Puzzle of LIFE!

I wish I could be a child once again. So that I could fly with my dreams, with out caring much about the reality. I could do whatever I want with out much caring about others. I could play with the mud in my hands, I could sit on the streets with friends, I could just be, what I am. But time never runs in the backward direction. Still  people say, “Time is the best teacher”, so I learned lots of lessons  from it, in last few years.

When I was a child those people whom I believe and respect told me that, Be honest, Do not lie to those people who love you and care for you, Keep faith in god, Follow all the rules, respect elders and love younger, Try to bring smile on someone’s face. And like a good child, I started following these rules. And now when I look back, I somehow realize that, I have done nothing good for neither myself nor others. Then, might be those golden rules have no values in real life.

Honesty is something each one of us thinks as the most important aspect to be good a human being. But the question is that, “Do I want to be a good human being or a successful human being?” Can I give honest opinion at my workplace, when my boss is wrong? Will that work? I am not really sure. Then my honesty may end up with, either giving me a promotion or making me search for a new job.

There are very few people in this world, who want to lie to those people, who hold importance in their lives. But sometimes in a relationship a person need that much space, where a truth can live. Now the question is do we really give that much space to others. Do we have that much strength and tolerance in us to listen & accept the truth?

Again like billions of people of my country I have complete faith on god, whom I never met yet. The best part is in my religion, we have 130Million gods. Although it’s said that, they are different forms of a single god. But when I see lots of people, who believe in the same god whom I believe, end up living their life with pain and sorrows ; I always ask this simple question to myself “Does really God exist? If so, then why can’t he see what’s happening to his followers? Does he hold any power or it’s we human, who created something to give us an illusion, that there is someone who is keeping an eye on all of us and whose main job is to fulfill our wishes?” I am not saying this to either question anyone’s belief on him or to hurt any one’s sentiment. Even as a firm believer of god, i know somewhere from bottom of my heart that, “God is seeing what i am writing here.” But i want God to realize that, there is someone who is questioning about his existence; by seeing What is happening to his pupil in his presence. I hope one day he will prove me wrong.

The most important thing I follow each day, as I feel that’s why we all live for- that’s to spread the smile. It’s the easiest and simplest thing in the world to make someone feel good. But sometimes while trying this I found myself in the other side of the table by hurting someone instead of making that person smile. May be to make someone smile and to hurt someone there is a very thin line, which we must not cross. But I have a real manufacturing defect either in my body or in my mind, because I never able to make my intention clear and believe me, there is nothing which hurts more than hurting someone that to be unintentionally.

When I was a school going kid, my handwriting was really poor. And it was really so poor that, all the alphabets are ashamed of themselves to find that, I gave them a place in my notebook. So to take revenge, they did not let others to read them. So to improve my handwriting, everyday my teacher was giving me a quote to copy in a handwriting book 20 times. I am not sure, if my handwriting skill improved or not, but those quotes really gave me a wrong interpretation of life. “Life is journey, Enjoy it”. So I thought, how could be my teacher wrong. So I started enjoying this journey. But when I reached middle of the journey, everyone asked me to pay the price of the ticket, which I did not have. So I realized that, “Yes Life is journey and I need to enjoy it, but after making sure that l have enough money to pay the price for the trip.” One more quote, which I remember is, “Winners never quit and quitters never win”. It sounded nice to my ears, so I decided to never quit. But when I realized that I completed half of my life’s durability and I have not secured my life yet, then I found this quote is also not feasible. Life may be long, but it is really very sort to waste the time by holding those things, which is not helping you to be secure in life.

Every stage of life is predefined; we only have to act the best possible way in those periods of life. When we will go to school, when we will complete study, when we will get in to a job, when we have to get married, when we will have children and when we let them live their own lives; and  everything in life is decided by our ancestors and god before we walked in to this planet. As people say, there is a perfect timing to do everything in life. Then only life goes smoothly and beautifully. But what if a person is running late, without matching up to the phases of life? I have only one answer to this one, which is,”I do not know”.

I know this kind of thoughts hit a person’s mind, when everything in life looks  like a puzzle to him. And yes each one of us go through this phase also, when everything  in that person’s life looks puzzled at that moment, if one thing we try to bring at its place, then we find the other parts in wrong places. But one thing my teacher told, which i could not prove as wrong is, “Keep on trying, if you can’t solve the puzzle by your own than one day it will get solve by its own. But for this to happen, a person has to keep on trying.“.

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57 thoughts on “Puzzle of LIFE!

  1. I was JUST thinking how I wished I could be a child again…the youth really is wasted on the young. I also feel like I had a much better imagination as a child :/

    Great story!

  2. Sometimes it s better to quit or to change an opinion. Cause you need to have a strong character for, without you wouldn’t do it.

