What will sound good!

Hi everyone,

One more time I need your suggestion. When I started this blog, noone except me knew that, I was planning to do so. So everything I did was in hurry and most importantly without any knowledge about blogging. Unfortunately I did not have any friends or family members to help me in this whole process; as no one was aware of my blog. Even now also except few of my close friends and family members; no one really knows about my blog.

So now I am thinking about renaming my blog; I hope now it’s time to change the version of my blog. People always want to see the latest version. :)

So I thought of some names like- Planet Arindam, Arindam’s Speaking tree, Arindam’s Virtual home, Arindam’s Write hand.

But I hope none of these are interesting. So I am seeking your help in finding a new name to my blog. I know I am blessed to get so many intelligent blogging friends. So I am waiting for your suggestion in my comment box.

The only thing I want is that- My name should be there in the new name which you are going to suggest. You know I have nothing except my blog to be proud of and no one except you to ask for help in renaming my blog. :) And you can suggest more than one name also.

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43 thoughts on “What will sound good!

  1. Hi,
    I rather like Arindam’s Virtual home, after all it is where you welcome us all, and we come to read your thoughts or to look at your wonderful photos, so it is in fact a virtual home. :D

  2. I do like the present one and Arindam’s write hand…maybe The Rhythm of Arindam, Arindam ‘Verses’ (verb/noun) , ‘Arindam Notes’ (verb/noun), Arindam Diaries… :) Good luck for the new name !

  3. I actually think some of those would work well.
    How about some alliteration
    – Arindam at large
    – Arindam’s appraisal
    – ask Arindam
    – the art of Arindam
    – Absolutely Arindam
    Or if you prefer not to use alliteration:
    – the Arindam Chronicles
    – the Arindam Posts
    – journey by Arindam
    And if none of those are useful, perhaps one or the other will launch some other ideas which will work. Happy Blogging!

  4. I like “Being Arindam.” It is you, being yourself, and it just makes sense. But if you must change it, I’m sure we’ll all still come and read what you have to say. :)

      • I think your current one is agreat name. If you stick with it, good for you!
        Someone once said, not every change is an improvement. If you like it, then why not keep it? :)

        • You shared a really nice thought here. Yes you are right, If I like it, then why I have to change it. But the thing is that, now I saw there are few other blogs with the name like mine.which is their own name with a prefix called “being”. :) So I thought of something unique. But you made me to think again.

      • Your blog represents who you are, it’s a personal decision. It’s not so much what sounds good to your readers, but who you know in your heart to be. Don’t rush into it, take a few days and see where it leads.

  5. I think “Being Arindam” is a pretty good name for your blog :) Even Arindam’s Virtual Home sounds good. :)

  6. Arindam, sorry to be boring, but I love being arindam! However if you want something more exciting remember that you write from the heart, that is why we follow you, so keep a hint that we are hearing the voice of the heart ,not the head! Good luck :-)

  7. I think ‘Being Arindam’ was an excellent choice of blog title. It says that you will be talking about yourself and your take on life. It means that I have a clear idea of what to expect when I come to visit. I’d be wary of changing it.

    If you want to change anything you could try a different theme or colourscheme / font.

    Alternatively, you could keep this blog for your thoughts and start another one with a snappy title for photos or other less in-depth things.

    Sorry if that’s not a lot of help!

    • Yes, even I thought the same when I name this blog as Being Arindam; I just wanted to give a Idea through this name that- this blog is all about my take on different aspects of life. Most of the people are thinking that, I should stick to my this current name of my blog. And you gave a solid reason, why all of you are thinking so.
      yes, I trued different theme; but none of these free themes are perfect in every way. I am planning to make this blog self -hosted; so I hope that would be a good time to change the theme and fonts.
      I have another photo blog. But the thing is that I could not able to give enough time to that blog. So again I started posting pictures in this blog.
      Thanks a lot sir for these really helping words.

  8. I like being arindam too….. stick to it…. if you have to change, arindam’s write hand is good in a mind game kind of way… but it doesn’t really reflect your blog. Arindam at large, sounds good too but it would fit someone who rants a lot, so not you again! You’ve given me an idea though, I need to change my blog’s theme and format… i can seek advice too :)

  9. I have to admit that I think “Being Arindam” really says it all…it totally epitomizes who you are…whether it is the content of your posts…which are all you, with your heart on your sleeve…or how you relate to all your readers…with sincerity…honesty and a large hearted spirit of generosity…this is totally…Being Arindam….

    However…we will still all read what you have to say…irrespective of what you call your blog, so Arindam…follow your heart on this one too…

    God bless…

    • That’s what I have to do now Shamaji; I have to follow my heart while deciding my blog’s name also. :) Most of my blogging friends think, I must not change my blog’s name. I am confused!

  10. Being Arindam … if you like it, like many comments left here, maybe you should keep it. Of course, I would always tell you my fave would be Simply Arindam. But hey, I think I’m biased towards the word, simply! LOL!
    Best of luck on your blog name! :)

  11. Well my friend, I think Being Arindam suits you and what your blog is about. I’m not sure you should change it. I identify you so readily with that blog title.

    Just my two cents, my friend.

    • Yes MJ, after going through all these suggestions, I dropped my idea of changing my blog’s name. I hope everyone wants me to remain be the way I am. :)
      Thanks a lot for the vote of confidence.

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