“If my son gets mercy killing..”- A mother’s appeal to the court

My friends always complain that, my blog contains sadness, frustration. I am going to agree with that. But I want to keep my blog real. I do not want to close my eyes, when I see someone is in pain, someone is sad, because I must try to spread smiles & happiness through my blog. Lots of wonderful writers are doing that in a much better way than me.  The biggest reality of life is that, many people are sad and many are in real pain, we need to open our eyes to see them. So I do not want to run away from those things. You may not like it, but today I am going to share something with you all, which is hurting me from past few days.

It was February 8th 2012. As usual, I was replying to comments on my blog. Suddenly one of my friends asked me, to check a link of a news channel’s website of my country. For first I was not sure, anything that is happening in my country is more important to me, than replying to the comments on my blog. Still I decided to take a look at it.

The first thing that came to my eyes was a photograph of an old lady feeding to a young man with her hand. That photograph alone was enough for me to change my priority. By then I realized that, there is something more important for me to do than to reply to you people’s comments.

After going through the whole article, I came to know that, in that picture that 64 years old lady, K Lakshmamma, is feeding to his 36 years old engineer son, who was paralyzed and became mentally unstable after a serious accident 15 years ago. This is not the end of the story. Let me go in to its detail. Actually 15years earlier, C Janardhan that 36 years old young man, who was an engineering student, was offered a job in Australia in 1997. He was hit by a truck while he was on his way to a city in India called Bangalore to get a visa. He was in coma for three months after the accident. Although he survived the fight between life & death, but the accident caused brain damage in addition to paralyses and loss of speech. Which in directly damaged a dream & career of a talented son, hope & aspiration of a mother from his son, and financial condition of a happy family.

I do not know why I am sharing this story with you all, even though I know I am doing nothing good by doing this to those two people who are completely alone, fighting with their destiny. May be I am writing this with the selfish intension, to get these thoughts out from my mind so that these thoughts will hurt me less.

That 64 years widow lady with her husband’s pension works in a farm, to meet their expenditure & her son’s medical expenses. Although by no means, that much amount is going to be sufficient to pay the medical bill also. In order to meet all these expenses K Lakshmamma sold her land and home also. Now they have nothing to sell.

So she filed a petition to the court saying, “I don’t know who will take care of him after my death. I can’t see him suffer any longer. If my son gets mercy killing, I can die in peace,”

That lady in a statement said that, failing health is the reason she was forced to approach the courts, seeking either help or euthanasia for her son. She even said, “If they can get him some medical help, we would be grateful. He cannot fend for himself and I won’t be around forever. So I asked if the government can help us. If they do, we will live. Otherwise I will put him to sleep and kill myself. What else can we do?”

Yes, it may not sound good to our ears. But it’s true. In the world where we live, where some of us busy searching for existence of life in another planet, where people spend million dollars to gift a car or home to their son/daughter on his/her 18th birth day; there lives a woman who want the death of his son, so that she would not have to see her son suffer. Believe me I am feeling ashamed while writing this part, because I also live in the same world, and the truth is that like everyone else I can’t do anything about it. Like each one of you I can do only one thing, that is to pray to god, because, it does not cost anything. But to be honest these kind of reality somehow takes away my belief in God. How can God do this to those two people?

I am an engineer, so I know what would be the situation of that young man, if he would not meet that accident that day. He would have been a millionaire (might be more than that), if he worked for that company in Australia, for 15 years as an engineer. But it’s all in the destiny.

I still do not know, why I am writing this whole story. I do not know what I want to achieve by writing this. I am not even sharing that link to send donation to those two people, because I know it will not make any change to their financial condition, as no one is going to donate anything. If I can’t have enough money to donate to those two people, how can I ask someone else to do it? 

I just wish God please show your power, do something good for those two people. Wake up and see those two people need your help badly…. Please God……..

