Leap year comes once in four years. It means if we live for 60years, then only 15times in our lives. So make it special. These are the small things that make life beautiful. Make someone whom you love feel special, bring little bit of romance in to your lives with out caring about your age. Age can never comes in the way of expressing your feelings or showing your emotions. So go and gift that person something really special which money can’t buy. Which is obviously romance. Give him / her a chance to experience that wonderful thing in his/her life for at least 15times.

I do not know, what is your definition of romance?, which I will love to hear. but for me-

Author: Bagande

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Romance is-

“It’s all about making the other person feel his/her importance in your life without caring about others. 

It’s all about, living a lifetime in those few moments.

It’s all about letting those beautiful emotions out.

It’s all about making everything look special in those moments.

It’s all about dancing with the music of your heartbeat. 

It’s all about jumping in to the sea of your partner’s eye without even knowing how to swim.

It’s all about taking a shower in the love of your dear one.

It’s all about letting the silence do all the talking.

It’s all about connecting through lips and speaking to each others hearts.

It’s all about transforming a moment in to a moment of life time.”

Do not care about others, make this life beautiful, by celebrating whatever things life gift us. Wish you all a romantic February 29th. May love always finds its way to you all.

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“I don’t get a whole lot out of the romance thing, but I realize girls do. So I’ll go out of my way to make them feel romanced.”
-James Lafferty

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48 thoughts on “Gift a romantic Feb29 to your loved ones

  1. Hi,
    The 29th was yesterday here in OZ, Hubby was on day shift, but I cooked a nice roast dinner for tea last night, I even used candles. :)
    Yes the 29th is a very special day, as you pointed out it doesn’t came around very much at all.
    Romance means different things to different people I think. But I like what you have written about the definition of romance, very nicely done.

    • Hi Mags,
      You are really an intelligent person, you made this day really special for both of you in a beautiful way. God bless you both wonderful people. I would love to hear what’s your take on this whole concept of romance. Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this one. My best wishes to both you & your hubby.

  2. This is a very sweet and lovely post, my friend. And you are so right, we should grab the opportunity to make someone feel special. The 29th of February is indeed a special occasion, but I think we need to make our love ones feel special more than 15 times in a lifetime. Every day offers an opportunity as a matter of fact, but it’s easily forgotten in everyday’s nitty gritty life. What is romance by my definition? First of all sharing a blessed moment with the one you love.

    • Thanks a lot Sir. Your comments always make my day. :)
      Your definition of romance is so beautiful; “First of all sharing a blessed moment with the one you love.”-simply awesome. And yes I will agree with you on, we need to make our love ones feel special more than 15 times in a lifetime. But As we all are living such a busy & materialistic life; we are forgetting to celebrate these small moments in life. So at least by celebrating these days, we would make our loved ones feel special for at least 15times in a whole lifetime. :)

  3. Arindam, your are such a romantic. I cannot see that quote having any relevance for you – unless you had a good woman friend feed you all those marvelous descriptions!

    Happy 29th and here’s a great, warm hug from an appreciative aunt! :D

    • I am now really happy and proud that, I have such a wonderful, talented & caring aunt. :) I hope you will not mind it, if I will call you aunt. :)
      And yes, 29th holds lots of importance in my life, as I born on the 29th. And most importantly, I share my Birth Day, with John F. Kennedy. And i am really proud of that fact. :)
      I hope after reading this comment of yours, I have to dedicate this post, to that good woman friend, who made me realize these things long time back. So here I go, this post is dedicated to a wonderful lady, who had lots of importance in my life once up on a time. :)

  4. Hi Arindam, what a lovely way to look at Leap Year. I especially enjoyed this line, “It’s all about letting the silence do all the talking.” You are so right. It’s not about what’s said, but what’s felt, and that can only be determined in the times of silence. Beautiful.

    • Hi Melissa,
      Nice to see my best friend in my blog after a long time. First of all how is your son’s health now? I hope everything is fine now.
      Back to this post, you again caught my fav line. That’s why I was missing you here. :) Thanks a lot Melissa, for taking the time to read my posts, although you are busy with so many things. Wishing you and your happy family all the happiness in the world. May god bless you all.

      • Thanks a lot Melissa. :) But I am waiting for update on your son’s health, I was about to send an email also. But I am not sure if you will reply to that one. So I dropped that idea. Please tell me, how is my hero?

