Youngest Mother in the world?

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The Guajira Peninsula (left) and the Gulf of Venezuela (center) located south of the Caribbean sea. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On April 5th, “A 10 year old Colombian girl who belongs to Wayuu tribe in the La Guajira Peninsula gave birth to a healthy daughter”. She might be the youngest in the world to become a mother! But it is something really shocking.  It is such a shame that, a child who is in her childhood gave birth to another child, Who does not have the ability or intelligence in her to either realize or define what is actually the mother’s love is all about? So, how could she define what motherhood is all about?

Lots of questions, which that 10year old girl has to answer by her own without even having the intelligence in her to realize the real meaning of those questions. It’s such a harsh reality of the planet we are living in. We may proud of living in a much more developed world now; with science, education, technology etc touching new heights each passing day. But news like this from different corner of the world gives us the wakeup call and something to think about.

As per the report, that girl reached the hospital bleeding, in a flood of tears. So doctors decided to carry out the risky operation. And thanks to those doctors and our medical science both mother (Unfortunately I have to term that 10 year girl as a mother) and daughter are said to be doing well. So yes we are living in a developed world, where a 10 year girl can achieve motherhood safely. But we all need to realize that in this so called developed world, “A young girl reached this phase of life so early due to inhuman behavior of some people”. Do not we all need to ask these questions to ourselves that, “How can we develop the society we are living in? How can we reach to those people who are lacking in some form or other?” Do not we need to realize the fact that, the world is much bigger and wider than our home, our city, our country? There is something which is beyond our religion, which is humanity. But who will take the responsibility to change the society? It’s the biggest question.

To be honest no one of us expects our politicians to bring a change to the society. If they could not bring a change to their respective countries and to the lives of  their people; then to think that they would think beyond the nationality and bring a change to lives of the people living in various parts of the world would be foolish of us. And if we will think one among us has the ability & intension to do so will be enough; then also it’s not going to work. None of us is strong enough to create such awareness or to battle out every odd thing from so many people’s lives. We all need to do our bit by accepting the truth that there is nothing much changed in this planet except the weather, the brands of the things we use, the versions of the software we install and the CEOs of the companies where we work.

I do not know what to wish for that girl & the girl, she gave birth to. So I am just sending lots of prayers for them.


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52 thoughts on “Youngest Mother in the world?

  1. This makes me speechless too.

    My self opinion says that we cannot consider this as a developed world because I cannot see a developed world where a child has been snatched off from her childhood and given a role to play of which she knows nothing.

    I really like your message and I agree that this isn’t a political issue and neither is it any sort of culture or religion issue. This matter can only be solved if every individual understands that he/she is responsible to educate his/her environment.

    If every individual reached out to the smaller circle he/she has around her, the entire world will be enlightened.

    Good post.

    1. I can tell you after reading this comment of yours that, you are an intelligent & caring person. And yes each individual must work for a change in the society we live in. That’s exactly the message I wanted to pass on through this post. Each one of us need to take the responsibility in creating the awareness among people; so that all of us can together make the impossible possible.
      Thanks for this thoughtful comment Aisha. I really appreciate it.

  2. It is a miracle the little girl’s (the mother) body was capable of giving birth at such a young age. It is another miracle that the baby is healthy, although that may remain to be seen. I am with you, Arindam … I think all we can do is pray for both of these children, that they will both emerge healthy, and that someone will step in to raise them both. The mother needs a mother herself. She cannot possibly be expected to raise her child without outside help. I wonder who the father is, and/or if he has come forward to claim responsibility for his actions? Somehow, I am doubting it.

    1. You raised an important question Marcy. As per my knowledge or what ever the information I gathered about this incident through internet; – “Colombian police could prosecute the father for underage sex, but the country’s constitution guarantees the Wayuu tribe (to which that girl belongs) a certain amount of autonomy; It allows the tribe to maintain its own sovereignty and certain cultural heritages, of which one is said to be the giving birth of children at an extremely young age.”
      So I do think that there is very little probability someone would come forward to take the responsibility for his action. We can only pray for these children and hope justice would be done with them.

  3. Yes, there’s lots about that situation which causes me heartache Some man has taken advantage of a little girl – and I doubt it was only once!

    Men…just stop it! Manage yourself and leave other people, children especially, alone!

    Arindam, each of us need to look at our own actions when we address the actions of others. Too many people point fingers, then do whatever they like themselves. Being a loud critic takes the spotlight off their actions, they think.

    I have a new motto to share: Don’t find fault; find remedy!

    Your prayers for that child and her baby is powerful, compassionate and caring!

    1. I like you new motto a lot. And that is what I wanted to share through this post Amy aunty. Rather than blaming our respective governments or any individual or any group; we all need to find the solutions to these problem. And I do believe not a single person or a group can ever bring that change to this whole world. Each one of us need to realize our responsibility and to contribute something good to this society with in our limitations.
      And yes there are lots of example where some men have taken advantage of little girls.
      Although I am a man; still just like you I also want to say,” Men… just stop it. It’s too much now.”

