A Journey of a Common Man

“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.” -Greg Anderson

Local train…. platform in India

I live in a country where 1.21 billion other people live. So the journey each one of us covers each day is not easy or smooth. We are not the people who born with golden spoon in our mouth. And I am not the only one; billions of other people fall in to the category to which I fall. We all have the same identity. We all are common men of our country. And to be honest we are proud of that.

We are the people- “Who hold the right to choose who will be the lawmaker of our country; We are the people who gift fame & stardom to some people among us each Friday when their movies release on theater. We  are the people who look like one family, when we celebrate on road when our country’s cricket or hockey team win world cup. We are the people who protest on road when something wrong going on in any part of our big country.

So yes we all are the pillars of our country. We are stars in our own eyes; we are famous among our own circles. Even the prime minister of our country is less powerful than us in our locality.

Local train running on the track

“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.” – Don Williams, Jr. quotes (American Novelist and Poet)

Yes we all have our own problems to deal with, we all have our own enemies to fight with; still we have dreams in our eyes and the confidence in us to do something extraordinary in life. Our road of life may not be as smooth as it is for some other people;  our road to success and fame may have lots of twists & turns in it; still we enjoy this journey while learning those lessons life give us during this journey.

Although it’s sun day and every office in this city is closed; still this person is so much habituated to the life he is living; he is running to get a place for him after entering the train with out even noticing that the whole train is empty. :)

Each day millions of people start this journey with a local train. Yes we call it as “heart of our city”.  It some how becomes an important part of everyone’s life.  In past also it helped many people in making their dreams to turn in to reality. It helps each one of us, who are proud of being a common man without asking us- “To which family we belong or how much bank balance we have or not even how much marks we obtained”. What it tells us is that-“If you have the will to make it big, I am going to help you in this journey”.

“To get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping”

The biggest thing a journey in local train teaches each one of us is-” You have to fight for your own survival, you have to find your own chair where you would fit in to”; Just like each person has to find a place to sit by his/her own  who travels by a local train.

The local train starts much before we wake up and it stops long after we go to bed. And the biggest thing is it never complains.  So it inspires everyone to take one step at a time towards our dream without thinking about the destination. If we are doing so; one day we would realize that we are very close to our dreams.

Auto Rickshaw…. waiting for passengers to start their journey

“I hoped that the trip would be the best of all journeys: a journey into ourselves” – Shirley MacLaine

It does not matter by which medium we are covering this journey of life. The most important thing is if we are enjoying whatever moments we have during this journey and if we are ready to accept whatever challenge life is throwing us in this journey. The best journey of life is- a journey from what other thinks about us to the realization of what we have in us. Yes, the best journey is the journey in to ourselves. No one can make it big in this journey of life, until he go through this journey in to himself.

“It is always our own self that we find at the end of the journey. The sooner we face that self, the better.” -Ella Maillart

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead. I am leaving you with few more pictures of the vehicles you can see in this part of the world, which help people to cover this wonderful journey of life.

Cycle Rickshaw…. It’s very rare sight to see them on road now; but might be I was lucky… 
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64 thoughts on “A Journey of a Common Man

  1. A journey worth traveling everyday. Inspiring post Bro. As always , your words came from the heart and it is filled with positivity and bright possibilities. Thank you. Beautiful photos. Have a fun weekend…

    1. Thanks a lot bro for these kind words. Yes for me the word “journey” means the journey of life; as I have not traveled too many places yet. So I choose to share the journey of billion of people of my country through this post.
      Wish you a wonderful week a head bro! :)

  2. Hi,
    What great photos you have shared, the different ways that people in your country use to journey from one place to another, and very nice words to go with them as well. :)

    1. Hi Mags,
      Yes there are lots of other ways for transportation. But I thought it would be a really lengthy post if I would include all those photographs. So i decided to go with these. Thanks a lot for taking your time to read this post. :)

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog and also for your nice comment. I am glad to meet you and with your blog. I enjoyed this journey for weekly photo challenge. You did a nice post. With my love, nia

  4. Thanks a lot Nia for paying a visit to my blog. It’s a pleasure to see you here. And I am glad that you enjoyed this post.
    You too have a really nice blog, I am looking forward to visit your blog more often. Best wishes to you & your blog Nia.

  5. A great truth – and one you have found early in your life. That makes me very happy. The words I loved that you wrote:

    “Yes, the best journey is the journey in to ourselves. No one can make it big in this journey of life, until he go through this journey in to himself.”

    You are such a beautiful soul and I am so proud to have connected with you. We are proof that it matters not our age, gender, culture, status or nationality. We are beautiful human beings with the same basic desire to love and be loved.

    The only reason that “being a star” would be good? So many would hear us say, “What is the sense of war? None of the common men and women want it. Stop it!”

