Female Male Ratio In India

Blog for Change this weekend: Female Foeticide

In African she is called as Moeder or Ma, in Arabic Ahm, in Croatian Mati or Majka, in Czech Abatyse, In dutch Moer, in Indonesian Induk or Ibu, In Italian Madre, In Japanese Okaasan or Haha, in Latin Mater, in Persian Madr or Maman, In Spanish Madre, in Turkish Anne, In Engilsh Mother or Mama or Mom and I call her “Maa”.

We may call her with different names depending on the parts of this world we live in or language we speak; but her love for us always remains unchanged.  The thing that really hurts me, we all are happy seeing our mother happy & healthy; but not many of us ever realize that, what’s happening with some of the mothers across the world. What they are going through in order to give birth to a boy rather than a girl. Yes I am talking about “Female Foeticide”.

Female foeticide (Feticide) means killing the female foetus (Fetus) in the mother’s womb.

How it all started-

In India it all started in the 90s. When India was dealing with the rapid growth of population and the ultrasound technique became available to the medical field in India. So Government itself supported and promoted infanticide to control population growth.  I am not sure if it helped India in controlling the population or not, but it worked in a negative way for sure. Those people who are having the tendency to produce babies until they give birth to a boy; now found a tool for their cause. Many ill minded people started killing girl infants; as they wanted only boys in their homes. Now the industry of illegal sex determination and abortion reached to Rs. 1,000 crore industries (US$ 244 million)

Why this kind of Mind Set-

Still some people consider Sons are really important in completion of a family. They believe without a son a family can never be complete.

This is because-

  • The sons are the ones who will continue their surname and will perform the last rites of their parents when they are dead.

Not only rural or illiterate people are involved in this; the disappointing thing is that educated & reach people who live in big cities are also involved in this sex determination and abortion process.

Statistical Analysis-

  • In1991, the figure was 947 girls per 1000 boys. In 2001 it was 927 girls per 1000 boys and in 2011 it was 911 girls per 1000 boys.
Child Ratio In India
  • And in the last 10 years the overall sex ratio changed from 933 females per 1000 males in 2001 to 940 females per 1000 males in 2011.The main reason behind this increase in female ratio is the improvements of health care across the various parts of the world.
Female Male Ratio In India

How It’s Affecting the Society-

As the stats are showing- 940 females for 1000males. It means there are 50 females short per 1000 males. Now if will take a bigger picture by converting this ratio as per the 1.1 billion population of India; we can realize the scenario. People are not getting enough girls to get married in some part of this world.

Now this is giving birth to problems like “Human trafficking”.

Human trafficking-

Human Trafficking is a crime against humanity. It involves an act of recruiting, transporting, transferring, harboring or receiving a person through a use of force, coercion or other means, for the purpose of exploiting them.

India has a large population and due to unbalanced economy many people live below the poverty line. The traffickers promise them a better life- a ray of hope, jobs as domestic servants, in the film world or in factories. They can offer them money, pleasure trip invitations or false promises of marriage.

Young people who live in rural areas from various states who are not getting married due to shortage of girls, are now going to neighbor villages in order to bring girls with the promise of marriage and by giving some money to their families, who live below poverty line. Then that person & his family member make her life hell by making her work as a domestic servant and all the unmarried men exploiting her physically.

It’s started in very few states of India, which needs to be controlled with implementation of some kind of law or by opening help lines to help these women or creating awareness to work towards achieving a better sex ratio.

This is not a problem only in world,but  it’s a problem in this whole planet.

Human Trafficking In Persons Report Map, 2009.
Human Trafficking In Persons Report Map, 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Trafficking In Persons Report Map 2010
Trafficking In Persons Report Map 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Trafficking of women, children and men
Trafficking of women, children and men (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What I have to Say-

We have a tendency to blame our government for whatever happening in our society; rather than looking at ourselves. And this “Female Foeticide” is one of those things, for which we the people are more responsible that the people who are part of the government. Yes they are some how responsible in not able to stop these things by creating awareness. But for me the culprit are me, you & all those people who live in this planet; who close eyes when they see something like this happening in the society we live in.  We just need to realize what’s going through a women when someone ask her to abort; it’s not about the pain she had to go through, but it’s the pain of having a feeling of killing her own child which kills her till the last breathe. I am not going to say I hope things will change; rather I will say Things will change and we will make them change.

I will be back next week with one more post in order to blog for change. If you want to support this, by sharing the problem your part of world is facing or by sharing a story of a person who is inspiring or by posting anything which you think can bring something good to this blogosphere; you are welcome. For more information on this you can visit  here.

This is the quote, I came across through WordPress while I posted this one. I thought of sharing it with you all-

“My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living.” -Anais Nin

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23 thoughts on “Blog for Change this weekend: Female Foeticide

  1. Well said, Arindam. And a serious problem. It has been so in China for much longer — resulting in a serious shortage of women to marry all those men. The foeticide was encouraged by the government’s one child policy.

    1. Yes, this problem is now spreading in this part of world slowly. I hope people will realize it’s sensitivity and will take it as a serious matter of concern. It all started due to the approach of government in 1990 to control the population.

  2. Yet another insightful post on your part, Arindam. One day maybe man(woman) will learn not to interfere with Mother Nature. Somehow, though, I doubt it. Man likes to play God. I would think if anything, birth control before the fact would be the answer to overpopulation.

    1. Yes Marcy,, Even I also think the same we all need to stop playing with the mother nature. We are not that much intelligent or strong to challenge God. Whenever we tried to play with nature, we ended up in wrong side of the road.

  3. Hi,
    I didn’t realize this was happening in India, of course things like this have huge consequences as time goes on a very serious matter. I agree, it is up to the people themselves to turn this around.
    A very thought provoking post, and very well written.