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51 thoughts on ““If my son gets mercy killing..”- A mother’s appeal to the court

  1. hey! arindam.. its a heart touching story.. we do live in an unfair world. The biggest failure of our government has been the inability to provide adequate safety net for people like Lakshmmma and Janardhan.. The debate on euthanasia is very complicated, specially in india.. and no easy solutions are available. I have seen similar questions of existence among families with severely disabled children..Even if you can’t do much, keep writing.. sometimes writing could work a miracle!

    1. You are absolutely right, “The debate on euthanasia is very complicated, specially in India”. But more than that debate, I am worried about, what will happen to these two people.
      But believe me, I am not sure if my writing could help them in any way. I do not think anyone is going to extend a helping hands towards them, after reading this post. But, yes, sometimes unexpected happens.

      Thanks a lot for sharing your thought here.

  2. Hi,
    A very sad story indeed, but one that needed to be told.
    I think it always helps to write things down, and you have written about this beautifully, to get the story out.
    Our thoughts are with the family at this sad time.

    1. Hi Mags,
      I just wanted to get the story out. I know this attempt of mine, would not help them by any means. But I thought it was important to share such a tragic story with you all. Let’s hope, our prayer will do some kind of miracle for them.

  3. This story makes my heart ache. I’m sad, but I also thank you for sharing it. It helps us look at our own lives and consider what’s truly important.

  4. What a tragic story… so so sad. Yes, life is about the ups and downs and we can’t escape them even with positive stories…. Thank you for sharing this.; important reminder.

    1. Thank you Elizabeth for the support. Yes, I also believe we can’t escape the ups & downs of life with positive stories, at some point of time, we all have to face the harsh reality of life.

  5. God bless you for your honesty and forthrightness, Arindam!

    You made me think of so many things with this post. I wonder if I can convey some of that in just a comment. It made me think about my views on this, about the movie ‘Guzaarish’ and another English movie I saw a bit of yesterday (where Reese Witherspoon plays a girl in coma, whose family has decided to let her go, and she miraculously comes to life at the last minute). It also made me think of an Indian court-case, where the courts refused a minor girl the right to abort, when she became pregnant after being gang-raped. Basically, deciding the course of her life after being unable to safeguard it in the first place.

    (deep breath) ….there is so much emotion n so much more to say, but there is something other than money we can send them. Have a look at this post written by a fellow blogger –

    1. Thanks a lot for the wish.
      To be honest, I did not make you think anything with this post. It was those two people in the picture and their story, which made you think. Just like you, when I first came across this story, the first thing that came to mind was, one of my most favorite movies Guzaarish. And I have not watched that English movie you mentioned yet, I hope I will watch it soon. I am sure if you liked that one, than it must be really good.
      The most important thing, I was not aware of that story of that minor girl. It was actually disappointing and sad. Due to these kind of instances, people have no believe on our judicial system. It’s such a shame naa? How could such a verdict came. You must share that story through your blog. We all need to listen to that one.

      I will read the post you mentioned today. As always, your words really gave me something to think. Thank you for sharing your thought here.

  6. Arindam,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog and leave a comment.

    Never apologize for not being like “all the others.” We need your voice (conscience) beating the drum and sounding off on what you see as much as we need the fuzzy/happy stories.

    Your post reminds me of a great quote from C.S. Lewis, “Part of every misery is, so to speak, the misery’s shadow or reflection: the fact that you don’t merely suffer but have to keep on thinking about the fact that you suffer. I not only live each endless day in grief, but live each day thinking about living each day in grief.”

    Where would I be if this were me and one of my sons? Would my relationship with God evolve or deteriorate through that journey? I would like to think that my clear, honest, (hopefully) positive thoughts would manifest the best outcome. What would that be? I would have to be K Lashmamma to know.

    I DO know that this piece has influenced me to continue to give more to my family, my neighbors, my community… because each of us holds a piece of K Lashmamma & C Janardhan within us. The only way to honor them is to act; be it donate money, time, prayer, or as you have ….awareness.
    Great job, A. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    Laugh hard. Love strong. Live to serve.

