can you make me feel special?

Love Love Love
Love Love Love (Photo credit: Gregory Jordan)

Can you hold my hand one more time….

Can you make me feel as if you are mine?

Can you sit with me under the moonlight….

Can you let me see your face holding your hand for the whole night?

Love ? I love love love you.
Love ? I love love love you. (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Can you believe me if I will say “I am only yours”….

Can you give me a chance to wipe away all your tears?

Can you walk with me under the rain….

I believe it will wash away all your pain.

Love is real
Love is real (Photo credit: Khánh Hmoong)

Can you say something to make me smile….

And let me forget my sadness for a while.

Can you do something to make me feel special….

Can you show me little unreal affection, as if it’s real?

LOVE and CARE for you , my Dearest!!!

Can you bring my belief in love once again….

Can you turn this world for me from hell to heaven?

Can you help my dreams to come true….

As I feel they have no values without you .


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26 thoughts on “can you make me feel special?

  1. I’m not a poet at all, so I admire your efforts, but don’t feel I have any expertise to comment, besides telling you I thought it was lovely, and made me feel your emotions.

    1. Thanks a lot Barb. You felt the emotion, it means I achieved what I wanted while writing this one. It was more of a thought than a poem. I am glad you liked it. :)

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