Do you still remember me!

Hello everyone. I hope you remember me! Do not you? I am back…. although I am not sure if you people were waiting for me or not. May be after a long time, I am pressing my laptop’s keys not to practice any new computer programming language. Yes, I was interacting with this machine called laptop from past few weeks. Now I need to talk to you all wonderful people, who can make me feel happy, who can give me some wonderful memories although I have never met anyone of you.   

Some of you keep on visiting my blog, although I was not active in this blogosphere. I have not read many new posts which you people wrote. But it never stopped you from sending me your love & best wishes. And to be honest I am really thankful to all of you.

Actually, when life asks a person too many questions, then rather than writing about something important or something beautiful; we all need to answer them. I have not seen any of those people who love me the most, from past few months. But yes no regret. I am sure they know how much I love them. They value my dreams and aspirations.

 But somehow I am having a feeling that, now I am starting to get habituated to this kind of a life. Now I do not try to prioritize things according to my emotions. If this is called maturity, then yes I am lot more mature now.  And yes, still I do get angry, frustrated, emotional; but the most important thing is now I can control those bullsh*t emotions. 

Things change, people change, relationship change, financial conditions change but why do not emotions?  Why does a man always need support, blessing and love of a woman it may be in form of a mother, sister, girlfriend, wife or daughter? Why does a brother can never tell his brother how much he loves him; although he really does? Why does a friend compete with you although you do not want to do so? Why does a mother love his children unconditionally? Why does a father never show his love for his children? Why do children love their mothers but respect their fathers? Why does everyone look for the bad things in you, although you have some really good qualities in you? 

And the list of questions goes on and on…. Each day life throws a new and important question towards you; whose answer no one really knows or may be everyone knows; but no one really wants to answer it. When I look back I see, I have not done anything good for neither myself nor others. I never achieved anything which I wanted; I do not have some of the people with me whom I loved at some point of time.

It might be my fault or might be due to the wrong choices I made at that point of time. But then also it was my fault as the choice was made by me. When I lost, when I got hurt, I never cried because I wanted to prove that I am a man, a really strong man from heart. But now I realized that, strength does not lie in the tears on the eyes. I should have cried, I should have laughed, and I should have fought with others to get all those things which I wanted, Instead of fighting with my own emotions, with my own inner self. I have support of some wonderful people; but I never realized that they also expect me to support them. So how can I be a good human being? Some times what you do overshadow what you think. But, maybe I realized it very late. I have good intention for all those people who have importance in my life; I love them, I think about them, I care for them, I want them to get every good thing in life and I really miss them, when I am not with them.

But the problem is, I never tell them my feelings for them, I never show them my emotions. May be the reason is that, I think they have so many people to love them; then my love for them will hardly matter. I think they are really strong and successful; so why would they need my help or how could I support them. But I forget that everyone has his/her own problems to deal with, so sometimes few words of love, few words of care gives a person the strength to fight every odd thing in life. So yes I need to change the way I look at things in life, and I hope it’s never late to change anything for good. I hope you will ask those questions to yourselves, which hold importance to you and your life? And I hope you will try to find the answers to them honestly and bravely. So let’s go and try to bring a change in your lives, just like I am trying to do with myself ; before trying to change the whole world. I can assure you it may not help controlling the global warming, but it may help you to stay cool. :)

“Do not forget to tell how much you love those people who love you a lot, just as I did; that person may be your brother, sister, mother, father or anyone else…. because love is the only thing they want from us in return to the love they pour on us. Do not think that, they realize it; actually they want us to make them realize how much we love them…”  -Arindam

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45 thoughts on “Do you still remember me!

  1. Hi,
    It’s great to see you back in the blogosphere, I was certainly wondering where you disappeared to and hoping that everything was alright.
    As usual a lovely post, and yes I do believe people like to know that they are loved by those close to them, it doesn’t matter if they are successful or not, knowing people care is important I feel.

    1. Hello Mags,
      Thanks a lot. Yes, everything was alright. I was just busy with career and some personal stuffs. But thank you for paying visit to my blog, even though I was not active here. :)

  2. i agree with you arindam.. one needs to express one’s love and care ..and it makes a difference to the person’s life. No matter how successful or popular a person is.. love is always appreciated.. but then sometimes (and i’ve seen this, to my utter dismay) .. people dis respect those who love them.. they dis regard their feelings and take them for granted.. so its a tight rope to walk.. this expressing bit!