    Kimberly Gorski

    1. Kimberly,
      Thank you for being here, in support of these two innocent people. The quote you mentioned is so meaningful and true.
      Even I asked the same questions to myself, which you asked yourself. And believe me I do not have any answer to them. I also wonder, what would be going on in those two people’s lives.
      We all need to be influenced by story of these people to continue to give more to our families, my neighbors, our communities.

      Thank you for such a thought provoking comment. It was great to read your thoughts on this. Thanks a lot for sharing your thought here.

      My best wishes to you,

  7. This is one of the saddest stories I have ever heard. As a mother I know that no mother would ever ask to put her child to death unless she had no other alternative. And she said she has nothing more to sell…. My heart breaks for that poor family. Thank you for sharing their story. Please don’t think you must only write *happy* stories. Life happens…

    1. Thank you for the vote of confidence. I was not sure if should bring these harsh reality in to my blog. But I thought, there is no point in having a blog, if I could not share these real story.
      It hurts me the most, that that young man is an engineer; and due to the his mother has no money left with her to pay the medical bills. If that person would have joined that Australian company 15 years earlier. The whole story would have been completely different. He would have a good bank balance, a big home, a big car and a beautiful wife with him. But life took its turn. May be you are right, Life Happens…

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read this one. Actually I turn off the like button in this post bro. I do not want anyone to hit the like, to such a tragic story of these two innocent people.

      1. Oh ! I see ….I think that`s the reason why my likes are to slow in my post 9-11 attack …so many people don`t like tragedy but what i want to share is my work in artwork like you did i just want to like your creativity in writing my friend nothing less nothing more, .

      2. Yes Jake, your post on 9-11 attack is heart touching. But as it’s such big tragedy, so not many people are hitting the like button on that one. It does not mean they do not like your creativity, they like your post a lot but in their own way, it’s just a way to pay tribute to those thousand people who lost their lives in that event.
        Thank you for that post on 9-11 my friend. It was really a heart toughing one.

  8. that is terribly sad :( I really hope the government does help.. or at least for a good outcome for the son and his mother. xx

    1. Thanks for the wish. But I do not think our Government will help them. To be honest, our politician do not hold such intentions. Let’s hope God will help them, we can only make these people part of our prayers.

    1. Yes, It’s really sad and the worst thing is that, although I know it’s sad, still I can’t do much about them. Thank you Priya for taking your time to read this one.

  9. I follow your blog because it is real. It addresses issues that evokes emotion, that makes me think, that makes me ask myself, “what can I do to make this world a better place for others. ” These words summarize what makes your blog irresistible, “My friends always complain that, my blog contain sadness, frustration. I am going to agree with that. But I want to keep my blog real.” Thank you for being you and for sharing posts that moves people’s thoughts and feelings such as this post.
    After reading this story, I too prayed quietly, “I just wish God please show your power, do something good for those two people. Wake up and see those two people need your help badly…. Please God……..” Best wishes to you Bro and to your family.

    1. Bro thanks for the vote of confidence. Your words and support means a lot to me. I feel some how happy, that you people like me the way I am. And yes, I know noone of us can change the world in one day. It will take time & lots of efforts. So what I try through my blog is, to make some of the people who like me the way I am, think about the issues which need to be addressed. Who knows, may be one day we all can change something to this world together, which look like impossible today.

      Thanks a lot praying those people, May god listen to all of us and change their lives like a miracle…

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read the story. But I really feel ashamed because I could not do more for them, other than sharing their story.

  10. That is indeed a heart breaking story. And unfortunately it’s only one of many of its kind. As you say too many people are suffering in the world. Those of us who don’t, still can’t lay down or turn the head the other way – as we cannot take blame for all the misery in the world either. We might not be able to change the world either, but at least we can make sure we live our lives in such a way that it doesn’t cause pain to others. And that is exactly what you do. And don’t think you have only selfish motives by sharing this story. What is the point you ask? Working in journalism myself, I could every day ask the same question – and do so – but in the end of the day the point is that by bringing people’s attention to these kinds of stories, you are helping to increase the collective consciousness – which is the only way to hope for changes to something better, one day. And by the way don’t worry about friends complaining about sadness and frustration on your blog. I would rather have the real you any day than someone who is trying to make good for his friends. Stay with your heart!

