A perfect reason for celebration!

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When a person is going through the toughest days of life it’s actually really hard to search a reason to celebrate, to be happy and to share that happiness with others. But as people say God is great, and so many people can’t be wrong.

So when God realized that, now a days i am not able to find any such reason for myself to celebrate, then he himself gave me a reason to celebrate. We can celebrate moments of success, achievements, accomplishments as partying with others, going to a restaurant or to a disco or a pub. But sometimes God gives everyone of us something really special. There come very few moments in life, where a person does n’t want to to celebrate those moments having a drink . Because these are the feeling which a person want to enjoy with a Conscious state of mind. As that person knows these moments come once in a life time. And the moment that god gifted me few days earlier was one of them.

Last week god gifted me an angel, in form my brother’s child. Although it’s a gift to me and my whole family from my brother, still i believe it’s god’s one more gift to me. And yes,  it’s gift of a life time for sure. For me,  it took some time to realize this happiness, as i have n’t seen her face directly yet. As we are far away from each other;  We are so far from each other that, sun or moon can’t be visible to us at a time. Still thanks to internet, the wait at last got over and i could see her face. And that was a different feeling. A cute little baby, having the face just like my brother, looking at me through my laptop display.  That day only i realized worth of my laptop. As i have always seen my brother as a man with anger in his face, so it was really fun to see glimpse of him in that cute and innocent newborn angel.

My mom told me later that, some of my family member even kissed her photograph by seeing her first time. Even my dad, whom i have never ever seen reacting to anything in my whole life, thought a name for her. But i did n’t react like them, as i have told you all before, i am very good at controlling my emotions. I do not let others know,how i feel or what i think. Still sometimes those emotions come out. And that moment was one of them. Although i tried my best to be normal. After seeing her photo for the first time, when i called my home at mid night to check if everyone in my family had seen it or not. I could realize that, my voice was trembling and my eyes were slightly wet. And  i can proudly say that, those are tears of happiness, which i experienced for the first time in my entire life. Each one my family with whom i talked that night was just feeling the same happiness, the same desperation to see that little angel, who is now the new and most important member of our family.

Now i am no more feeling ashamed of those four or five white beards on my face, after all now i am old enough to have them. Now i am no more the youngest in my family. Actually it took 26 years to pass this tag to someone. Now she will get my share of love from everyone else in my family, which i was getting from past 26 years.

Yes when i will see her in front of me for the first time, may be she will be few months older. May be when she will see me, she will take time to recognize who is this person. May be these moment will not come again in life.Still as always no complain with life. God can’t be there for me all the time, fulfilling my wishes, he has other people to look also; who seek his blessing, his help. So through this post i just want to thank god for all the happiness and no complain from my side…..

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29 thoughts on “A perfect reason for celebration!

  1. Aw, the sweetest post I’ve read thus far. I’m happy for your brother and the rest of your family. The bundle of joy is, well, a JOY. I wish you get to see and touch her personally soon. Hopefully, baby girl will read this post in the future and feel lucky to have an uncle like Uncle Arindam. :D

    1. Thanks a lot Addie! :)
      I am not sure if baby girl will feel lucky to have an uncle like me, but i hope she will not read my blog, when she will grow up. If she will, then i have to answer her a lot of questions regarding some of my previous posts. :)

  2. Congrats to your brother Arindam and reading your post gives me an idea she’s your first niece. Those tears must be a mixture of happiness and excitement to see her, “tears of joy” as they say. :)

  3. What a sweet and wonderful post. I remember feeling that when my little nephew was born (he’s now 13), and then again, in a deeper and fundamentally different way 3 years ago when my little girl was born. It’s amazing how we can love someone so instantly and so infinitely.

    1. Thanks a lot Krismerino! :)
      Yes, that feeling was something different. It was just like seeing the future with own eyes. These kinds of moments come very few times in life. And it’s going to be part of the memory for the lifetime.
      And you so rightly said, “it’s amazing how we can love someone so instantly and so infinitely”. I could not agree with you more.

  4. I am happy you were able to show emotions. That is good. And I happy you have something to celebrate. Congratulations with your nephew, your new angel. On that note I wish you Merry Christmas!

  5. What a beautiful piece you have written. Please print it, frame it, and send it to her so that she will grow up knowing how loved she is by everyone, especially those who aren’t just next door and visible every day. Love this tenderness.

  6. There are certain moments in life known as “threshold” moments. A moment when you stand between the past and the future. You just crossed a threshold, my friend, and you spoke of it so powerfully.

    Congratulations on the birth of your niece! I can feel the love you have for her pouring through your words. Now you are no longer the youngest. Now you have white hairs mingling with the black. Now you are seeing life as a cycle, a new birth triggering the displacement of yourself from one reality — across the threshold — to the next. The next part of your life.

    I believe you walked through that door a strong and loving man.

    When you described the distance between yourself and your brother with this line, “We are so far from each other that, sun or moon can’t be visible to us at a time,” I felt the wholeness of your relationship with him. You compared your distance apart by using the very time and space of sun and moon. You are apart, you’ve seen anger on his face, but now, you are in a new place, and you see it clearly through the angelic smiling of a newborn girl. Beautiful.

    1. Thank you Melissa! :) It was a pleasure to read this comment of yours. I have nothing to say in reply to this beautiful comment, except “Thank you”. :) I know i am using thank you too many times just as you. :)

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