    1. Thanks a lot for taking the time to visit & read this one. Yes, you are absolutely right it’s a tight rope to walk. It’s something which can’t be achieved or done by practice. And yes, I will completely agree with you on this thought of yours, “people dis respect those who love them.. they dis regard their feelings and take them for granted”. Thanks a lot for sharing your thought here.

  3. Yes, of course I still remember you, and I am happy to see you back again. It’s interesting that you say you don’t show your emotions. I don’t know how it is with people face to face, but on this blog you surely show yourself. Which, I believe, is why so many people like what you write. So don’t be too hard on yourself. You ask a lot of whys as if they were absolute truths. But none of them are. For some people, yes and for other’s no. But bottom line is that we all needs to feel loved, and thus we should all equally try to express our love to others. How can you be a good human? I think you are. Look at yourself and take your emotions seriously.

    1. Thanks a lot for remembering me. It means a lot to me. I know you have been always kind to me.
      You are absolutely right; I can show my emotions through writing, but may be I am not that much expressive when I am with people. But for sure I will try to change that in me. And for sure as per your advice I will try to take my emotions seriously. You always inspires me through your words. So A big thank you for that. :)

  4. Arindam — you are too hard on yourself. You are young yet :) and the last thing you should be feeling is remorse. Instead, you should be proud for being in touch with your emotions, for maturing, as you said, and for continuing to have bright hopes for the future. Do not look back with regret. The past is one road on which you cannot travel.

    Excellent post. I enjoyed your last line, about global warming and keeping cool. And I would enjoy even more hearing your thoughts on this subject, “Why does a brother can never tell his brother how much he loves him; although he really does?” I do not understand this, as I have only a sister, no brothers. But I’ve observed this, and maybe you can shed some light from the male perspective.

    1. Thanks a lot Melissa! But, Am I really young! :) Thank you for the vote of confidence Melissa, even I also think the same. :) Jokes apart, yes I also believe past is one road to believe and we can’t bring those days back again. But sometimes past influence a person’s present. But yes, I will keep your words in my mind.
      I was hoping that you will mention about the last line of this post. But it’s really unbelievable how you mentioned the subjects about love between brothers. It was the most important part of this whole post for me. But I never imagined that, you could catch that point also. Hats off to you Melissa. Yes may be someday I will try to write about that part of life.
      As always thank you for this valuable comment Melissa. :)

  5. It’s nice to see a post from you. There are as many questions and answers as there are people. Everyone is different, whether by culture, their home life, for many reasons. Love is the greatest emotion and one can never go wrong in sharing that part of themselves with others. Everyone needs to love and to be loved. There is always the risk of being hurt, but the benefits outweigh the risk.

    1. Thanks a lot Patti. :)
      I will completely agree with you on the though you shared with this comment. Love is the greatest emotion and one can never go wrong in sharing that part of themselves with others. But some people are not good at expressing their love; just like me. I think may be that’s the reason they loose lots of things in life.

  6. Arindam, one time I spent a lot of time with a man struggling with life. He had been accused of an act that was misread. He had been charged and after an investigation, the charges were dropped. He was deemed innocent, but a group of people continued treating him as if he was guilty.

    We all need to love and be loved and I saw how much this man needed love. His ember was dying which was too sad to ignore.

    I knew I could help him fan his dying coals – hopefully into a light of peace. I had no need to judge him – the past had no bearing on our friendship unless we brought it in. His spirit was more important than what people thought.

    One day he asked me why I was his friend. I told him that I love him as a friend. I told him I hoped he would simply accept that.

    But he persisted, “Why do you love me?

    I asked, “Why do you need to know?”

    He paused and said, “Omigod! I want to judge you!”

    “Then,” I said, “it’s none of your business.” We laughed with mutual understanding.

    He moved away and kindly let me know that his ember took flame again.

    Who cares who can show love or not – or why? The key is that YOU feel it! The rest is none of our business. :D

    1. Thanks a lot Amy aunty. :) You are really kind.
      Is this a true story? I liked it a lot. So simple yet so meaningful. Thank you for sharing it here. Even I judge people according to my experience with them, I do not go by reputation or what other think about that person. May be this story will increase my faith in my belief.

      1. i guess it is normal to feel under the weather sometimes, don’t you think? but the most important thing is to gather yourself and get back up again so good job :)

  7. Yes, I have been asking – where in the world is Arindam – and hoping all was well with you. Sometimes we get too busy with life to write about it. But then it fuels a terrific piece – like this one.

