Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue


Blue is the favorite color of all people of my country; as we are called as Men in blue. This is simply because the color of jersey of our national cricket team is blue. And as you all know, game of cricket is a religion here, which binds all the people of this country.

Still I love blue for one more reason; Which is- the usual color of sky is blue. And I can sit & watch the beautiful sky for hours and hours.

So here are some of those pictures of the beautiful sky which I captured-

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63 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

    • Thank you Darla. Raining for nearly a month, It must be very painful then. And the city where I am living currently has no rain since last four to five months; addition to it, this city is one of the hottest in India. So here the weather is just opposite to yours. Now I am both tired and afraid of seeing the sun. :)

  1. Love the different shades and hues splattered across the spectacular sky. Just beautiful. Blue is my favorite too and yes, “Sky is not the limit.” Bro, well captured images. Thanks.

  2. Yes, Indian Cricket Team jumpers :-) I always enjoy watching the Indian Cricket team – I’ve particularly liked watching the slow/spin bowlers. One of my all time favourites is Bishan Bedi. As for batsmen, apart from Tendulkar, I always enjoyed watching Farokh Engineer :-)

    • I have n’t seen Bishan Bedi playing, except some recorded videos. I know him for giving those controversial statements in media. :) But yes, I heard that he was a terrific bowler. And obviously like billions of other Tendulkar is my god also. I hope you must have seen Late Nawab Pataudi bat, I heard that he was a great batsman and a wonderful fielder.

      • Sadly Nawab Pataudi pre-dates me though his abilities were such that a comedy writer in the uk referred to the mysterious illnesses suffered by English Cricketers in India as an attack of the Nawab of Pataudi’s ;-) Look up the books ‘Tales from the long room’ and ‘The Brigadier in Season’ by Peter Tinniswood (they’re available on Amazon). As a lover of Cricket I’m sure you’ll have a great laugh :-)

        One of my all time cricket heros is Clive LLoyd – great captain, fielder and batsman – a true all-rounder. We must chat some more on this but I don’t want to impinge on your post too much. :-)

        • These two books are sounding interesting. :) I hope to read them soon.
          And yes Clive Lloyd is a great cricketer. I love Sir Viv Rechards too. The best thing about him that he is so down to earth and a wonderful person. I always love listening him. I hope these people are great because they played the game not only to be a winner but they play it with the spirit of the game. For me that’s the biggest thing any game. When two teams play with true spirit; then cricket always becomes winner; does not matter who wins. :)

  3. somehow i can imagine louis armstrong’s “i see skies of blue… clouds of white…” playing in the background of your photos :) nice take on the challenge! thanks for taking the time to leave a comment on my blog and for liking my post. have a great day!

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