Paying a visit to real India

The simplicity & beauty of Nature

Last week I took a break from the life, I was living and went to a place, where I could spend some time with the nature, with the kind of people and environment I have grown up with. No it was not any famous tourist place of my country. Rather I chose to went to a small village, I am not even sure about that place’s existence in the Google map. My hometown is not quite a village, but it’s a small town very similar to the place I went.

I was tired of the city life, I was living. I was tired of the fake smiles, the talks behind a person’s back, the competition for survival and most importantly seeing the girls with lots of make up on their faces. So I preferred to visit a place where everything is natural, everything is simple, yet beautiful and everything is honest & pure. And these are the things you can only find in a village.

World in motion

The people who lives in Indian villages may not be rich as per the definition, but they are the people who best define the term rich. Because they are the people, who are rich from heart. Most of the people live there may not be highly educated or modern; but they are innocent, they are kind and they are really honest.

Everything looks beautiful if you have time to appreciate it.

There you may not find a big hotel to stay, or big restaurant to eat or some really big buildings to realize that India is developing. But the people stay there will try their best to give you the comfort of a five star hotel, the delicious food of a really good restaurant. Most importantly they value the nature and its belongings more than we do. I can tell you that, they are neither aware nor worried about things like, Global Warming; because since thousands of years they know how to take care of the nature. So we need to bring some of their style of living and thoughts in to the city lives, we are living. Then only we can save this planet called, “Earth”.

It's time to return home....
They are family.... a really happy family

In city each of us humans, lives a life of an animal. It may not sound good, but it’s a truth. It has nothing to do with the money we are earning or the materialistic happiness we are getting. But in a Village those innocent souls in animal skins live a life just as a human.

The beauty of Indian Soil

You can experience the soil; yes the real soil of India in your hands only in a village. And I can tell you nothing feels much better than this feeling. May be I am sounding little bit patriotic. But I am not. I am not sure if I am ready to do something great for my country at the cost of my life. But still We all need to respect the land of our motherland.

Enough space in this world still left to search peace for yourself

You can find lots of wonderful things in an Indian Village. But the thing is that, it’s how & what a person is looking for there, and with what are the perceptions a person is going to that place. If you will search for poverty, unemployment, hunger, lack of education and medical facilities; then I can tell you, you will surely find these things there. But if you will search for simplicity, innocence, honesty, peace, happiness, smiling faces, dreams, love, respect; then I can assure you, you will surely find all these things there.

There is a tradition in my country that, when someone returns from a new place, he/she brings some things as gifts from that place for all those people, who are very close to that person. But I could not bring anything for you people from that place; so I gift you my memories of that place in form of this post to you all. I hope you will like this gift…. :)

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57 thoughts on “Paying a visit to real India

  1. this is a wonderful post. i like the photos – earthly, simple, very quiet. i love what you just did there, pack your bag and leave because everything is just too much. it always pays off in the end, doesn’t it?

    1. Thanks a lot PM. :) Yes it pays off for sure. At the end of the day we all want little bit of peace in our life. And success, money or no other materialistic thing can supply that peace to us.
      Thanks a lot for the visit & comment.

      1. so true. nothing can replace it. but it is so amazing how misguided we can be a lot of times! and even when we know that fact we easily forget! :D

  2. Hi,
    A very wonderful gift that you brought for us. I love your photos very nice and the different effects on the photos look brilliant.
    The people of the village sound very nice, and you are so right, it is what we have in our heart that matters the most, and from your writing I can tell the people of this village all have a very big heart. Thank You for sharing your visit, a truly lovely post.

    1. Thanks a lot Mags. :) I am glad you liked this gift and photographs. :)
      Yes, the village people have a bug heart. But they are simple. The best thing is that, they never try to impress others. But yes, there will both bad & good people every where. But I am talking about the whole.

  3. The biggest and best gift you have given is your heart, Arindam. What an advantage that you have learned, at a young age, where true richness lies.

    Because you know this, you are free to do or be whatever you feel will express who you are. You already know about true values so you will not lose your way even if you have to temporarily dabble in worlds that seem shallow and fickle. You’ve already proven you’ll find your “center” when you feel overwhelmed with the insincere.

    I grew up in small rural locations, pursued a glittery career, existed in cities, and took myself back to a rural lifestyle as soon I could buy a home.

    I also have found that rural, small town people steadfastly keep and live the virtues we have been taught. The virtues help humankind live with itself.

    The soil looks similar to the red soil of South Africa. Thank you for your photos

    1. Thanks a lot Amy aunty. What an Inspiration you are for all of us. You have seen & experienced all kind of lifestyle. Your way of looking at life is so wonderful.
      Yes this soil looks red. But I did not know that, it is quite similar to red soil of SA. But the soil color differs in different part of my country.

    1. Thank you. Yes you asked an important question here. I did not post any photo of the people because- I did not want to give a face to the words life honest, innocent, simple, beautiful. Because I want everyone who read this one to imagine that face by their own.

  4. I like it. :-) I so can feel how you wanted that solitude or break from the city life. It’s stifling to be in a monotonous routine so we really need to take a break by getting back to the basics from time to time, which is best practiced by communing with nature. Your place reminds me so much of my hometown. Lush green that’s so inviting to the eyes. A breath of fresh air … the smell of the grass … I miss my place.