    1. Thanks a lot Renee. I was in the same world. But I went to a village in India, where one of my friend works as a bank officer to get some peace. Which is very difficult to get in the cities in India. :)

  8. What a touching post Arindam. But you’re exactly right, even though people may seem successful or maybe they don’t appear to need your support and love, EVERYBODY needs to be supported and loved no matter what.

    As I progress through my troubled times, a lot of my family and friends I’ve ignored or shunned (accidentally or purposefully) have been supporting me and expressing their love for me. Despite the fact I started and cared for my own family and didn’t really have time or the desire to make sure other people were taken care of, now it’s me that needs taken care of. I feel horrible that I took all my friends and family (mom, dad, and brothers) for granted and now I need them more than ever. Thankfully, they have given me their unconditional support and love throughout my process. I will chalk this up as a lesson learned and be mindful that no matter how happy or sad you are, you need to stay connected to those that matter most.

    Take care friend,


    1. Thanks a lot buddy. I am really glad that this post spoke to you in such a way. And yes, the people who really love us, will be there in our bad times; with out caring about if we ignored them in our good times. And yes, like a honest & brave person we need to take the lesson from this. I am really happy to hear that, there are so many people around you, taking care of you and your children in your bad times. The support of family & friends is really a blessing from God. It helps each one of us to get out of every problem in life. I really expect the same for you. Stay connected to those people, who really love you.
      Take care Joe. It feels great to see you here. As always my best wishes are with you buddy..

  9. Welcome come back Bro. This is the beauty of the being in a community of blogger friends. It’s more than the post we make. We become in a setting of friendship that seeks to inspire each other. I too been away for days now. I travelled back to my country and it has been a long flight. thanks for sharing post that gives breathe to goodness, hope and the sweet little joys in life. Be blessed always.

    1. Thanks a lot Bro. Yes, it’s more than a post we make; actually we speak our heart out. Each day some one from this community inspire me, motivate me and make me smile. Just like each post I read in your blog inspire me to be a good person from heart and to give importance to family & friends.
      I just read your reply in one of your post. Great to hear that, you & your family are having a wonderful time back home. And your son is enjoying playings game, which we have grown up playing. Have a great time bro. :)

  10. Welcome back, Arindam! Love always matters. And there is only one person like yourself, and never will be again. So shine! Live up to all the good things you expect from life, from yourself. Your emotions will guide you, if you’re feeling frustrated you are not there yet. But if your feeling happy, loved, inspired, it gets warmer.
    I wish you the best, Arindam!

    1. Thank you for this kind & inspiring words Cassie. I will remember what ever you said. It’s always my pleasure to see you here. Best wishes to you too. :)

  11. Everybody needs a little time, my friend! I try not to worry about my virtual loved ones until a month or so elapses. Things come up that we all have to take care of.

    Hope you are well, and those around you are well also.

    Great to see you again!

  12. Thanks a lot MJ. Yes I am fine now. And yes, sometimes things come up that we have to take care of. May be that is the challenge & charm of life. Each day, priority in a person’s life keeps on changing.

  13. That was as always straight from the heart Arindam…what you don’t always give yourself credit for is, that with this sort of mature but genuine emotions…you are on the right path…because your heart is in the right place…

    Life will bring ups and downs, there is no escaping that…but if you can continue to feel like this…then you obviously have the heart…strength…will…and inclination…to meet life head on with honesty and passion…and that my young friend is often all you need…

    God Bless…

    1. Sukriyaa Shamaji :)
      Thanks a lot for these kind words and wishes. It really means a lot. I will remember whatever you said, and yes I will try to continue feel like this. It always feels great to read your comments. :)

  14. We all sometimes miss those clues about how others feel and, indeed, how we feel in ourselves. Hope you have found resolution to your concerns and are able to blog here again. Peace and Positive thoughts to you and yours,

    Best wishes…

  15. Arindam, I’m glad you’re doing well, even if you’re asking those difficult questions — they never end, you know. The important thing is that you continue to grow and strive to better. But this: “When I look back I see, I have not done anything good for neither myself nor others.” Not true! And I’m sure you would have a hard time finding anyone who agrees with that. You’ve done plenty of good for a lot of people.

    1. Thanks a lot Sir Charles for remembering me.
      If you think that, I have done something good for many people, then it’s enough for me. I do not need to find other’s opinion on that. Your opinion matters a lot to me. Thanks for being so kind to me as always.
      The happiness & pleasure to see you in my blog and the satisfaction of getting a comment from you is still the same as it was six months earlier when I started blogging. Thanks a lot for making my day with your visit & comment Sir Charles. :)

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