of time”.  She is a blogger who is part of that freshly list for four times. Yes, you heard it right, four times. So a person could not be lucky for four time with in a year. So go a head and meet this wonderful & really talented person.

I have lots of respect for her, because she is among those four bloggers who inspired me and supported me in this blogosphere when I am completely new. And to be honest- I am not that big or famous blogger to promote her blog. She is lot more famous than me with lot more readers. I just want you to meet a really talented person. And I can assure you she’s going to be one of the best writer of this planet one day.

Note to the creator of this post- Darla, As I commented on this post of yours, this post is one of my fav posts in your blog. I will not be tired of saying thank you for all the support you gave to reach my blog where it is today. Lot’s of good wishes for you Darla. Just be the way you are. I know and one day the world will know, how much talented you are.

DO not think too much; go and meet these two wonderful & talented people . I am very much sure you are going to love their blogs.

We will meet next week, with one more new blog and one more new post; Until then it’s “Good Bye” from me.

Keep smiling, keep believing, keep Dreaming!

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23 thoughts on “Blog of the week & Post of the week-2

    1. Yes, Darla is one of those few people who supported me a lot by visiting my blog, when I had not much idea about blogging. And yes, I am 100% sure you will love Becky’s blog. She has a great blog and I know her blog’s content are of your choice.

  1. Hi,
    Thank you for bringing attention to these 2 blogs. I follow She’s a Maineiac, and I totally agree, she does have excellent posts, I will most certainly check out your Blog of the week. :D

    1. Hi Mags,
      Yes, Darla is a wonderful writer and a really nice human being. And this post is something I will remember for a long time.
      And about Becky I can assure you- you will love her blog. Her blog is inspiring, informative and heart touching. :)

    1. Becky it’s an honor to choose your blog as the blog of the week. You are a wonderful person, so this is just a medium to say thank you for all the support.

  2. That’s a great initiative there !!! Helps newbies like me to know and learn so much from you and these beautiful people and their blogs ! Thanks for this opportunity :)

    1. Yes both of them are really wonderful writers, all of us can learn lots of things from them. You have a really nice blog, I am sure it will grow with time. Lots of good wishes for you and your blog. :)

  3. Hey arindam, visited both the blogs… loved them,! thank you for the introduction and mayeb you wont have to wait for 28th birthday, maybe the 27th will turn out to be life changing! Amen to that! :)

  4. Thank you for sharing my post with all your followers, Arindam! What a great thing to see this Sunday morning. I appreciate all of your kind words and I remember back when you first started blogging and look how far you’ve come already.

    We’re finally having some hot sunny weather here so I am taking a break from blogging for a few more days.

    Hope you have a good 27th birthday.

    1. It’s a honor for me to share this beautiful & funny post of yours with my readers. And yes, lot of things changed with in these eight months of blogging. I have learnt a lot about writing from wonderful writers like you and I hope to learn lot more from you.
      I am glad to hear that after such a long time, the rainy days at your place got over. Enjoy your break to the fullest.
      Thanks a lot for the birthday wish Darla. It’s on 29th. So still lots of days left, I hope to see you in blogosphere again by then. :)

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