    1. Hi Mags,
      Yes this new trend is already started some states in India like Rajasthan and Haryana. But the problem is that, as it did not reach to every part of this country so people are not realizing the sensitivity of this issue.
      And yes, more that the Government it’s the people who can turn things around.

  4. Thanks for this post, Arindam. This is a matter very close to my heart. It is a very big problem, for so many profit from it in some way or another. God help us.

    1. Yes its a serious problem for sure. And I can understand as a mother and as a woman, this matter must be very close to your heart. But I believe that, even God can’t help us until we the people of different parts of the world will try our level best to change things.

  5. The consequences of messing around with Mother Nature are not good for humans. I remember reading how, after great numbers of casualties in war, the women in that country would give birth to more males for a period of years.

    The same statistic showed the uncannily equal number of each sex on the planet.

    We are asking for problems when we mess with the balance.

    1. Yes, It was one of those serious problems which we are facing currently, due to our own habit of messing up with those things which were unnecessary. And the biggest worrying factor is that, still some among us are not realizing its consequences.

    1. Hi Cassie,
      Thanks for supporting the cause. I would love to hear the problems your part of world & it’s people are facing.
      Lots of good wishes for you!

  6. Great topic Arindam. It’s a sad truth that these things do happen and it’s us, individuals who can really make a difference. Governments can put in policies to control it – but unless the mindsets of people changes, these kinda things will not change.
    I am only thankful that this does not happen here in my part of the world – that is as far as I know it does not happen. We don’t have a tendency of favoring one sex over the other when it comes to babies. In fact many actually want to have girls :)

    1. Yes, it’s one of those people, where people can bring a change in a better way than the government. And It’s a really wonderful that, things like these does not happen in your part of world. Even in my own family; it’s does not matter really much if it’s a boy or girl child.

  7. Arindam – this is another bold and thought provoking post that brings a major issue further into the light. I had read about the issue of girl children being aborted but your post makes it clear that the situation is worse than I had realised. There are always natural fluctuations in the ratio of males to females – I can remember that when I was just leaving secondary school there were more boys than girls in the UK but in the 1980’s I believe that situation was reversed.

    You have highlighted one of the reasons for the Female foeticide but is not another the ancient expectation of the payment of a dowry by the family of the female upon marriage into the man’s family? I believe that this practice has been made illegal but I bet it still goes on and acts as a force against having girl children.

    Another article I read suggested that single sex relationships between men on the Indian subcontinent are amongst the highest in the world – another result of there not being enough females to go around. Whilst some men are naturally gay some are merely reacting to the natural drive to engage in sex and that can’t be a particulary satisfying situation for anyone involved.

    When my wife was pregnant I was asked if I wanted to know the sex of the child – I didn’t… I view children as God’s gift and I would love our child whatever sex it turned out to be. I hope your campaign to raise awareness of this issue and the related issues of human trafficing and slavery will be sucessful in ending these crimes :-)

    1. P.S. – I did the traditional Shona wedding in Zimbabwe after our Church of England wedding in the UK. This meant paying Lobola to the father of the bride and persons identified as deserving payment. There was much discussion overseen by Atete, the female head of the family. My wife cost… in English terms.. around £30.00p Though I should make the point that I voluntarily underwent the procedure as a mark of respect to my wife’s culture. The prime item was the requirement for me to purchase a cow for my mother-in-law… My Ambuya. It subsequently produced a number of calves and has more than repaid her for the loss of her daughter – sadly one had to be slaughtered at her funeral following her death in an RTA. So, in one of the Southern African cultures, it is the man who pays a dowry for the privilege of having a wife rather than the other way around.

    2. Yes, the situation is worse than anyone of us had realized. That’s the only reason I started this blog for change concept. I just want to write one post each week base on an issue, which we all need to aware of. I am not sure if I can bring a change by doing this. But my motive is to create awareness among those people whom I can reach through my blog.
      And again you are right, dowry is one more reason behind this whole thing. Although it gas been made illegal, but it still goes on.
      Although as per my knowledge the number of gay people is very less here, although I am not completely sure about that one. But yes Single sex relationship is on higher side for sure. There is one more reason behind this; which is- the society in which we live in does not allow premarital sex and again there is large people who still believe that, a man need to have physical relationship with only one lady in a lifetime, and it may sound funny; but I am among those people. It has something to do with the family values and tradition.
      When my brother had his first child few months earlier, we were not worried about if it’s a boy or girl child. We just wanted a healthy child.
      I hope education and awareness is the only solution to this whole problem.

  8. I recently heard – don’t know if it is true but perhaps you do – that a male child is the only one who can release the soul of the deceased to the after life in some reliigious beliefs and that it is this necessity for male children that has driven up the rate of male births as society strives to have fewer children. Who knows the reason, but it can’t be pleasant for any involved. Another insightful piece from you Arindam.

    1. Yes you heard it right. I am a hindu brahmin boy. In ours also the tradition and beliefs are similar. But the thing is that, we do not take it too seriously. As per my knowledge, if a person has no son, then his nephew can perform his last rituals. In my family all my cousins and now my own brother also have only daughters. And to be honest we are happy with it. As My dad says – “Girl child brings luck & wealth to a family.” :)

  9. A most thought provoking…action inducing…and timely subject you have brought to the fore Arindam…well done…

    This practice is very common in more feudal societies…like many of ours in the East! What is most disturbing in this scenario is, as you have also mentioned, that even supposedly “educated” mind sets fall prey to this way of thinking…not fully comprehending that messing with Mother Nature and the will of God has consequences that are far more reaching than any we may think to devise…leaving aside the horror that such actions bring in their wake…

    The prayer is for more sense…discernment…wisdom…humaneness…and faith to prevail…with an all-out effort to bring this atrocity to an end…

    God bless…

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