What I wish.. for my next birth

Do you believe in reincarnation? I can’t say that I have complete belief in the reincarnation concept. But yes I can say that I believe it to an extent. Because I believe there are very few people in this world, who are completely satisfied with their lives in this birth, who do not have any regrets in life. I believe God can’t be so rude to his people. So may be god must have been giving another chance to his people to do those things, which they could not able to do in their single birth.

I don’t know about you people, but I will not lie and say that, “I have no regrets in my life. I am absolutely happy with it”. The truth is that, “I have some regrets in my life. And the worst thing is I know I have to live my life with it, as I can’t do much about those things”.

“Death has such great importance in this society that it affects everything. I learned from my guru that death is not the enemy; I see it as another moment. Yet it’s the end of an incarnation and means going on to other incarnations.” –   Ram Dass

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So if reincarnation is a fact, then I want lots of things in my next birth, which I do not have in this birth of mine. No do not think that, I want to be the president of USA in my next birth ,so that I will be the most powerful man in this planet; or I want to be a genius like Steve job, so that I can convince people that apple is not only a fruit; or a tennis player like Rafael Nadal, so that all beautiful girls will dream to marry me; or I want to be a handsome & talented man like Brad Pitt so that I can marry Angelina Jolie. ;) My wishes for my next birth are much smaller than these.

In my next birth also I want to be the same person, what I am now; with little bit of change in my thought process, little bit change in my nature, little bit change in my luck, little bit change in my destiny. Am I asking for too much! I hope not. I may say that, in my next birth I just want version 2.0 of mine, with less bugs, with greater looks, user friendly & with some added features. :)

In my next birth, I just want god to give me enough strength to control my emotions. So that I will not be get hurt by people so easily. And also I hope in my next birth god will make me a better person, so that I will not hurt other people’s emotion unintentionally. I always wanted to be creative person like a movie director or a writer, which I could not make this time. So I hope in my next birth god will help me towards achieving my goal by giving me a better destiny & better circumstances. So that I do not have to deal with machines & peoples who behave just like machines, as I am dealing in this birth of mine as being an engineer. In my next birth i want god to make my native place a much developed one, where there will be enough scope to build my career. So that i will not have to leave my parents & stay alone to have successful in life. In my next birth i want god to give me something, about which my dear ones will feel proud of.

The most important thing I want in my next birth is, plenty of money with the good intentions I have, in this birth of mine; So that I can really help those people who really need it, without being greedy. And also please god- give me birth in a world, which will be much happier & peaceful, where people are less competitive, less egoistic, less money minded, less terrified & less selfish.

But what I want same in my next birth are- my family & close friends; until & unless they will not change with time like lots of other people in this world. Because I feel one birth of mine is not sufficient to say thanks to those lovely people in return of what they did for me in this birth of mine. I hope I am not asking for too much in my next birth from god. AM I? :)

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42 thoughts on “What I wish.. for my next birth

  1. What I love about this post is your openness to recognizing the life doesn’t END when we die. There are continual renewals of who we are – even during this one lifetime. I would imagine we can all look back and see times of change when who we were or how we lived took a drastic turn.

    What I would offer to you, my friend, is that the emotions you experience, even those which are painful are a beautiful doorway into the light of your soul. As Rumi says: The crack is where the light shines through. If you imagine that to be so, the pain and hurt take on new life and become the very ember that transform our way of ‘being.’

    Thank you for the lovely post and much love to you. xoxo

    1. Thanks a lot Jackie. :)
      You really shared a wonderful thought here.
      “The crack is where the light shines through. If you imagine that to be so, the pain and hurt take on new life and become the very ember that transform our way of ‘being.’”- what a meaningful thought is this. I want to share this one with everyone. And I am going to remember it for a long time for sure.
      Thanks for your visit and such a beautiful comment. :)

  2. This was so thought provoking to me, I added a blurb on my blog and linked back to you here. My husband is Hindu so we discuss this topic a lot. The topic of karmic debt comes up as well. This is why introspection, as you’ve shown here, is so important. Realizing which things we’ve done that are good and which things we’ve done that weren’t so good goes a long way in paying down that debt. I really enjoyed your post, as always.

    1. Thanks a lot. :)
      Yes i saw your post. I liked that one a lot. I am glad that this post, touched you so much.
      And you are right, each one of us need to analyse ourselves at some point of time.