    I just remembered how it was to be a child. Of course it was nice to do whatever I wanted, without any daily grind or thoughts about money. But I m glad I m an adult, I don’t want to switch back :D

    Great post as always :)

    1. Thank you. :)
      Yes with out being strong, It will be very difficult to change the opinion. If you are really happy with being an adult, then why to switch back. You are absolutely right. :)

  3. Nicely said, Arindam. I believe to sum up what you’re saying is, “Life is full of contradictions.” So many questions we cannot answer.

    Smiling is important and sometimes the journey is not as smooth as we would like it to be.

    1. Thanks a lot Mj. :)
      And Yes , You got it absolutely right. That’s what, this post is all about. Thank you for summarizing the whole post, so beautifully.

  4. Hi,
    Very well said. Life is not an easy journey, and there are so many different directions we can go, but if we find we are on the wrong path we can turn back and go in a different direction, and we learn from our mistakes.
    A smile is always good, :)

  5. I, too, had poor handwriting. I’m so glad to now have a keyboard that gives perfect letters every time! A smile is a language everyone understands. I am praying you will find the answers you seek. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

    1. Same here. I am also now happy that i have a keyboard in my hands in stead of a pen. And yes, smile is a language everyone understands. I live in a part of my country, without knowing the mother tongue of their local people. Still i smile when i meet them, and they reply with a smile. At the end of the day, we all want a little bit of happiness.

  6. I love to hear intelligent people with faith in God question what that means. I once heard that the Jews believed it was alright with God to argue with him, but not to be indifferent. For some reason, that quote stuck with me. Maybe, instead of a small God being inside of each of us, we are all part of one large God, like cups of water are part of one large ocean. And although we may all be a little different – isn’t your liver different from your arm? Diversity in all things is wonderful.

    1. Renee, It’s one of the most thoughtful comment i ever received. And you are completely true. But still sometimes i do ask these questions to my self, “If god really exists, then how can such worst things happen to his followers. Can’t god has that much power to share little bit of happiness with those people, can god has that much power to do justice with a honest person, can’t god has that power to save life of the innocent people.

      1. If we pollute the water, is it the fault of the ocean for being unclean? I can’t answer your question other than to ask more questions. But if we keep asking without fear of offense, I think we’ll find a more lasting peace. Ask away, my friend.

      2. No I will not ask any more question. I have also complete belief in god.Sometimes it’s difficult for we humans to understand What’s god’s plan for us :)

  7. Hello Arindam,
    Thanks Arindam,I liked the way you have put your thoughts in to words.
    Lets not think of doing something great, doing a small thing with great love is enough.
    Best wishes

    1. Thanks a lot Anchal. :) You said it all. Even i read quote somewhere, which says”Strength lies in doing small things with great effort.” Thanks a lot for reading this one & commenting on it. Each comment you people give helps me in growing as a writer.
      Best wishes to you too!

  8. Despite all your questions, and concerns, I see a very real part of your life. You have hope. You have wonder. And you have a fascinating mind. All VERY good things in this world. :-)

    1. Thank you for these kind words Angelia. :) Your comments always brings a smile on my face. So thank you for that. And yes, despite of these questions, there is a real part of me in it. I always try to make each post of mine real & honest. :)

  9. Arindam, never lose the ‘child’ in you and continue with your dreams, keep smiling and trudge along with determination and enthusiasm – after all, that’s what life’s all about!
    Happy Plodding Along in 2012! :)

  10. thank goodness for the positive way to look at “surprises” in life Aridam. I need to remember this when things aren’t going so smoothly. But when that happens, I’ll just come over here because you always have a word of hope. Thanks.

  11. Reality is much harsher than our dreams, still…

    Our smile is the gift of love we give to others, and…

    That love brings hope and…

    Hope carries us foreward.

    Blessings – Maxi

  12. Hindsight is always 20/20 Arindam. “If I could do this over again, I’d do this…” Your quote in the first paragraph is right on, except the version I know is “Experience is the best teacher, because she gives you the test first, then the lesson.”

    1. Thanks Buddy. :) Experience helps us grow. But it’s up to us, if we want to grow as a good human being or not.
      as always it’s my pleasure to see you in my blog. :)

  13. “Can we go back to those days when everything was simple then…”

    It’s the first song that popped in my head after reading the first line of your post. What I’d give to be able to turn back time when the only worst thing that could happen was not getting enough candies from your grandparents.

    This post provided a very hopeful and uplifting conclusion – exactly what I needed as I have been in several tangles in life and what’s more life hurdles always look like Tetris shapes.

    1. Thank you Addie. :) I have n’t listened that song yet. But I am going to do that next.
      Your blog shows that, You are a confident person. I do not think my post has that much credibility to uplift a person like you. Still your comment uplift my confidence as a writer for sure.
      Best wishes to you Addie. :)

  14. That is a lot of questions for one post Arindam :) but…asking is the only way to understand through the journey of life ! Through asking we seek and it is my belief that…

    He who seeks….will find!
    He who knocks….to him it will be opened!
    These are irrefutable, unchangeable laws…

    May you always strive to be the best that you can be….