    1. Amy aunty I am glad that, you love those words, which I always believe. I started my journey from a small town. Then I completed my engineering course of four years in the capital of my state. Then I went on to four different cities of my country in last couple of years. It’s a long journey. But it took me 26 years to cover that journey in to my self. Which is what I want from life, what I love to do, where I need to work on to be a better human beings. And I always believe I can’t achieve those things what I want in life without seeing myself through my own eyes. What other say about me now hardly matters to me.
      You always inspire me through your words; so more than you I am so much proud to have connected with you. I just wish for blessings from a wonderful human being like you all through my life. :)

  6. nice post arindam, got me all nostalgic about my time with the local trains in Bombay!!They really do define a average bombay-ites life… very nice photographs, specially the one of the guy in red pants :)

    1. Thanks a lot. :) Yes Mumbai local trains are the heart of the city for sure. I am glad that this post brought back those memories to you. :)
      Yes that guy just ran to get a seat for himself after entering the train although the whole compartment was empty. So I thought to share this photograph with all. These are the things that define the life each one of us living. :)

  7. One of the memorable journeys I’ve ever had was the one I took through India. It started when my friend and I landed in Delhi. In total culture shock we headed to the train station and sat on the platform for 4 hours waiting for our train. We observed with fascination as evryday Indian life unfolded around us. Then it was a very slow ride to Lucknow. This was our introduction to India.

    1. I am glad to hear that, one of your most memorable journey was through India. Yes the best place to experience what Indian people are all about is the railway station. You can find people from different classes, different regions speaking different languages there. I hope you visited some beautiful places in India during your journey.

  8. Arindam I’ve never seen empty train stations in India and I wondered what had happened to the people, and then I saw “it’s a Sunday….” Very nice.
    My favorite photo is the one of the guy rushing onto the train to find his seat.

    I CANNOT- sorry I have to shout – imagine riding in one of those yellow scooters with just a bungy cord across the doorway. May I reuse one of those photos?

    Love the quotes. My favorite is:
    “Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.” -Greg Anderson

    1. Yes you can reuse that photograph. It will be my pleasure. :) Yes it was sun day that’s why the station was empty. Although these local stations are not that much crowded like the main stations of India.
      Yes Me and my friend enjoy riding these scooters during night time when the roads are less crowded. I can tell you, it’s really fun.
      I hope you read one of my last post which is there as a featured post in my widget area. I am waiting for your feed back on that. :)

  9. Arindam, I love the quiet busy-ness of your colourful shots. We are all of us one in a billion, each of us on our own journey. The emptiness of your shots leaves room for us all to do so. I love them all!

  10. Thanks a lot for these kind words. I am glad you like this post.
    Your entry to this week’s challenge is excellent. Looking forward to read more posts from you. :)

    1. Thanks a lot Dadirri for these kind words. :) Yes local train is something that helps each one of us to come closer to our dreams. So I thought of dedicating this week’s challenge post to local trains. I am glad you like this post. :)

  11. Arindam, this post touches us all, whether we take a train, bus, or walk to work. We are all seeking our own truth and forging our own path and that is the truest journey. You are lucky to live in a country with such rich heritage and strong identity and I can tell that you are proud of that, and rightly so. Great piece.

    1. Thanks a lot Renee for this beautiful comment. Yes I am proud of being a part of this beautiful land. Although we all have to fight hard for the survival as the competition is on higher side; sue to the population. :)

  12. “So yes we all are the pillars of our country. We are stars in our own eyes; we are famous among our own circles. Even the prime minister of our country is less powerful than us in our locality.”

    Not only are you a deep thinker and a sensitive soul, you are also very wise, my friend :-)

  13. Arindam – you put a lot of work and thought into this presentation. Thank you so much for sharing this thoughtful post. I appreciate the photos, the quotes and your insights. Thank you! And thank you for coming by my blog.


    1. Thanks a lot Anne for these kind words. It really means a lot to get appreciated for the effort I put in to this post. It’s my pleasure to see you in my blog. And yes, you have a really nice blog. Looking forward to read more from you. :) Best wishes to you!

  14. First, thank you for the mini tour of a corner from your country and second, I also love your words, “The most important thing is if we are enjoying whatever moments we have during this journey and if we are ready to accept whatever challenge life is throwing us in this journey.”
    That’s all we need to hear and all I need to remember.
    ~Peace be with you, :)

    1. Thanks a lot Sunshine. It’s a pleasure to share all these thoughts & foots with you all wonderful people. I am glad these words touched you. As always thanks for the visit & comment. :) Best wishes to you.

  15. You write so wonderfully about the journey. You bring depth and understand in every sentence you write. But I am even equally impressed by your photos. They are simply excellent, and I really like that you are not going for straight, literally pictures, but convey your own sense of what travel means in this part of the world. It’s hard to pick a favourite, though, but I think it must be the one of the guy running into the empty train. A great moment captured with awareness and emotional impact.

    1. Thanks a lot. :) “You are impressed by my photography”- this made my day. As these words come from a person like you- who him self is such a wonderful photographer.
      And yes, whenever I take a picture, more than trying to capture those things which are looking beautiful to my eyes; I prefer to take picture of those things which speaks to me in some way or other. I am glad that you caught those thing in my photographs. Still I have very little knowledge about technicality of photography. I hope to learn it someday. :)

    1. Thanks a lot Sir Charles. I am glad I could able to remind you something. :) Whenever I think that, you no more remember me; you always visit my blog. So a big thank you for remembering me; I always take your visit as a blessing.

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