No its, not unusual that, crow sit on our roof. But it's unusual that, they let me click them. :)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

No its, not unusual that, crows sit on our roof. But it's unusual that, they let me click them. :)

“If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” -Jim Rohn 

There are two ways to look at things in life; which are nothing is unusual or everything is unusual. It’s all about how a person thinks. I always believe those things which are unusual; need to be appreciated, need to be awarded. Because they are different and most importantly they are not ordinary.

It's a really unusual view to see a railway platform in India with out crowd. But here I got one, while I was travelling.

All the famous writings, all the famous movies, all the famous paintings, all the inventions got the recognition because they are unusual. When we talk about love stories, none of us talk about our own love stories or the love stories we come across in our daily lives. Rather we choose to talk about love stories like- Laila Majnoo, Romeo and juliet, Heer Ranjha, Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal. But the question is why we choose to talk about those love stories, which none of us has ever seen or experienced. It’s simply because they are unusual. It’s because those few people chose to define love in their own ways.

It's unusal that, you will see a cat breast feeding her one year old child. But see my two wonderful family member here in an unusual place also. :)

Some world famous scientist invented those things, which  looked near to impossible  by that time. But why only those few people invented those wonderful things, where as there are millions of others scientists were there in various parts of the world. The reason is quite simple- they had one thing, which others did not have. That was- Unusual imagination.

Nothing new or unique can’t be created, until and unless the person who has the desire to create it has the ability to think something new, something different and something that has a purpose. People may term their thoughts as  unusual; but why to worry- if unusual thoughts give birth to some wonderful and useful things. Then it’s all good.

I know in this post, the pictures and words have nothing common other than, they both define the term “Unusual”. So yes, it’s an unusual post; but as I have said you before, “any thing that is unusual needs to be appreciated”. :)

“Familiar things happen, and mankind does not bother about them. It requires a very unusual mind to undertake the analysis of the obvious. “   -Alfred North Whitehead 

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead. :)

58 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

  1. Arindam, I like this unusual post, and your photographs! Thank you for sharing them with us, and thank you for reminding us that: “If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” That’s a great way to start my week.

  2. So true, this line: “Nothing new or unique can’t be created, until and unless the person who has the desire to create it has the ability to think something new, something different and something that has a purpose.” If only we could quiet our thoughts, to focus them with purpose as you said, then who knows what we might create?

    1. Yes, we might create something extraordinary by doing so. Thanks for this inspiring words Melissa. :) I will try to quiet my thoughts and focus them with a purpose for sure, it’s simply because I want to do something unique.

  3. i like your unusual post.
    and i like that unusual quote too.
    I guess I need to try and achieve an unusual mind
    analysis of the obvious is so very essential :)

  4. “Unusual” awakens. It refreshes and shakes me out of complacency. It challenges me in so many ways. Thanks for helping me remember to let “usual” fall and dare to see the soul.

    1. Thanks a lot Amy aunty. :) I am glad that, I could help you in remembering something. But I do not think anything can challenge a person like you. You are too good to take on any challenge. :)

      1. Don’t be fooled, Arindam. Life continuously challenges me! Someone told life that I like challenges and it has been diligently sending them – collect!

        But, Arindam, imagine if we had to live life bored and blind to its awesomeness! Who would want that?

        1. Yes you are right Amy aunty, life would be very boring, if we would not have to face any challenge. But I think life is throwing too many challenges on my way. I will not say i am now afraid of those challenges, but to be honest now I am tired of facing them. Now I have to learn lots of thing from a person like you.

              1. When you take yourself away from all the challenges that seem to be raining on you is the best way to understand clearly what’s going on, so you can dust yourself off and carry on with your head held high.

  5. Hi,
    Great photos you have chosen the the Unusual theme. I especially like the cats, that photo is beautiful, they are cute. :)
    I love your quotes also, they are very true indeed.

  6. I like your first photo because the crows will not let me photo them. It is unusual that they did not fly away :)

    1. Yes, I had also the same thought in my mind, that how could they let me click them. :)
      May be I was lucky that day. Thanks a lot for the visit & comment. :)

  7. Your crows look a bit different from ours, but they must be just as skittish. I love seeing India through your lens. Very unusual from what I am accustomed to seeing. :)

  8. Your photos, quotes, and thoughts about ‘unusual’ are a great combination for this week’s challenge. You must have been quick on the ‘click’ to get such a great photo of the crows, they always scatter at the smallest noise or movement. I also love the railway platform scene and colors, it’s a beautiful photo! The cats in a basket are cute :-)

    1. Thanks a lot for these kind words. I am glad you like whatever I presented through this post. Yes, it was difficult to click those crows for sure. But they were really kind to me. :) And thanks for finding my cats cute. :)

  9. Wonderful words! It always makes me think, reading your posts. And I can find myself in them, too. Oh and the crows.. they are unusual to me! I love crows, but they look different here. So yes, the unusual comes from different angles, too. Keep up the good work, Arindam.

  10. I am glad to hear that, you could find yourself in my posts. It’s the biggest complement I could ever get. So a big thank you to Cassie for this beautiful comment. :) Yes, crows in this part of the world look different, it’s may be due to weather or anything else I really do not know. :) It’s always my pleasure to see you here & to read your comments. Best wishes to you Cassie.

    1. Do you know what? I am glad I can find myself in your posts, too. They are really inspiring for me. So thanks for your great work :-D
      Have you ever had the chance to look directly in a crow’s eyes? I did, and there was a fascinating sparkle in them. And they look so knowing. Ever since, I love crows.

      Best wishes to you too, Arindam! Have a great day!

      1. Thanks a lot Cassie for the beautiful wishes.
        No I have not got a chance to look directly in a crow’s eye. Might be I never ever thought about doing so. I will try it for sure, let me see the sparkle in their eyes. :)
        Have a great weekend. :)

  11. Bro, I share your vision and passion in life. What you wrote about “unusual” is so true, breathing daily realities with it.This words just comes out beautifully, “I always believe those things which are unusual; need to be appreciated, need to be awarded.” Indeed they should be. Keep inspiring us with your images and words. I wish you all the best…

    1. Thanks a lot Bro. I am glad we both share common vision & passion in life. Yes, I do strongly believe that, rather than criticizing those things which are unusual, we all need to appreciate them. So that someone else can gather that courage in him/her to try & do something different & new. As always thank you for these wishes & beautiful thought. Best wishes to you too bro. :)

    1. Thanks a lot Nelson. Even I thought the same about the crows. But I think they were kind enough to me, so that I could bring them to spotlight in my site. :)

  12. Seeing the ‘unusual’ or special aspect of the usual….ordinary…or mundane requires a special bent of mind and heart…special qualities of heart and compassion…which is something you seem to be well gifted with Arindam…I pray that you are always able to meet all the challenges and curved balls life has a habit of throwing ones way with this special gift…

    God bless…

  13. Sukriya Shamaji, :)
    Even I pray that I could able to meet all the challenges life is throwing at me. I may be gifted with something special; but like everyone else I too have a lot of weaknesses which hurt me or I may say which go against me sometimes. I hope time will make me a better human being.

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