The Biggest Reality of Life!

“Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.”               –  Dale Carnegie 

 I have not achieved all those things what I desire from life yet. So it means i am yet to be completely successful in life. But till now that has never affected my happiness.  Because I feel that happiness is an inner feeling which comes from inside of a person. It has nothing to do with success.  As success can only bring money, power or fame. Success is nothing but a feeling of accomplishment. Whereas happiness is something we enjoy doing. For me happiness is, spending time with my family & close friends. For me happiness is playing game in my computer. For me happiness is playing with my cat & dog. So how can success or failure affect my happiness?  My cat & dog have nothing to do with my success or failure. My computer game will work perfectly fine even when I am not successful.  So they will let me stay happy.

“When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.”                    ― John Lennon

When I was 5 years old, I did not remember whether my mother told me that or not like John Lennon’s mother. But I can identify myself with this quote. Because, I never knew what I would be in life. The only thing I wanted in life is happiness. But lately I realized, may be life does not go like this.

I am 26years old now. In these years I have seen both sides of life. As success & failure is every human being’s part of life. With growing age of mine, priorities of life started changing now. Now I am no more that young guy going to college, who loves to play cricket with friends, who loves to go for a movie or for a dinner with friends, who likes to spend time with girlfriend.  Few years before, I was finding happiness in these small things. As those people whom I love or who love me were not expecting anything from me. So I was not worried about anything, rather they never let me get worried about anything. I will not say that, now they have started expecting anything from me. But what changed  is that, now I have matured with time. Now I started realizing what problem those people whom I love and care about are facing. So how can I find happiness in those small things now, when I see them not happy with their lives.

A person can only be happy when the people surrounded by him are happy. So now I have started realizing that you should be successful in your life to give happiness to those people whom you love and care about.  You may argue that, if success brings money then how can money be the solution to all problems in life. But believe me, what I realized in these years is that, may be money is not the solution to all problems; but it can solve all major problems in life.

When i looked at all those people surrounding me, i realized that- How can a person be happy, when that person sees, everyone’s parent is traveling by car and his parent don’t have one? How can he be happy when his girlfriend/wife wants you to buy a flat for her rather than to make her stay in a rented house? How can he be happy when he see someone of his close friend’s sister is not getting married due to financial problem in his family?

I do not know about you, but for me there are only two solutions to all these problems. Those are – either you have enough money to make a change by yourself, or you should start ignoring these things. If you can’t ignore these things, then only solution left is you have to earn money. And if you are like me, then you can’t earn money by wrong means. So you have to be successful in your life. So here success is directly or inversely proportional to happiness.

I read somewhere a quote; which says-

Money & success can’t give u happiness in life. But it’s always better to cry in a Mercedes than on a bicycle.”

Yes it’s also true that there is no guarantee that with success & money, happiness will surely come. Still it can help you to end your worries. So striving for success is not a bad thing at all. But someone must not get addicted to success. Because then the definition of happiness will keep on changing for him/her. Then it will be hard for that person to get satisfied with his/her own life.

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25 thoughts on “The Biggest Reality of Life!

    1. Thanks a lot. I am glad you liked it.
      And yes i also love that quote of John Lennon, may be i love all his quotes.
      Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog & commenting on it. I really appreciate it.

  1. In my opinion, the definition of success is different for everyone. For someone who has nothing, a bicycle could be an excellent example of being successful. Why should a Mercedes equate to greater success?
    Interesting post.

    1. Yes Lenore you are absolutely right. I also want to describe that thought in this post, which is definition of success & happiness going to vary from person to person. This post was all about my way of defining success & happiness. Which i experienced by seeing those people surrounding me.

      I have a bicycle so for me success is having a Mercedes in my garage. (Smile) By the way i have not wrote that quote, as i mentioned i read it from somewhere. :)
      Thanks a lot for visiting & commenting. It’s always my pleasure to see you people in my blog.