      • Thanks for the inquiry — my son is doing great. You’d never know, from his perspective, that that’s something wrong. And for that, I am eternally grateful. The hard part for him will be the day of the surgery, as he is absolutely terrified of doctors. Can’t say as I blame him, with his history, but it will make it a challenge for sure. I did write a post, sort of an update, that I published yesterday. The short story is that we are waiting. A few more appointments and we’ll know for sure if he needs one procedure or two, during the surgery. I am glad to have a friend like you, and I appreciate your thoughts and concern.

      • Melissa I am really happy after hearing that your son is doing great. I am really sorry, I could not able to read your new post. Actually I am out of station since one week. And here the internet connection is really slow; so I can’t able to read your post. Then again I have a interview next week; and I know you can guess, how much difficult it is to crack an IT job interview. So I hope you can understand what I am going through currently. But believe me, I was thinking about your son each day and I know he is a brave young man just like me who can fight every odd things in life. My blessings are always with him.
        Thanks a lot Melissa for being such a wonderful friend. I do not want to keep our friendship within this virtual world of blogging, hope to meet you and your beautiful family one day. Till then, I will continue sending my best wishes to you all wonderful people. May god bless you all.

  5. Well done Arindam. I’ve heard of this situation where February 29th is a day to celebrate things, whether it’s with the kids or a loved one.

    And great interpretations of love. Good job buddy!

    • Hey buddy. Nice to see you after a long time. Where are you these days? Not participating in the weekly challenge also? Thanks a lot Joe for this beautiful comment. I am glad you liked it. Lots of other posts in my blog are waiting for your acceptance… :)

    • WOW! Thanks a lot Mal for these beautiful wishes, but to be honest I am not sure if my life is blessed with these beautiful things or not. Still thanks a lot for these wonderful wishes, who knows may god listen to a wonderful person like you. :)

  6. Here’s hoping your leap day made you swoon with all of the romance you so richly deserve and write about so sweetly. I’ll follow it up by giving you a few awards – one I think you have already – but, they’re coming as a set so take them all. Check out the new post.

    • Thanks a lot Renee. :) You are a really sweet and wonderful person. Thanks for blessing me, with these awards. It means a lot. A big thank you for the support & blessings.

  7. Isn’t this also the day where women get to propose to their man? Sweet but I’d rather leave the job to them guys. Happy belated February 29th, Arindam and everybody! :D

  8. Happy belated Birthday Arindam…with lots of prayers for the coming year, may it be one of much happiness…love…luck…and laughter…amen!

    Arindam you are a true romantic…there is a very lucky woman out there who will have your love…and romance…God bless…

  9. i was thinking feb 29 was a special day too, because it does not come often. sadly i was not with the one i love this day. but it’s cool. i think the most romantic thing is looking someone in the eye and not saying anything but still you feel giddy inside because you have such intense understanding of each other that a look is enough to take you up there. :)

    • It does not really matter if you are with the person or not, with whom you are in love on this day. You have still 365 days in a year left to show him/her how much you love that person and you can make him feel special. I liked the way you defined romance. It’s really beautiful. Best wishes to you.

      • that’s true. i like your thought there on the other 365 days. besides, being in a relationship or being in love is not only about the special occasions but more important is the day to day decision that you make to try to make out something of that love to sustain it.

    • Thanks a lot Barb. :) Currently I could no able to read your new posts, as I am out of station since one week. I have an Interview for a new job next week. So I could not able to read your new poss. I am really sorry for that. But You are really kind to me. Thanks a lot for these kind words. These words means a lot to me. Please send me lots of blessings, so that I can do something really good with life. Lots of good wishes for you. :)

  10. Sweet as always, Arindam. Where do you find such sincerity?

    “…bring little bit of romance in to your lives with out caring about your age.” I agree 100% with it!

  11. Well … pooh on me for missing this one. It must have been during my blogging break. Just my luck that a great post like this would happen while I was gone. BUT …. HooRay … I get to enjoy without anyone else. I enjoyed your words on romance.
    Very nice,

    • Thanks a lot for these kind words Isadora. Do not worry as you miss this one, there is always a next time. :) Yes there is nothing better than enjoying whatever things life throw at us. Best wishes to you.

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