    1. I will stay with my heart for sure, as long as there are people like you who like me the way I am. Thanks a lot for supporting me as always.
      “We might not be able to change the world either, but at least we can make sure we live our lives in such a way that it doesn’t cause pain to others.”- It’s something, which I want to share with all. In today’s time, this is the best thing we can do for ourselves & others. I also hope for the change one day. And I will be really happy if I can support that cause through my writing.

  11. Arindam, thank you for being the man you are. Thank you for caring so deeply. I am grateful you have a response such as this.

    I will not be surprised if you become upset enough that , when you are able, you will contribute in a manner that may surprise you. Here is a great role model:

    Thanks to this man, Kiva was born and operates around the world – giving all sorts of people a chance at life that they otherwise could not have. Or if they borrowed from a criminal element, they’d end up losing everything and be on the street.

    It is hard to accept there is no end to the line-up of suffering people, Arindam. Yet our world has the resources that no one needs to suffer. That is what I have learned when discovering the truth about the hold that the 1% has on the planet. They have poured money into anything that feeds our hardship and their power. I don’t like focusing on this because of the negativity, but David Wilcock had spent years uncovering and verifying facts, making contacts and unearthing truths about the evils of the 1%. It is so horrible the masses have wanted to ignore the facts.

    If the courts were not so tied up in laws and belief systems that are inhumane, unkind and unloving, they would do what the angels or gods would do. They would have a heart like yours.

    Now, I’ll get off my soap box and join in prayers for this woman and her son. Because prayer is simple, we sometimes undermine our trust in its power.

    1. First of all sorry for the late reply Amy aunty. I just wanted to go through the link you sent before replying to your comment. And after reading his story, I can tell Muhammad Yunus is a true inspiration for all of us.
      Yes, even I want to contribute to the society to which I belong, when I will be able to do so. I know it will take time. I have a wish that, I can feed some of the people daily. I do not want to send my money to some organization with the hope that, they will do the job for me. Some of us need to take the job to check if our money is going for the right cause or not.
      And on judicial system of my country, I can tell you, people of this part of the world hold very little faith on court and how it works. Because, everything can be manipulated here.
      But still we have respect the system & how it works.

  12. Arindam, I read this post a few days ago, and haven’t stopped thinking about it. Please never worry that your blog is too sad. I totally disagree. I think your writing is purposeful and thought provoking and I always enjoy visiting to see what you have to say.

    I never would have heard this story if it wasn’t for you sharing it. Thank you. It’s not an easy story to listen to — I can only imagine how trying it must be for that mother and son to live through. You cared enough to share the story, and I hope you know how much that counts.

    1. Thanks a lot Melissa for these kind words. Your support means a lot. Comment like this one helps me to stay myself completely when I am writing something for my blog. And yes, It was not a easy story to listen to. But that’s life. Life can’t be beautiful for everyone. Those two people have to fight with their destiny to be a winner in life. But this kind of story sometimes takes away belief on God. How can be he so rude! But may be he has some other plan for these two real fighters.

  13. Great story,it shows how quickly one’s life can change.It was supposed to be a start for them to get out of life’s hardship which is poverty.There was hope.It makes me sad that all was gone in a blink of an eye.dreams are lost.its very tragic and yet some ignore things like this and We think life is hard on us and that we are the unluckiest person on earth(some even think about committing suicide)but some doesn’t realize that those are minor problems compared to this story.It really shatters my heart to know that some people are spending a lot of money for unnecessary things but cant even donate to the one’s who are in dire need.Prayers for the two of them.May God help them.And more powers to you.

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