    1. Really!! Thanks a lot Renee. I am really happy to get an award from you. You made my day with this award. I never got many awards since my childhood, so every award makes me feel i am on top of this world. Yes I ll check your blog for sure. :)

  2. You are lucky to be so wise at a young age. You are right, happiness is from within. It has nothing to do with money or success in our work. It is not about fame or glory. Happiness is a indescribable feeling in one’s heart and soul that is a mixture of contentment, peace, joy and simply being one with yourself. Wonderful post my friend. Thanks,
    Wishing you and your family all the blessings and joy this Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

    1. Thanks a lot bro. It’s always my pleasure to see you in my blog & to read your comments. Your comments always bring a nice feeling to me. I have no doubt about how good you are as a human being, as you always motivate lots of young people to move forward.
      Merry Christmas to you & your family also. May Santa fulfill your son’s wish, which you mentioned in your last post. :)

  3. You’ve gained great wisdome for only being on the journey for 26 years. Thanks for the reminder that it’s about slowing down and looking at what makes us content.
    And yes, the John Lennon quote was new to me also, but then, that’s the journey isn’t it? New things around every corner if we’ll simply keep looking.

    1. Thanks a lot Barb. :) I really appreciate that you read this one & gave your comment on it. And also I am glad that you liked this one.
      Yes i also agree to whatever points you mentioned. Happiness lies in small things, which life brings to us. Happiness has nothing to do with success & achievements.
      Hope to see you again. :)

  4. I agree with Lenore. Success is so subjective.

    I like your version of happiness — spending time with family, playing with pets. While money will never purchase these, it is true that in our money-driven world, it certainly will give us all a comfortable shelter to relax in.

    A good food for thought Arindam. You’re wise beyond your age.

    1. Priya, Nice to see you in my blog after a long time.

      Thank you for liking my version of happiness. But i am really not sure that if i am wise beyond my age. :)

  5. Hi Arindam, I think that at different phases our our lives, we feel differently about what it means to be happy. As a child, all things have the power to make us happy, provided we are safe in our home environment. As a teenager, very little seems to seep in amid all the hormone-driven angst. It’s as if we forget, some, how to be happy. As a young adult like yourself, I think it’s the perfect time to reevaluate just what brings about true happiness. And to look away from yourself, toward the sufferings of your friends and family as you mentioned, and in so doing, I can see how you feel money can bring about a form of happiness. You are right, in that it can ease many pains. But, money cannot secure true happiness. It just can’t. Happiness comes from within, and I know you know that. I think happiness is one of the most elusive of all emotions. Many people look around and see others infused with it — or think they do — not realizing it’s a self-driven emotion. As in, we must each create our own happiness on this world. By my nature, I am a “helper.” I see people in trouble, I help. And it took me a good many years, decades, to learn that no matter what I do, if a person is not happy simply from within themselves, nothing will ever change that. As we grow, we learn more and more (if we’re lucky and devoted to learning) that happiness isn’t as hard as we once thought. It’s a matter largely of discarding the things that bother us. I don’t mean getting rid of life’s “annoyances.” But rather, of learning that maybe they are not so annoying. I see people, the elders of our world, do just that. Of course that is a brazen generalization. There will always be the elderly man shouting, “get off my lawn!” But by and large, as a group, the older you are the happier you can be with simple everyday life. Your post is, again, great food for thought.

    1. Thanks a lot Melissa. What a thoughtful comment you gave! That’s why i always wait for your comment.
      Believe me if i would have read this comment before writing this post. The whole post would have reach to a different level. You always helps me in thinking more than i do. I am really thankful for that. Now on-wards, i will try to discuss the whole concept of my post with you, before writing it. :) I hope than may be i can get few more likes and comments on my posts.

      Your comment is again great food for thought.:)

  6. Happiness is so elusive. We seem to really only experience it when we’re not thinking about it, when we lose ourselves in the moment. Then we think in retrospect, “Wow, I was really happy then.” It is difficult for overly-analytical people to experience happiness because they are always analyzing their experiences. That can kill happiness. Great post.

    1. Thanks a lot. :)
      Yes i also believe that by over-analyzing things, we some how loose that happiness. Happiness lies in small things, we just need experience them rather than analyzing them.

      Nice to see you in my blog. I appreciate that you made a visit my blog.

  7. I love it how you ended up this story, “But someone must not get addicted to success. Because then the definition of happiness will keep on changing for him/her. Then it will be hard for that person to get satisfied with his/her own life.” —it’s true, people are generally insatiable.

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