  3. Hi,
    Sometimes we have to go through bad times in our lives, this helps us to learn from our mistakes and in a lot of cases helps us to became a better person. These mistakes or bad times can lead us to maybe help someone else as well in the future.

    I like being just another person in the world, being in the background so to speak. If I had a choice of what I would be reborn as, I wouldn’t change anything, except maybe the lessons already learned. :)

    1. Hi,
      Yes the same thing i always say, that our mistakes may not help us to be a successful person, but it helps us in being a better person for sure. And just like you, i will get a chance then i will also want to be born as the same person; the only exception is that i want to change some things about myself. Because it may not hurt others, but sometimes it hurts myself for sure.
      Thanks for the visit and comment. As always it’s my pleasure to read your comment. :)

  4. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful post! I could not have said it any better & I also believe in reincarnation :)

    This was written with so much heart, well done my friend :)

    Hugs, Frauke

  5. Interesting post. I believe that as long as we are alive, we have the power to make things happen. So perhaps, dear sir, you need not wait for your next life to make some of your wishes come true.

    I, too, am an engineer and I understand how it feels when one just deals with machines on a daily basis. What I do is to really identify and segregate work from everything else; that way my job doesn’t mess up my other creative pursuits.

    1. Nice to hear that, you are also an engineer Ne;. And you gave a great suggestion, So thank you for that. And i will try not to wait for my next birth to fulfill my wishes. :)

      Thanks a lot for giving your valuable input on this post. I really appreciate it.

  6. I used to believe in reincarnation, or rather my paternal grandfather made me. He had this Incan-ish calendar that apparently could tell what kind of person you were in your past life. I cannot no longer remember how my grandfather went about it but he told me that I was a ‘nun’ in my previous life.

    A nun? Oh. Okay.

    Truth be told, I am not interested in what I will become of in my next life. I am more interested in the past. But this post is just so inviting. Now I’m thinking, what do I want changed in my next life? Do I ever want to have a next life?

    If so, I’d like all my frustrations in my current life to become my achievements in my second life. Does that make sense?

    And oh I’d like to be a guy in my next life. Probably as handsome as Brad Pitt. Is he already married to Angie? :D

    1. What, you were a ‘nun’ in your previous birth! oh. Okay. :)
      I may not guarantee you that, there is a next birth or not, but one thing for sure i can assure you, that all your frustration of this current life will help you achieve some of the big milestones in this birth only. I always believe, when a person want to bring out his frustration in that work, what he loves to do, then it quite impossible to stop that person achieve something really big. :)

      And your question about, if Brad Pitt already married to Angie? , i will answer that one once i will meet any one of them. :) Till then, keep guessing! :)

      As always, thanks Addie for visiting my blog and sharing your wonderful thought.

  7. I have the same belief of reincarnation. Thing is…

    What if you are in your second birth now?

    I do my best to live with the premise: You can’t help how you feel, but you can help how you act.

    1. Welcome to my blog Maxi!!
      You raised a nice point here. That thing came to my mind also, while working on this post. But i just ignored it because, i felt, so many things can n’t be wrong, if i am in my second birth. After all experience counts. :)

      Thanks a lot for the visit and your thoughtful comment. :)

    1. Thank you Melissa for this award,It’s special as it came from a wonderful writer like you:)
      As per your suggestion i also made a awards page in my blog, so now i have enough space to keep these award. :)
      Yes i was also thinking that, when would my three new posts will get their valuable feedback from you. Waiting for that. :)

  8. I think you have a lot of insight that you can use to your advantage, whether it’s in this life or another. You will have many great lives. Do you ever wonder about parallel universes? :-)

    1. Thanks a lot Angelia. :) Nice to see you in my blog.
      Yes i sometimes wonder about parallel universes, but after reading your comment i must deeply think about that one. It’ll not be a bad idea to post something related to it. :)

  9. i dont believe in reincarnation…i think that what ever you have is in this life and what ever mistakes you make or if you feel that you are too prone to getting hurt, you can fix it right now. I think thats why people should learn from their past experiences…

    overall great post..made me think! lol

    1. Welcome to my blog Eva :).
      Your take on the reincarnation concept is worth a mention. Yes you are true, people should learn from their mistakes, still sometimes it’s really difficult to act on them. May be that’s the biggest difference between god and human being. We commit mistakes, even though we know it’s a mistake and it’s going to hurt us one day.
      Thank you for such a thoughtful comment, which made me think. :)

  10. Great post Arindam! As usual, you unselfishly wish for something that would help your family and your friends in the next life. You are doing a great job in this one, my friend! :)

    1. Thanks a lot MJ. :) As always you are so kind and supporting. It’s always my pleasure to see you here ad to read your comment. One more thing, i am not sure if i am doing a great job or not, but you are doing it for sure.

