Last few words of twenty eleven!

It’s December 31st.  Few more hours left before the last digit of the year will change. ‘1’ will turn in to ‘2’; it’s not a big deal. From my birth, that last digit already changed 26 times, starting from ‘0’ to ‘9’. Each year, I celebrate that last day of the year with family, with friends with the hope that, the coming year is going to bring lots of happiness, success.

But this time it’s completely different, I am alone waiting for a new year, a new beginning, as for the first time I am not with my family and close friends to welcome a new year. So instead of preparing for the celebration which will start after few more hours, I am busy converting my thoughts into words.

Few hours earlier, as I had nothing much to do I switched on the television to see, the celebration that was going on across the world. People dancing, singing & partying hard. I could n’t do any of those alone, so I thought it would be better to watch these people, and to be part of their celebration, sitting alone at home. Then after some time I somehow realized that, it was hurting me more. It was as if, you are hungry and someone is eating a delicious food in front of you. So I tuned to a news channel. Suddenly I came to know that, the cyclone that hit my country few hours earlier took at least 30 lives (although it’s very early to predict the exact number). 

Then I turned off the television and decided that, I would make a call to my mom. I talked to my mom, who is some thousand miles away from me. She tried her best to convince me that she was not missing me and I also did the same. 

Then as I had no one to celebrate with, so I started doing, what I always do when I have nothing else to do. That was to think. So I am going to share those thoughts with you all, which came to my mind.

The last few hours made me realize that, May we all live in one world, still each one of us has different problems to deal with, each one of us has different reasons to celebrate,  each one of us has different priorities in life, each one of us has different burdens to carry and each one of us has different expectations from life .

There are some people who are celebrating the joy, the happiness that the coming year will bring, some are saying good bye to the year that will end, some people are trying to know what happened to their family member after that natural disaster that happened, some people are crying in pain of losing their dear ones, some people are trying to rebuilt their home, and in the same world there is a mother, who is missing his son and there is a son who is completely alone.

May be this is how the world where we live works. We all are so busy searching for the reason to celebrate our own achievement, our own success; we forget what is going on somewhere else. What is happening with someone else, who is also just like all of us, a human. We limit ourselves in to a very small region; by dividing ourselves in countries, in state, in localities, in family and in persons.

Still there is a hope which makes each of  us keep going. So I am no different, like each of you, I am also hoping that the coming year will bring lot more happiness, success, peace, togetherness in to our lives. But I am not sure if a new year can bring that or not, but we people can bring a change to ourselves and to the society for sure.

So with the hope that, everyone’s life will be full of happiness, peace & joy (no matter, if the coming year or we by our own will bring these things) I am going to conclude my last post of 2011.

Wishing You All A very Happy & Prosperous New Year 2012!

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52 thoughts on “Last few words of twenty eleven!

  1. I just wrote about my new year’s hopes and even though it seems like everyone’s waiting for the last day to think about what life’s all about, at least we do take the time to think, and to make changes. And that’s an achievement – and a great one! I wish you all the best, and I hope you achieve whatever you set your mind to :)

    1. Thanks a lot Sara for this beautiful wish. What ever you said was so true.
      Wish you a very happy new year. May the coming year will bring lots of happiness, joy & peace in your life. :)

  2. Hi,
    I am terribly sorry to here about the cyclone that hit your Country, and I hope all your family is safe.

    Yes the last day of 2011, and you are so right we are all different, but that is what makes everyone unique, if we were all the same it would be a very boring world I feel. :)

    I wish you all the Best for the New Year, and I wish you success and happiness as well.

    1. NO my family do not stay at that part, where the cyclone hit. So everyone of my family is safe.
      Yes, you are right if we were all same, then life would be very boring.

      Wish a very happy & prosperous new year. :)

  3. Arindam, Happy New Year to you, wherever you are. How lovely that you and your mother have shared a moment that crosses so many miles. I share your doubts on what the new year does bring in the way of hopes, happiness, success and peace when such are my wishes for every new day. So many best wishes to you!

  4. Very beautifully expressed :) Hope you have a wonderful 2012 :D You have a lot in store for you :) Go on and experience those wonderful things :) Happy New Year in advance :)

  5. Oh Arindam, I had a lump in my throat at the “my mom tried tto convince me she was not missing me and I did the same.”

    It’s a silly little game mothers and sons play isn’t it? May you have the happiest of the New Year (and a Happy year for your mother, too.)

    1. It was a line that came truly from my heart. I can’t take any credit for it. And yes it’s a game just like hide & seek, that mothers and sons play. But i really do not know, who comes as winner.
      Thank you Barb for reading this one, and for this nice comment.
      Wish you happiness, success, peace in this coming year. :)

  6. Well said, Arindam. We are all connected…all suffering…all celebrating…and hopefully all being grateful for what life is throwing our way (even if it isn’t always easy).