    1. Thanks a lot Sony. I am glad you liked it. :) Yes we all need to get back to basics from time to time. I also do believe that, nature offers us everything, that truly matters to us in life. Even I also miss my place. As this place is very much similar to my hometown. But this one neither my hometown or not the city where I am currently living. I hope you will pay a visit to your place very soon. :)

  5. Thanks for the gift. I enjoyed it very much! Should I ever visit a small Indian Village, I’ll definitely watch out for innocence, happiness and smiling faces. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You are welcome Cassie. :)Yes, you should visit a small Indian village in future. What’s a big deal in that. But be sure to make a correct choice, while choosing a village in India. Because here every part follows a different culture and lifestyle. But I am hoping you will enjoy your stay in an Indian village. :)

      1. I would like to visit India some day. It doesn’t look like that at the moment, but who knows what the future might bring? So should I ever have the chance I will make sure, that I make the correct choice. Maybe I’ll ask you. :-D

  6. Beautiful post, Arindam! The simple things in life are most of the times, the ones that make you trully happy. I’m happy for you that you made a trip to a place where you feel your heart dwells.
    Nice photographs too!

  7. Thank you for the gift of your photos. I am happy you “brought them back” and shared them with us. And what remarkable photos they are!

    I have never been to a village like the one you visited. I have been to a town that only had 20 some people (wish I got a picture of their “population” sign), but it was sprawling, poverty-stricken farmland. An entirely different landscape than what you’ve captured.

    You are right. It is so important to return to the place from whence you came. Though it was not your own village, it was one similar, as you said. For it is only in person that some memories can be called up. I am happy you took this trip, to get away from the hectic city life. You were smart to do so, and I look forward to hearing about your future getaways.

    1. Thanks a lot Melissa. I am glad you liked whatever I brought from that place for you. I am not quite a photographer. But I tried to capture these moments to the best of my ability. :)

      I am quite sure, you will enjoy your stay in a village. I hope you will experience it some day.
      But in India, a village with population of 20 people is quite impossible. Even my hometown is a really small town, yet it’s population is in Millions. :) I hope one day, I can create a post with some photographs of my hometown. But for that, I have to go to there; and I am not sure when that will happen. It has been really a long time since I met my parents.

      And yes, that place gave me a feeling of my own place. But my hometown is not quite a village. It’s a small town near a famous forest. That forest is quite famous across the world. As always thanks a lot Melissa for sharing your really nice thought here.

  8. What a lovely gift for all of us Arindam…thank you…

    The beauty…peace…simple joys…tranquility…above all the simplicity of the life you experienced is actually what brings inner peace to our souls…in the mad hustle bustle of life in the fast track we forget this…much to our own loss…it is good to be able to go back whenever possible to recharge oneself and put life in perspective again…I am so happy that you were able to do it and shared the journey with all of us…

    God Bless…

    1. Namaste Shamaji. :) Thanks a lot for these kind words.

      Yes, I always do those things which can give me peace. I really do not care others think. I just wish each one of us, will realize that true happiness lies in the simplest things life offers us. Money or fame can only give momentary happiness, but that is not life is all about. Let’s hope we all one day realize the value of simplicity. :)

  9. Oh…Arindam. You brought us a beautiful gift. I read your post, then I fixed myself a cup of tea and re-read it as though I were traveling with you and you were teaching me to see what you saw. I so truly appreciate this.

    I come from a ranch/farm. I know what you mean when you pick up a fistfull of soil and feel it. Smell it.

    You are part of the land. Thanks for sharing part of it with us.

    1. Thanks a lot Barb for these kind words. :) I am glad you liked this gift. You are the first person, who realize how does it feel to pick up the soil and feel it. Yes, it feels really great. At least people like me & you realize the worth of the soil. Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this one and commenting on it. :)

  10. I’m glad you had the chance to get away and restore your soul. There’s nothing like communing with nature to boost our spirits. And your pictures are wonderful. They practically glow – as does your writing. I like that gift very much. Thanks.

    1. Thanks a lot Renee. It’s an unusual gift for sure but I am glad you liked it. :) Yes, every time I feel low in life, I prefer to spend some time with the nature. It always brings positive energy to a person.

  11. You have gifted us with photos of this beautiful area. There is something in each of us that seeks a peaceful place to rest, to enjoy, and to recharge all that has been drained from us. You have shared that there are people everywhere who seek to do right by the earth that sustains their lives. Some things can not be purchased with money. Thank you for sharing your wonderful country with us.

    1. You are welcome. It was all my pleasure to share a small part of my country with you all. Yes at the end of the day, little peace and little happiness that we all want in life. And to be honest, I do not believe that money can ever buy these things. So I thought to spend sometime in that place to recharge all that has been drained from me. Thanks a lot for sharing your thought Patti. :)

  12. Bro, your share a similar passion like me. Guess where I am in my country now? Like you, I chose to stay in my small hometown, visiting places that were once familiar to me like the beach, the market, the church, the park and all. It feels great to go back to your roots. To realize that happiness is attained not by materialism but with the simple things in life. All we need in the love and support of our families…the rest are just added bonus. I’m happy for you. beautiful post with a heart to share and inspire.

    1. Thanks a lot Bro. :) Yes we both share similar passion for sure. I will completely agree with you on, we all need to remember our roots and we must go back there. I hope you will post all those beautiful pictures of your hometown with some beautiful words to describe them in your blog very soon. I am waiting for that one. As always thanks for sharing your beautiful thought here bro. Enjoy these days at your hometown to fullest. :)

  13. When the city and it’s false values got to you, instead of whining you took yourself off to a village in the country. We can all learn from this post. Love the way you describe the red earth and the simple kind people.

    1. Thanks a lot. I am glad you liked this one. This post is some how very close to my heart. And yes, I think once in a while we all need to spend some quality time in that place to which we belong. :)

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