freshly pressed

Every blogger’s Wish to be part of this list!

  • “Feeling”- I am quite good at that.
  • “Emotion”- Again no chance that it’s missing in my previous blogs.
  • “Content of my post”- It’s good enough to be even pictured as freshly pressed. I know I am sounding overconfident, but I am confident enough to say this.
  • “Length of my post”- May be it is also another reason. But if I had to write keeping the word count in my mind then I should be in Twitter, What am I doing here.
  • “Am I honest to my readers with my posts”- yes for sure.

If I am doing maximum things right, then why do my blog is still missing in that freshly pressed list ? Why am I feeling that extra happiness when someone is giving a nice comment on my posts? I expected this to happen. May be I expected more likes & comments on those posts of mine, because I gave that much effort while creating those posts for my blog. Then for what I am feeling that extra happiness? Why I am getting satisfied knowing that I deserve more than this?

It’s already more than half an hour, and I have not penned something worth getting few likes & comments. Why my mind is not able to give me a single idea, to add one more number to my total post! Am I putting extra burden on it, by expecting that it will help me in writing something which is going to increase my number of visitors, number of followers and number of comments by making me part of that freshly pressed list ? That’s may be the reason, but that’s for what I am here. I should expect that people are going to like my writings. I should expect them to give nice comments on my posts. And I am not sounding stupid while saying this. What’s the point in staying in the game if you can’t compete with other? Those people have also two eyes, two hands, one heart & a mind just like me, which is enough to write something really good. Then why should I accept the defeat. I f I had to write without caring about likes or comments, then I would have written these thoughts in my personal diary. What am I doing here!

Its word number 437; and still I have not written something worth a like or a comment. Once again another hour of my life & 36% charge of my laptop wasted for nothing good. My friend already started snoring, which helped me to realize that its 3.40AM. May be my friend is dancing with his girlfriend in his dream. Then what am I doing here. I should also go to sleep. My girlfriend must be waiting to come & dance with me in my dream.

If you people are thinking I am quitting; then sorry to say you that, but I am not. Again tomorrow I will try to write something that will compel you to hit a like and to give a comment. What if tomorrow I will not succeed. Again I will waste few more hour & n% amount of charge of my laptop. But that process is going to continue till I will get my share of recognition.

It’s word number 598  “Good Night


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31 thoughts on “Every blogger’s Wish to be part of this list!

  1. Hi Arindam. I am on that list of Freshly Pressed bloggers. I have to say it is one of my best blogging moments. It’s a blogging accomplishment. I have to tell you. I had zip viewers during my first year of blogging. It’s only the start of this year that I was getting viewers, commenters, likers and followers. I kept my focus on keeping my viewers and stop thinking about being freshly pressed. And that’s when I did get it. I just blog and blog the way I want to blog, just being myself.
    And I have to add, even though I’m part of that league, I still have so little number of views compared to a lot of bloggers who haven’t. It surprises me sometimes because I expand my posts most of the time. But hey, I understand that, because everybody has a different way of blogging. Just be yourself, and maybe drift that goal of being FP’ed aside.

    1. HI Rommel. Yes there is no guarantee that, being freshly pressed would increase my number of followers. But What I believe is that, it gives a change to all of us as a blogger to make our blog reachable to hundreds of others. Then if they like our blog or not is up to them, we can’t do much about that other than posting something best to our ability.
      And yes, I do not only blog to get freshly pressed; rather I would say I blog to be in touch with some wonderful & talented people like you. But It feels great to see, a blog getting the focus among thousands of others.
      Thanks a lot for sharing your thought here.

  2. Hi,
    I have never been Freshly Pressed, and it is rare for me to even look to see who has been, the only time I go and look is if I find out one of the blogs I follow has been freshly pressed. Just be yourself, and continue to blog, and I’m sure one day it will happen. :)

    1. Hi Mags,
      I have no complain about that freshly pressed list entry; until I have the unconditional support of wonderful people like me. Although I know freshly pressed can only bring my blog in to limelight for a single day. Then everything will be same again. Still I want to experience it. :)

  3. I am sure it would be a great feeling to be freshly pressed. But hey, the way I see it, freshly pressed will bring you many one-time commenters and likers.
    The returning likes, and comments depend on the quality of the posts and how engaging it is with the followers … and also it very much depends on returning the favor of likes and comments by going back to those other blogs to leave a like and comment :)
    It is a reciprocal thing and as others have said, the freshly press happens when you least expect it (I think). I have never been freshly pressed and do not expect to be, for I have been blogging for a number of years now. Freshly Pressed is for new comers I think…. :D

    But hey, I wish you all the best in your attempts to hit freshly pressed.
    But don’t waste your sleep … I think it is important you get some sleep and meet your girlfriend in your dreams just for a lovely dance … the way your friend on the next bed is doing :D :lol:

    1. Ha Ha ! :) No, I am not wasting my night sleep for the freshly pressed thing.
      And for sure neither I am trying to post something keeping that freshly pressed in my mind. I post what I want to, then I start thinking about that freshly pressed thing. :)

  4. If you crack the code for getting “freshly pressed” let me know! I’ve been blogging these past 5 months now. Some days I sat down and wrote thinking the same things you stated above. Those were the worst days. Those were the days followed by days of agonizing writer’s block. I “turtled” convinced I just suck and should be doing more constructive things with my time, like working on the novel that’s gathering dust on my hard drive. But, of course, I was blocked and couldn’t do that either. I had dark fantasies of throwing the lap top out the window, but frankly I’d rather lose an arm.

