After our landing on the surface of moon!

My Journey to Moon with Friends!

It was February 29th 2009, me & some of my friends decided that we had to go moon. We blasted off in the space aircraft Apollo 2009, which was made by me & my friends in our backyard. What? You people never heard about this. Hmm! That’s why I consider myself as intelligent. I hid this whole process not only from my mom but also from all journalist of this world. So that no one could cover our journey. It was a private journey you know.

The journey started at 2.61 am, when my parents were at sleep. Because my mom did not even let me go to a different country alone, so to expect her to allow me to go moon, that to be with my friends,  was not only difficult but also impossible. Again my dad never allowed me to drive his four wheeler on road, because I did not have a driving license with me. So how could he let me to drive a space aircraft?  Now who could make him understood that, there would be not a single traffic police in my route to moon. So I thought rather than asking for my parent’s permission, it would be better if I would ask for apology after coming back from moon.

It was too much dark, visibility was zero. We got all the required things for our journey; food, camera, beer, cell phone etc. What! You people are thinking that what I would do with cell phone there, as there would be no network coverage. Even I know that, but in my country one of my biggest network provider’s tagline is “Where ever you go, a network follows you”.  So how could I miss this chance to prove it as wrong? Hmm…. Now you people are realizing how much intelligent I am. Now I proved my intelligence, so please do not ask me any more questions, just listen what I am saying.

When I rolled my eyes on my watch, I realized that it was few more hours left for sun to rise. Already we had decided that we would left for moon at mid night, because none of us knew the route to reach moon. So we could only reach it, if moon would be visible in sky. So according to our plan, we all entered into the spacecraft in a hurry and pressed the start button. What you hoped that I would start it with a kick! Dear its space craft, not that bike which is standing in your garage. Hmm I drove the spacecraft in that direction of the sky only, where moon was present. Thank god we had few more hours left till the sunrise happened, so we could found the correct path to moon.

After few hours we landed on the surface of moon. It is really difficult for me to explain those feelings in words. I never realized this feeling before to stay in a place; where you had nothing to fear about, you had nothing to care about, you had silence everywhere. May be for the first time I realized the proper meaning of peace that day. Then only I realized that might be once up on a time, even our planet must be like this only. We humans made it the worst. We not only changed ourselves but also changed the whole planet with us.

Then suddenly my friends called me, to have our lunch. Although they were busy experiencing the pleasure of drinking beer standing on the surface of moon and watching the earth which was looking really beautiful from there. We had our lunch and then walked to few places on moon. As we were not sure of how much fuel left in our space aircraft, so walking was the only option available to us. My girl friend requested me to write her name on moon’s surface, so I wrote even though i knew that she could not check if i kept her request or not. But in love people promise that, they can also gift moon to their girlfriends, so how could i be so rude by not keeping my promise. But thank god she did not ask for moon. That would be a difficult job to do for sure.

Then we got ready to return back, as it was already too late and our parents must be ready with all those points, to scold us. So it was time for all of us to return from the most beautiful and peaceful place we had ever visited. Then one of my friend said that- “he want to go toilet, as the beers he drunk were now ready to get out.” I did not allow him to do so, because I wanted to keep this moon as clean and pure as it was till then. But my friend said that, “if I would not let him to do so, then he would do it in my space aircraft.” Then I changed my mind. As I decided to let my space aircraft remain as pure as it was and anyway after few years all humans are going to leave their body’s unused water  here. So my friend quickly went and watered the surface of the moon. I am not sure if anyone would remember that, who is the first person to   water the surface of moon?

Then we returned to our planet, our world. As we had predicted, our parents again tried to make us feel ashamed of ourselves, although we were not. We had our dinner and I went to sleep.

Few days Later, I was checking what is happening in this world with my laptop. Suddenly a news got my attention that, “It’s water found on moon”. I thought how could it be possible! We visited there few days earlier only and we had not experienced anything like that. Then after sometime I realized that, oh shit! It was that place only where my friend watered that day. Thank god satellite could not able to take his photo with the water. If that would happen, then news would be “Both human and water found on Moon”.

NB: I will be again going to moon on April 31st 2012. So if you want to go with me then book your seat by commenting on this post. :)

31 thoughts on “My Journey to Moon with Friends!

  1. You didn’t add my name for your followers. It’s cheating.. In fact, I am proudly saying to your followers that “I am that hero”… And all the news channels including NASA should thank full to me as they got a news because me only LOL

  2. What a fun journey. Seat booked. But why stop at the moon? I am sure the NASA voyages to the next planets would be delirious to find water there – not speaking about humans. Where is the limit?

    1. Yes Seat confirmed for sure!! :)
      Yes i am also thinking why to stop at the moon. Why not Mars or Pluto!
      And I also do not know where is the limit! I can’t even say that sky is the limit. :)

  3. Great story Arindam. I was wondering how the post was going to end and you did it magnificently! Wonderful work!

    I especially like the line “So I thought rather than asking for my parent’s permission, it would be better if I would ask for apology after coming back from moon.” I can remember questioning some of my activities as a teen and thinking to myself had I asked permission, my parents wouldn’t have let me do it. So instead, I premeditated my apology for the scolding that was sure to come afterwards.

    1. Thanks Joe! :) Thanks a lot for liking my work.

      Just like you, as a teen i also found it easier to ask for apology than permission from my parents. It’s always my pleasure to see you in my blog. :)

  4. Whew! I felt like I journeyed with you. Fun, adventurous, priceless. I thought it was possible from my backyard, now I know its can be done. Don’t worry, a lot of my adventures, my parents also don’t know. Live your dream, seek your happiness. Bro, stay cool always!

    1. As always thanks for your beautiful comment IT. I am really happy hearing that you felt like journeyed with me. I hope it would be even better, if you were with me in this journey. Because, then i would have enough beautiful photos of that trip with me to post here. :)

  5. It’s funny, Interesting and creative blog… :)

    Arindam, I was wondering what would have happened if it was you there in moon instead of your friend who wants to attend the natures call… :)

  6. I think there is something so magical, so alluring about space travel, and you captured it with this post. The thought of bounding off to another planet while your mom “was sleeping” is so universally appealing.

    The moon can mean many things to many different people. Probably because, as you said, it’s a clean slate. “I never realized this feeling before to stay in a place; where you had nothing to fear about, you had nothing to care about, you had silence everywhere. May be for the first time I realized the proper meaning of peace that day.”


    1. Thanks Melissa. :) I was just waiting for comment on this one. This is a post, where i tried something to write, which i never did before. I was n’t even sure that if i did justice with this post or not. So thank you for giving your time to this post and for such a beautiful comment. :)

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