  4. Arindam, these days, I am reading a book commissioned by the NGO PLAN. Its a collection of short stories based on the life of young girls in countries they work in. Mostly in Africa! The last one I read was about a 13 year old in Uganda with a baby. That was heart wrenching, imagine 10! The development that we talk about is warped, because it focuses only on some aspects of human life and not on others like morality, social commitment. Besides its also warped geographically, with some countries developing at the cost of most others and some people gaining at the price of most! And I agree, the change will have to come from each one of us. When each one of us is able to look beyond personal gains and work for those around us.
    A beautifully written, thought provoking post!

    1. Yes we can only focus on aspects like morality and social commitments only if we will think beyond our personal gains. Lots of thing still need to be done, lots of awareness still need to be created among various groups of people before we can proudly say that, now we live in a much better world. But it’s a process that will take time. And the number of individuals who will take the responsibility as per their strength are going to determine how much time this process will take.
      Thank you for taking your time to read this post and sharing your wonderful thought here.

  5. Great questions you ask Arindam. There are issues around the world that are hard to accept and comprehend. I have seen little girls become mothers themselves in societies where it was just seen as part of life… in other words, women gave up on an issue that hid much worser elements, than the one of becoming mother way too early. Things like child rape, incest, lack of education and contraception not acceptable or available because of religious belief. The young mothers became double losers, because they could no longer attend school, they rarely managed to take proper care of their child and to support them selves they often ended up in prostitution. It is heartbreaking it really is. I think the way forward is education. Thanks for bringing up this subject Arindam.

    1. Yes I also think the same Anette. The way forward are awareness and education. People of various parts of the world need to realize the sensitivity of this issue.
      ” Things like child rape, incest, lack of education and contraception not acceptable or available because of religious belief.”- this part is so true. It’s somehow disappointing that, in 21st century some people think such.
      Thanks for sharing your thought here Anette.

  6. so, so terribly sad that a child gave birth to a child.
    she definitely deserves to be called a mother. it’s a joy to be a mother, and for many girls in poverty they’re already serving as “mother” to their siblings or nieces/nephews.

    1. Yes Ellie she definitely deserves to be called a mother. But do not you think it’s too early for that little girl to enter and experience that beautiful phase of life which is motherhood. It’s such a shame that, a child for whom it’s hard to survive without her own mother, give birth to another child.
      And yes for many girls in poverty they’re already serving as “mother” to their siblings or nieces/nephews. I have seen it with my own eyes. But do not you think both these cases are different.
      In the first case there are people who are taking advantages of the innocence of a child, and in the second one there are children who are taking the responsibility at such a young age due to the need & demand of life.
      Thank you for this thoughtful comment Ellie. I really appreciate it.

      1. I completely agree with all that you just said. it’s a sadness and a travesty that she suffered such abuse.

  7. I can only pray for the best of health and best of life for both of them, the 10 yr old mother and the child who has a child as mother.
    It really is sad. I can only hope that she has a support mechanism around her to take care of the child.
    The thought even to wonder how she ended up pregnant is something would rather not even want to think. I just pray for all the best for her the two innocent children :'(

  8. Hi Arindam,
    What a terrible place this poor little girls mind must be in, I just cannot imagine how confused she must be. The poor baby as well, a child bringing up a child, it should never happen.

    1. Hi Mags,
      It should never happen to anyone. But it’s a shame that, things like this are still happening. Yes, that girl is in a completely confused state. As per the information I gather through internet, even she is not agreeing to feed that little child of her. It’s really shocking.

  9. Oh Arindam, this breaks my heart in so many ways. First, this is a child who has been abused obviously. I hope they both get the mothering they need in order to go forward in life in a whole and caring manner. It was brave of you to share this with such insight. I know we will all keep a good thought for all involved.

    1. Thanks a lot Renee, For keeping good thoughts for these innocent children. Nothing much we can do for them, except keeping them in our prayers & thoughts.

  10. Perhaps this little girl is only one of many other girls birthing at such a young age and if we focus our prayers towards educating the women in these cultures that encourage young brides/mothers, maybe the men, who probably see nothing wrong with their actions due to their cultural upbringing, would be forced to change their way of thinking simply because the women would start fighting for proper treatment. Education is usually a key to change.
    Great think post Arindam. Thanks!

    1. You are absolutely right Sunshine education and awareness are the key to change. Rather than praying for those people whose life gets affected due to such shameless behavior of some people who think they are men by doing these kind of stuffs. We all need to work towards creating the awareness in our small way, with whatever medium or platform we are getting.
      Thanks a lot Sunshine for taking your time to read this one and sharing your thought here.

  11. A sad story indeed, Arindam, and so true that the little girl has been robbed of her childhood which is supposed to be a time of carefree joy. Good of you to highlight this issue. My heartfelt prayers, go out to her too. God bless you..

