Through the height.... View of a city from the top of the hill

Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

World is a beautiful place. It stores lots of beautiful thing for all of us. But the biggest question is do we people really have the time to look at those creations of nature? We are surrounded by pain, failure, dreams, and the eagerness to achieve something really great. But these things with happiness, smile, success & peace define what is life in reality. As a human we all have to go through every phase, while coloring our & others life with all these emotions.

But how can these things stop us to look & appreciate those things this beautiful planet offers us. We all need to look at the beauty of nature, the innocence of those souls in animal skins, the coldness of water, the warmth of sunray, the vastness of the sea through all these different emotions. It’s quite a challenge for all of us for sure. But the person who can stand up to this challenge with head held high, can see the actual beauty of life and make life beautiful for others.

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.” – Winston Churchill

Sometimes we all feel that we are going through hell. But we need to go through this hell to reach the heaven; just as there is light at end of every tunnel.  I can say, it’s not an easy thing to do; as I am going through the hell myself in past few years. I know while you are going through hell, you will not find a person- to wipe off your tears, to hold your hand when you fall down, to tell you something which we will make you laugh out loud, who will listen to you without trying to judge you right or wrong.

Still during this stay of yours in hell you can make this hell look like heaven; just by changing the things you look through. If you will try to look everything through an artist’s eye, if you will search the innocence and peace through a child’s laugh, if you will try to feel the strength in your parents blessings, if you try to see the love through your partner’s eye; then everything can be tolerable while you are going through the hell.

“Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eyes for an instant?”  -Henry David Thoreau

“Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” -Michael Jordan

So go through all the struggle and obstacles of life, and try to see the world through all the beautiful things in life. Life will take you through a journey which will be the most beautiful one, you can ever experience.

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74 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

  1. This is a beautiful post, Arindam. Beautiful photographs and beautiful words to go with them, with wise thought behind them. Thanks for the share. :)

    1. No one really wants to go through the life. But Life usually does not ask us our wishes. :)
      Yes I was sleeping when I noticed something through my window glass. So I captured it.
      I am glad you liked this post Amira. :)

    1. Thanks a lot Darla. :) I am glad you liked these pics. But to be honest I was waiting for your comment on my last post, where I tried to write something different. As you are excellent ,when you write something real in a funny way. :)

    1. Hi Colline. It would be a difficult task to go through the temple, as its height is too much to climb. This temple is situated at top of the hill. But you can take blessing from the goddess from nearer, then you have to climb stairs to get a top view of this temple.
      Thanks a lot for visiting. :)

  2. My mother told me when I was full of life and wondering which way I wanted to go, “You are like a pot of stew. You are busily putting all the ingredients in the pot, along with your sagacity and appropriate seasonings. It needs to simmer so the essence of each contribution will blend together and provide a flavour that, in and of itself, could not exist in any one ingredient.”

    Keep your eye on the prize, Arindam, and your life will manifest in ways you would not imagine. I love that habit of life – to just fold over onto us. I think I’m going nowhere until I pause and look back. Where I stand at that moment had often been a dream – even one I didn’t think I dare hang on to.

    Find your inner peace – you know you have it within – and, as you season, you will feast!

    1. I will do that for sure Amy Aunty.
      Your mother must be a big support for you. What ever she said to you was so motivating and meaningful. It was something I have never heard anyone saying. Thanks a lot for sharing these words with me. I hope just like you these words will help me to reach where I want to. As always through this comment, you once again increase my belief in one more thought which I strongly believe; which is,”Dreams do become reality”. :)

  3. the sunset is a cool click – and i also enjoyed the lizard. thanks for sharing. friendly tip: you may get more comments if you change your prompt to say:
    Leave a Reply…. I look forward to a comment from you :)
      or even better:
    Please leave a reply…. I look forward to a comment from you :)
    just a thought from a fellow blogger! :D

    1. Thanks a lot for these kind words. I am glad you liked these photographs. And as per your thought, I changed the prompt. :) Best wishes to you & your really nice blog.

    1. Thanks a lot Patti. :) I am happy to hear that, you enjoy my set of shots. To be honest I do not have much idea about the technicality of photography. I just click those moments which looks nice to me either by my cell phone or by cam.
      And Yes, W.C. quotes are really inspiring. :)

  4. I like what you have been showing to most of your posts recently. They always seem to inspire.

    Keep it up. You will never know who needs to be reminded of the things like pushing on with life no matter what.

    1. Thanks a lot Sony for these kind words. I am not sure if I am inspiring anyone or not. But one thing for sure, you and your blog inspire all of us to respect & take care of the most beautiful thing we all have, which is “Nature”. So a big thank you for that.

  5. We often rush through life missing the beautiful and the unusual! Your post reminds us to ‘stop and smell the roses’ ! Love the lizard too :-)
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the likes! Delighted that it led me to this!

    1. Thanks a lot. To be honest, I am delighted after reading this comment of yours. It was completely my pleasure to see you in my blog. :)
      Your “love the lizard” part made me laugh. Thanks for these kind words. Hope to see you again in my blog. :)

  6. I love your words as much as your photographs. Struggle is part of life, but how you perceive that struggle can make all the difference. Hell is only hell as long as you define it as such. Heaven is just a change of attitude, a new perspective. Go for it!

    1. Thanks a lot Judee. :) “Heaven is just a change of attitude, a new perspective.”- it’s a perfect line to summarize the whole post. :) Nice to see you in my blog and It’s al my pleasure to read this thoughtful comment of yours.

  7. Wise words Arindam…seeing the glass half full rather than half empty…having a positive way at looking at life is often the defining difference…it is good to see that you are on this path…please always keep this attitude and perspective…

    God bless…

  8. Namaste Shamaji!
    Yes I will try my best to be the way I am. But to be honest situation changes a person. I hope life will not bring any such circumstance in my way, so that I have to change my belief and my personality.
    As always thanks a lot for these kind words and blessing. You are really a wonderful person, I am glad to know you.

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