    What I’m gradually learning is that I do best, both in writing and in gaining comments, likes and new followers, when I don’t concern myself with it. That doesn’t mean I don’t care about my readers. What it does mean is that I’m writing for the pure joy of it. In that joy lies the honesty between the words and that honesty is what appeals to readers and keeps them. At least this is my opinion.

    It’s a funny thing. The things I write that I’m so proud of usually meet with a tepid response. The things I write without much effort, fuss or editing (the things I feel are really no big deal but I post them anyway) are what my readers really seem to FEEL. These are the pieces that bring the likes, the comments and the new subscribers. Once piece in particular, one I thought was really simplistic and ridiculous, ended up bringing me over 1,000 views per day from Stumble Upon. That one piece took more time to post then it did to write!

    In short, we, as writers, tend to over-think things; especially if we’re not font-worn veterans. What are YOU doing here? The same thing I’m doing here. We love to write! We need to express those tides moving deep inside of us. Don’t forget this. Write because you love it. Write because it feels good to have something to say. If you do this, all the rest will simply come on its own.

    Turn off the mini-me in your head who wants fame and glory. Dance in the infinite soup of words and ideas that are burgeoning to get out and you’ll see…

  5. Interesting goal Arindam for someone who writes words to change the world. I believe that’s your mission. Freshy pressed? that’s just a bump in your road to creating change.

    1. You got me right Barb. I do not want to get freshly pressed because I want hundreds of comments or likes on one of my post. But I ant so because- I want to make my blog reachable to those people who think the way I do. I think freshly pressed is a great medium to make some new blogging friends.

  6. Why is it so important to be freshly pressed? I blog because I enjoy writing, I set up my blog to showcase my writing skills in the hope I will get work experience and a job. It worked. Now I blog just for fun and I really enjoy it. I go to the freshly pressed page for the best food and travel posts mainly. Most of the blogs that appear there are very niche and therefore get regular readers who know what to expect from them. I’ve been blogging frequently for a year now and although the majority of my subscribers are now people who don’t even know me I still don’t think I will ever appear on FP but that has never been my motivation. My biggest blogging achievement is many of my friends blog now because they saw my blog. That to me is very special.

    1. HI Megan. Even I enjoy writing that’s why I write. But why freshly pressed is that much important; I hope the answer will be- it’s important because- it’s helpful in reaching to a larger number of bloggers easily. Then the content of the blog comes in to play. If it is good enough than, people are going to return to that blog again. It’s only reason for which I want to be in that list for at least once, i.e. just to promote my blog. :)

      And I am glad to hear that you achieved all those things through blogging, which you wanted. And yes it’s a big achievement to inspire your friends to start blogging.

      1. It’s definitely a good way to get many new readers but there are many blogging sites out there that don’t have a “freshly pressed” concept and still do very well. I’ve been doing research recently to see what I can do to promote my blog a bit more and become a bit more proactive. There are loads of different ways but it also depends on the kind of blog. It’s very difficult for me to be listed on a blog search as my blog covers so many different topics it doesn’t fit into any categories or specific blog lists but it may work for yours. Have you looked into this?

        1. No Megan.. I do not have much Idea about those sites. And again yes you are absolutely right that, those sites do not have the concept of freshly pressed. But that’s why I choose WordPress as it promotes talent. And to be honest I do not regret it. I am really happy and proud of whatever I achieved in these 8 months. :)

          1. I think WordPress is the best and it’s also a lot easier to find blogs you like on WordPress but there are ways outside of WordPress that you can promote your WordPress blog.
            You’ve achieved loads in 8 months :)

  7. I understand what you’re saying here, Arindam. As you know, I made FP back before Christmas. It was interesting. And it did open my blog up to a lot of different people. You being one of them- thank you, my friend.

    I hope you achieve the list someday soon. You certainly deserve it. I think you’re doing everything right and your time will surely come.

    All the best!

    1. Yes MJ. I came to know you only after you got freshly pressed. That’s my point- by entering to that list, our blog reaches to so many others. Some may like it, and some may not. But the advantages is- For hours people can’t ignore it. :)
      Thank you for these kind words Mj. I am waiting for my day to come. :)

  8. Even I hope of being Freshly Pressed someday. It’s not just about getting more hits, followers and viewers…what I like about being FP’ed is the thought of my words reaching out to so many, all over the world. I’m sure your wish will be granted, someday soon. :) Just keep at it, give it your best ! :) And write for the joy of it, more than anything else. Probably, when you least expect it, the miracle might happen! :D

    1. HI Roshni,
      You are absolutely right. We all write because we want to see our words reaching out to so many peoples across the world. And I believe FP’ed is the easiest way to achieve that. :)
      But it’s also true that, we do not right for the sake of FP’ed only; We write because we love to do so.
      Thank you for sharing your thought here. I hope you are going to freshly pressed soon.

  9. May the Freshly Pressed Force be with you Arindam…lol! Sorry, couldn’t resist but I hope you reach your FPressed goal but I also think, what if you reached great numbers without the FPressed status? That would be way awesome because you did it with your own hard work and persistence! It may take a little longer but what fun you would have getting it all done…just saying. Lots of luck to you! :)

    1. Yes, that will be much better if I will reach my goal even with out being freshly pressed. But just want to experience that part of blogging for once. :)

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