  12. I’m heartbroken to read this. That poor poor little girl…. When I was 10 years old I was such a naive little girl, I cannot imagine my young skinny body being able to carry a child or how one so young can manage the painful scary birth process. No wonder she was in tears.

    I love Amy’s motto: Don’t find fault; find remedy!

    1. Yes, it was a really sad story. It’s really difficult for all of us to believe such things happen in the world, where we live. I just wish one day thought process of those people, who do these kinds of behavior would change.
      Yes, I also love Amy aunty’s motto.

  13. The youngest mother in the world was a five year old. I’ve also heard of a 16 year old with 6 kids (3 sets of twins) and a grandmother aged 23. It’s shocking but it is obviously biologically possible in some cases. This doesn’t mean that just because it can happen it should. I’m 21 and I still find it scary that girls my age are having children but this story is just horrific.

    1. Hi Megan,
      Nice to see you here after a long time. I was not aware of the fact that, a five year old girl could also give birth to a child. I was not sure if the girl I wrote about is the youngest mother in the world; that’s why I conclude that statement with a question mark.
      These kind of stories are really shocking and horrific.

  14. I do not have the words to comment. This story is shocking and appalling at all levels. That poor girl. Abused, and then put through childbirth and her own childhood stolen. It’s appalling. This line is a good reminder, “We all need to do our bit by accepting the truth.” Would that we could stop these horrors.

    1. HI Melissa,
      Yes it was a really shocking story. We all need to realize these kinds of things are still happening in the world. So that we could try to create awareness among the people through which of the medium possible. I can’t see any single person in this world has that much credibility or strength in him to create this awareness & to find a solution to problems like this alone. We all need to do our bit.
      Let’s hope one each one of us going to realize our responsibility.

  15. What a pity… she is way too young for that….I’m finally catching up but will have to come back and comment later on other posts. Thanks for your patience! :-)

  16. This story is unbelievably sad Arindam…this is however not the only one of its kind or will it be…there are so many similar stories which never reach the light of day of “civilized society”…a misnomer oftentimes!

    What is important to remember and you have so rightly highlighted is…that we all have to do
    our bit..we have a saying that goes…when you point a finger at someone three fingers point
    back to you…and so as Amy says…with our prayers for all those who suffer from this abominable crime…we have to find a remedy…each and everyone one of us in our sphere of influence…

    God bless you for bringing this to the blogosphere…

    1. Yes It was really shocking. It’s something which is hard to believe. How could incidents like these happens in this 21st century; where everyone of us is proud of our growth and development. I am just having a feeling that, we are dividing this world in to two parts. One is growing faster and the other one is loosing it’s identity.
      Yes, I always believe that, we all need to do our bit with in our limitations. It may be a very small attempt; but who knows- it may help us in bringing the change we want to see in the world. And yes, Amy aunty as always pointed out the perfect thing, that is to “find the remedy”.
      Thanks a lot Shamaji, for taking the time to read this post.

  17. Hopefully, this little girl will get the help she needs. I can’t help but wonder about the person who abused her; is there any authority to bring justice in this situation so it doesn’t continue?

    Blessings – Maxi

    1. Yes I also hope that the little girl will get the help she needs.
      As per my knowledge (according to the information I gathered from internet) “Colombian’s constitution guarantees the Wayuu tribe (to which that girl belongs) a certain amount of autonomy; It allows the tribe to maintain its own sovereignty and certain cultural heritages, of which one is said to be the giving birth of children at an extremely young age.”

  18. What a thought provoking and emotional emoting story. Sad on so many levels. From what I know about life and our soul lessons, this girl is a very brave soul to take on such difficult life lessons. And I see that her example will definitely get a lot of people stirred up, so that perhaps someone else will be spared the same situation. I can only hope that since her tribe exempts the father from being prosecuted, that they will fully support this girl and help her with this baby (although, who knows).

    When no one feels badly about themself, and has to victimize one another (or themself), then, and only then will so many of life’s attrocities end.

    Please know that when people say that there is nothing to do but pray, they think that prayer will have little to no effect on the situation. If they really knew the true power of prayer, the very first thing they would do it to pray. It does have a very real effect- and distance does not limit this effect. Arindam, your prayers do matter and do make a difference.

    1. Yes it was one of those saddest stories I have ever heard. And as you very correctly said- who knows if those tribal people will support this girl and help her with this baby, who knows if this girl is brave enough to fight such a tough situation both physically and mentally, who knows if she will ever get the justice.
      And yes, I too believe and hope that, prayers do matter. And again we do not have any other way to help this little girl with the new born baby.

  19. This story is so sad and im afraid a sign of the times we live in , i am in my 50s now and i can remember a time when children and old people were considered off limits as far as any violence was concerned and if you targeted one of these groups the whole community would shun you and you would know you did wrong , but now we walk side by side with the perverts and muggers of old people and just keep quiet because now its the decent people who fear the reprisals , i feel like im in a keep your mouth shut or else world and if you get angry and start to complain people are looking at you as if to say id shut up before you get hurt

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