  11. I do enjoy your urging us to ponder the mysteries of life. I don’t believe in reincarnation, so I can stay in the moment and try to do the best I can with the one shot I have. I’m glad I know you and your insight.

    1. Thanks a lot Barb. :)
      I’m also glad that i found such a nice and wonderful person like you. It’s always my pleasure to read your comments. So, Thank you for that. And your attitude towards life is perfect. You are doing great job with this birth of yours, so do not worry about that reincarnation thing. :)

  12. In my next birth, I hope to have the same simple wants , needs and life like you. It is when we are simple, humble , generous and compassionate that we find a life peace and joy that truly comes from a contented heart. In a way, I wish to be the better part of me, loving more, doing more but then it’s because of my imperfections that I strive to persevere. Regrets, maybe a few but them it was part of my journey and I know God planned the road long before I was even born. So whatever life will lead me, I embrace them in faith. As long as I have people who loves me, I can face the challenges of this life….Great post Bro. Just inspiring!
    Happy New Year my friend. Wishing you love, joy , tons of laughter, great health and yes, lots of serene peace for 2012….

    1. “As long as I have people who loves me, I can face the challenges of this life….” Thank you for this thought bro. It’s perfect. Even i believe that same. I do not mind loosing, if i have my loved ones near me. What’s the point of being successful or i may say, winner in life; if you can’t have those people with you, who made you what you are today.
      Thanks a lot for this wonderful comment bro.
      Happy new year to you & your family. Wishing you all the happiness in the world. :)

  13. Thoughtful piece. But there are so many things you can do and change while still in this lifetime. Yes, I know that we live more than once or twice (and there are thoughts that we actually live several lives at the same time- supported by quantum physics). Getting in touch with your higher self, your inner wisdom, your God-self, I feel would bring you a lot of peace that you seem to be striving toward.

    And just so you know, being emotional and sensitive are gifts (I should know- lol!). You are a gift. “Controlling” emotions is just another way of stopping the natural flow of energy in you. It is important to keep that energy flowing. As blocked energy leads to dis-ease. Keep in mind: emotions are just another form of energy in motion. Let them flow and let them go.

    1. Thank you for such a thoughtful comment.
      I was not aware of that concept of quantum physics, thank you for bringing it to my knowledge.
      And yes, i will try not to control my emotions. You some how convinced me to let those emotion flow out. Thank you for this wonderful comment.
      Wish you a very happy & prosperous new year. May the coming year will bring lot more happiness, peace & joy in your life. :)

  14. Great post Arindam, one of my new favorites!

    It would seem we have ANOTHER thing in common, as I strongly entertain the idea of reincarnation – that is to say I love the idea but am unsure if it really happens.

    There are probably a few things I’d like in my new birth as well but the things you mentioned were about as unselfish as anyone could ask for! Your willingness to give and thoughtfulness of others is unheard of these days Arindam.

    Excellent work again!

    1. Thanks Joe! I will not mind if this one is going to be your favorite, :) Even this post will always remain very close to my heart also. Yes i also love the idea of reincarnation, but just like you i am not sure if in reality this thing happens or not!. So I wrote this post with a thought that, “What i want to be if reincarnation is a reality”.
      As always, it’s always my pleasure to see you in my blog and read your supportive comments Joe. Wish u all the best buddy! :)

  15. Of course I have no expectations in my next birth, as it depends on our karma. That is what we
    we do Good Deed/bad Deed that will decide our next birth, so we shoiuld learn to do good thing in this birth, so that we can be happy in our next birth. What we sow in the plant, for example if we sow
    lemon seeds and we cannot expect to get mango in that plant. like that what we sow only we get
    result by way of karma and it will lead to next birth. What all our desires we cannot calculate instead of that what all good thing we can do as much as we can by way hleping poor children. We should
    make a note that what are good things doing per day, and watch that till the end of the year and we
    can say that I have achieved good target in this year. Our resoulation should always doing good things to others and we should remove bad things from our mind like jelous, pride, deceiveness ….
    So I have no expectation in my next birth, it will happpen as per our Karma what we have done.

    Thank you


  16. in my next birth i would like to be a nakshatra and be located in the sky with my parents and sister and be near to god

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