    May 2012 be filled with many bright moments that light up your heart! Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks a lot Becky. Thank you for sharing this wonderful thought. Yes, we must be grateful for what life is throwing our way.
      Wish you a very happy & prosperous new year 2012. My best wishes to you, Jeffrey and your family. :)

    1. Thanks bro. :)
      Yes, i am not alone, as you all wonderful people are there.
      Wish you a very happy new year. May the coming year will bring lot more happiness, success & peace in your life.

  7. Very well said. There is always that hope that moves us forward. Hope for the poor, hope to right wrongs, hope for peace in the world. I think that’s the awesome thing about faith. Always believing, despite the things telling us not to. Nice post :)

    1. Thank you!
      You mentioned that quote of Gandhi, which is my favorite from my childhood days. I always believe each one of us, got a unique gift from god to bring a change to our world, our country, our society, our family & to our own lives. What we need to bring is the desire to do so and to believe that yes we can do it!
      Wish you a wonderful year a head! Happy new year to you!

    1. Thank you Angelia for this kind words! It’s a pleasure to read your comments.
      Wish you a very happy & Prosperous new Year. May you gets lots of happiness & peace this year. :)

  8. Happy New Year to you, Arindam. The 26 years you’ve walked this earth have done an excellent job on you. Humanity needs more like you!

  9. Hope your mom and the rest of your family were safe from the cyclone. For this year, I can only hope all the best for you. Bad times are inevitable but I hope you welcome them with courage and sheer determination to get over them. You’re the man, Arindam. :D

    1. No my mom & whole family are safe from that cyclone, as it did n’t affected that part of my country. My country is so big that, there is very little things, which affect the whole country. And it’s a good thing, because when one part of it in problem, then the other parts help it to come out from it.
      Yes i always welcome bad times with courage and determination, still this year i want to use that courage and determination on doing something else rather than dealing with my bad times.
      Wish you a wonderful year ahead Addie. :) And thanks for the comment. :)

  10. It’s regrettable you spent New Year’s alone Arindam. Celebrations are meant to bring people together, friends and family alike. I remember as a young child spending New Year’s with my mom and step-dad and all my brothers and it was usually a pretty good event. Now as a father myself, my wife and I spend New Year’s with our children to bring in the New Year.

    I am glad to hear that you and your mother spoke. I’m also glad you had the opportunity to share your experience(s) with us.

    I wish you all the best in 2012. You are a wonderful person, inside and out Arindam, and you deserve nothing but the best!

    1. Yes Joe, that regret is also going to be there with me till next new year comes. I am glad to hear that, you spend the new year with your wife & children. There is no better way to celebrate than to celebrate it with those people, who matter to you the most. I know you have a wonderful family. May god bless you all. May you people get lot more happiness & success in the coming days.
      I hope your health is alright now! Take care buddy! :)

  11. Thoughtful ideas, Arindam, and beautifully expressed. You’ve created real momentum with your blog, and I know you’ll continue; the world needs to hear what you have to say.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks a lot Sir Charles. I keep on waiting for a comment from you. And today was my day. :)

      I somehow realized with time that, “A problem which is really a big one for me, may not be that much big in someone else’s eye. May be that person has so much other things to do, that he has no time to value what i am going through or else his way of looking at life is different from me. So like every one else i have to deal with my own problems, i have to come out of it by my own and i myself have to find reasons to celebrate. No one else is going to bother for me.” But still a question always comes to my mind, that is “If we all belongs to the same world, if we all are made up with same composition and if we have almost everything common in all of us biologically; then why we think so differently about different aspects of life.” And this post is result of those thoughts.
      Wish you a wonderful year ahead Sir Charles. :)

  12. Well said Arindam…full of hope and the awareness that each one of us has to play a part in the change we want to see around us!
    The part about your mother is very touching…and astute…God bless you!
    This comes with prayers for joy, peace and the realization of your hopes and dreams…

    1. Thanks a lot. I just tried to make everyone think what are the changes we must try to bring in the society. I am not sure if i succeed in that or not. But i am happy that, at least i shared my thought with everyone.
      Nice to see you in my blog after a long time. Wish you a very happy new year. :)

  13. Arindam, Your posts are so thoughtful and so thought-provoking. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with the world. I second what Angelina said: It’s a blessing to know how big your heart is for others. And what Angelina said: Humanity needs more people like you.

    I hope that you have a great year in 2012, and that you get to celebrate with your family soon.

    1. Thanks a lot Christal. :) I also hope that i can celebrate with my family soon.
      As always it’s my pleasure to see you a blog. I am now a fan of your blog. You always write those things, which is so thoughtful.

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