    1. Yes i know, that’s a lots of questions to ask in a single post. That’s why my posts always need little bit of extra time, to get some kind of response. So i have decided now onward i will write only one post per week. :)
      I always believe, we can improve ourselves only by asking questions. That’s what i did with this post.
      Lastly, “I seek…. Let’s hope I will find!
      And I really do knock….let’s hope to me it will be open one day.”
      Thank you for such a lovely wish!

  15. Well said, Arindam. For me, the short form of that last quote would be “Keep moving forward.” I used to think that life is a straight path but it’s not, is it? However, one can’t just stop living because things are going wrong. So carpe diem (seize the day)!

    Would you mind if I pointed out a technicality in your article? I suggest all your “I” pronouns (as in I wish i can be a child once again.) be capitalized. ;)

    1. Thanks a lot Nel. I am going to agree completely with you on the quote “Keep Moving Forward”. And I would never mind, if you pointed out a technicality in my article, rather I will appreciate it. I want to improve with time, and these things will help. So thank you for that, i will try to avoid that. :)

  16. Amazing insights my friend. I admire your deep thoughts about life and all. You see and feel things that others don’t even realize or give a second thought. Yes, Life is a puzzle, a crazy, roller coaster kind a that. I wish a was just a child too, just free without a care in the world. You made me reflect when you wrote, “I wish i can be a child once again. So that I can fly with my dreams, with out caring much about the reality.” adulthood and it’s never ending trials and responsibilities ruins the fun and our once “magical, happy, you can be anything, be anyone world.” But since we are now part of this puzzle, the circle of life has to go on. All we need to do is try to live it to the fullest as much as we can. Make it as memorable and meaningful with each passing day, with each passing year. Celebrate it as much as you can with people you care about. your teacher is wise when she said, “Keep on trying, if you can’t solve the puzzle by your own than one day it will get solve by its own. But for this to happen, a person has to keep on trying.“ As long as we try, the amazing journey continues….

    1. I can’t have much to say in reply to this comment, you said it all bro. I always try to make this journey of life a beautiful & memorable one. And yes just like you, i also started realizing that,the never ending struggle and responsibilities of adulthood is ruining the fun of life. Still this is also part of life, and i need to search some moments of fun & happiness in this phase also. At least i can try to do so.

  17. Very well put, as usual, Arindam. I enjoy the way you phrase your thoughts — even though with this post, I feel we look at the world in very different ways (which is not a bad thing). When you say that every phase of life is predefined — I feel that’s so limiting. As in, why would you try so hard, if this is just the way it is, and you’ll be on to the next phase soon?

    I think of each part of life as a gift. It’s not about getting to the next part, it’s about enjoying where you are right now. So when I hear quotes such as, “life is a journey, not a destination,” I just can’t agree. I think life is a series of destinations, and if you’re always looking to get somewhere new, you’ll miss out on just where you are right now.

    I’m not saying you are doing this, but this is a quote your post made me think of.

    Also, how neat is it that your teacher, by having you write those phrases over and over, caused you to memorize them, and memorize the feelings you had while writing? Writing is powerful, and you do a great job at it, and of expressing your feelings.

    1. Thanks a lot Melissa. :) First of all, nice to get a comment from you on my post after along time. Just like I also can’t agree with the quote “Life is a journey not a destination”. I feel a journey can’t be enjoyable, if there will be not any destination. So you said it so truly that life is a collection of destinations. It’s actually very difficult to define Life. It’s definition is gong to vary from person to person, as per their own experiences.

  18. Believe me when I tell you, I used to have those same questions running through my mind. I started with these thoughts at a very early age in life but never shared them with anyone. I was not able to start finding some answers until I became an adult and the journey began for me and since then it has not stopped. I don’t think we will find some of the answers of what is puzzling us in life. Some are best to be lived more than to be understood. That’s my take on it anyway. I do agree though – you have to keep on trying… I know I do. Great article, love your thought process.

    1. Thanks a lot! You really have a wonderful take on this whole concept of “Puzzling in life”. We all need to be live more than to be try to understood. We need to live our lives, while trying to solve the puzzle. Even i will also try to do this afterwards. Thank you for this thoughtful comment.

  19. When I go deeply into what is my motive, I see whether or not it is Love. When it is, I am free.

    The freedom in walking with Love (home, work or play) is the nearest I come to having a child-like zest for living. I don’t have to be self-analysing or judging. I can get on with being.

    I agree with your teacher…keep at it. I love your questioning soul.

    1. Thanks a lot. It was really nice to hear about your motive. And thank you for loving my questioning soul, but i can tell you it sometimes really difficult to get the answers to these questions. :)

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