Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

I always wonder how many subjects are there in this world. We can calculate the number of population of humans, animals, birds, trees etc. But this world is constitute of so many identified and unidentified creatures or subjects. 

As a human, it’s not possible to concentrate on all these subjects simultaneously. But it’s always better to try and look at as many subject as possible; it does not matter if it’s small or a large one. Every subject has a purpose; each subject has its own beauty; we only need to spend few moment looking at it, analyzing it and appreciating it.

I do believe that every subject which looks simple and common has something big in it. The thing is that, maximum of us realize its worth. That’s why it looks common to all ad it’s purpose looks very simple.

This above picture may look very simple. But for me it speaks a lot. It inspires me. It’s not a picture of two subjects; those are car and a bicycle. But it’s a picture of a journey towards dream. When I was a kid I have only a bicycle with me, like all other kids of my country who born and brought up in small towns.  During those days, we might be riding the bicycle but there was a dream to ride a car in all of our eyes. And we knew, we had to make this journey from a bicycle to a luxurious car by our own. And we also knew the bicycles that were in our hands those days would help us reach there. 

There are millions of vehicles run each day on the same road. There size, power, specifications may be different. But all have their own purpose to run on the road. And the biggest thing is all reach to their destination. Some reach there early some late. 

Similarly, there are billions of people in this planet walk towards their dreams  having different talents, different strengths and different weakness. So why we all can’t reach to our destination. Some of us may reach there early and some of us late. But what we all need to do is to keep the confidence and believe with us; while fight with every odd things that would happen to us during this journey. 

With the hope that- “If you are not living your dreams till now;  you will reach there soon.” I am saying you good bye …. :)


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104 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

  1. You got on that challenge in a hurry! Great subjects you’ve captured. I especially liked your explanation that went with the bike and the car…a dream. Wonderful!

    1. Thanks a lot Patti. :)
      Yes This time I got on the challenge in a hurry. Actually these photos I clicked last week. And luckily these are perfect for this week’s theme. So I decided to go with this pictures for this week’s challenge, rather than clicking some new photographs.

  2. Hi Arindam, I think man will always wonder about the many wonders there are to wonder about. Life does offer lots of wonders, LOL, gor sure. In reference to your last line of hoping we all reach our dreams, I hope you too find yours fulfilled, and then some. What a nice gesture toward your friends. You deserve the finest life has to offer, and I hope you get it. :)

  3. A fabulous way to remind us to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. I truly appreciate the way you look beyond the obvious, Arindam. What a pleasure to know such a remarkable young man.

    1. The pleasure is all mine Amy aunty. :) Each day I learn something new & important from you and I know that, what ever things I learn from you will help me in the long run. As always Thanks a lot for blessing me.

        1. Thanks a lot. :) Like every other son in this world, I am also going to say my parents are good looking. But the truth is that- Me & My brother have lots of similarity with the looks of our grandfather (my mom’s dad). :)

  4. Colourful images for the Theme Arindam. Love the Tuk Tuk / Bus shot and the bicycle with the car. We should all reach for the moon in our dreams but expect to plateau off somewhere that we find comfortable along the way :-)

  5. Arindam, this is a very nice interpretation of this week’s theme :)
    very true, most of the photos carry more than one subject. But it predominatly focuses on one, the rest comes with the background.

    I liked all of your photos.
    but the one with the two contrasting vehicles is just awesome :)

    1. Thanks a lot Amira for taking your time to visit my blog. It’s always a pleasure to see you here. I am glad you like this one. This week’s challenge of posting photos with two subjects was quite a challenge. But thank god I got something to post this week. :)

  6. ‘Every subject has a purpose; each subject has its own beauty; we only need to spend few moment looking at it, analyzing it and appreciating it.’
    Well said Arindam and love the richness of your photos. Thanks for sharing a few beauties from your end of the world. :)

    1. Thanks a lot Sunshine. It’s always my pleasure to share glimpse of this part of world with you all wonderful people. I am glad you like these photos. :)

  7. Beautiful photos as always, Arindam, and a true story behind each one. I was caught by your frond and moon photo — but I have to say my favorite was the bicycle sitting by the car, because of the way you described it. I hope you have your car now, my friend.

    1. Thanks a lot Melissa. :) I captured that photo of full moon on the eve of Easter. The view of moon in the sky was really beautiful. No I do not have my own car yet, May be next year. :)

  8. I like the pictures, I like your words… as always :) Keep up the great entries, because I like to read them a lot, Arindam!

  9. The key to reaching your destination, I think, is in never giving up. Sometimes it takes a while to get there but if you believe you can, then there is nothing to stop you.

  10. Arindam, I love the way your words and pictures reach for the moon while keeping your journey on the ground in progress, day and night. All best to you as you make your way. Love this post!

    1. Thanks a lot Rosina for these kind words. To be honest I capture maximum of the photographs I post in my blog through my cellphone’s camera. And I do not have much knowledge about techniques of photography. :)
      It’s a pleasure to see you in my blog. Hope to see you again. :)

  11. Amazing images but more amazing are the intense, real, powerful words. You have a gift Bro to inspire others with your words that are filled with feelings and insights. Thank you for sharing and for this, ““If you are not living your dreams till now; I just wish that- you will reach there soon.” Everyone needs a piece of this thought. Everyone deserves to reach their dream and find that subject that will give them happiness. stay blessed my friend.

    1. Thanks a lot bro. But to be honest, rather than inspiring others, I always try to inspire myself through my writing. May be I want to inspire everyone to do which we are capable of & appreciate every thing life offers us. :)

  12. All interesting pictures but I really like the first one. I was attracted to the simplicity of the composition and I also really like the green.

    You asked why we can’t reach our destination and I think the reason we can’t all reach our destination is because even though our destinations are the same, we don’t realize that and as jealous creatures, rather than focus on our own destination, we feel we need to dictate the destinations of everyone else.

    1. Thanks a lot Michael. :)
      Your reason of why we all can’t reach to our destination is so true. Even I think & believe the same. We all jealous creatures rather than focusing on our own job always try to pull someone else’s leg. May be I can say, rather than trying to be winner we try to make someone else loser so that we can call ourselves as winners. Thanks you for this thoughtful comment Michael. I am glad to see you here. :)

  13. i enjoyed reading your post, especially the part where you speak of your own personal journey toward a dream, using the bike and the car as metaphors. that was awesome! i also like the photo you shot of the moon and the palm leaf. :) thanks for passing by my blog too and taking the time to leave a comment. have a wonderful day!

    1. I am glad you enjoyed reading this post. I thought this week’s theme is a good one to share something personal with both words & pictures.
      And let me tell you, you have a really nice blog; looking forward to read more from you. Keep up the good work you are doing with your blog. Best wishes to you. :)

  14. Again a handful of lovely photographs as personal statements. My favourite pictures is definitely the car and the bike. And you are very right. It’s not just a picture of a car and a bike. You know why? Because you put your heart and feelings and associations into the making of the photograph. That is why it stands out as a photograph, a very personal and visionary statement.

    1. Thanks a lot Sir Otto. :) I am glad that the message I wanted to transmit with that “Car & bike” photograph reached you. Your posts about creativity always inspires me to do something different with an honest approach with in my limitation. And as I have told you before, my limitation is that I have very little knowledge about technicality of photography. So feedback like this that to be from such a talented person like you always inspire me to bring something good to this blogosphere. As till now, my blog is the only medium where I can show my creativity. As always a big thank you for inspiring me with your words. :)

        1. I hope that I am going to offer something good to read every time you visit my blog. Thanks Sneha for spending so much time in my blog. Best wishes to you too!

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