Pressing the Words…. For WordPress!

There are some feelings, which can’t be expressed by word.

There are some musings, which can’t be done sitting in the crowd.

There are some pains, which can’t be washed away with the tear.

There are some battles, which can’t be won with fear.

There are some darkness, which can’t be avoided with a flame.

There are some relationships, which can’t be defined with a name.

There are some people, who can’t be forgotten with time.

There are some celebration, which can’t be done with wine.

There are some emotions, which can’t be controlled if your loved one is near.

There are some expressions, which can’t be avoided by caring about others.

There are some games, which can’t be played with mind.

There are some messages, which can’t be sent via wind.

There are some distances, which can’t be covered alone.

There are some bonds, which can’t be realized before a person is gone.

There are some journeys, which can’t be ended with a destination.

There are some mistakes, which can’t be dealt with forgiveness.

There are some successes, which can’t be termed as achievements.

There are some satisfactions, which can’t be achieved by success.

There are some logics, which can’t be applied to a loving heart.

There are some answers, which can’t be enough to prove you smart.

There are some defeats, which can’t be always painful.

There are some things, which can’t be experienced without breaking the rules.

There are some victories, which can’t be celebrated alone.

There are some wounds, which can’t be healed with time.

There are some regrets which can’t be said to others.

There are some tears on the eyelids, which can’t be seen by others.

There are some smiles, which can’t be transmitted from heart to lips.

There are some memories, which can’t be deleted forever.

There are some dreams, which can’t always be true for sure.

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12 thoughts on “Pressing the Words…. For WordPress!

    1. Thanks a lot :) I am glad you enjoyed it.
      It was all my pleasure to visit your blog. I am again going to visit yours to check other posts of yours. I found your blog really interesting.
      By the way thanks to you also for visiting my blog.

  1. Love the rhythm and flow of this piece. Let’s talk more about this line, “There are some expressions, which can’t be avoided by caring about others.”

    I have many ideas as to how to interpret this line (making it a great one!) but would enjoy hearing more about what you meant.

    1. Melissa take a bow first :) Now onward, i am not going to ask you how you always catch my most favorite lines in my posts.
      That lines means some times when i am really hurt or get emotional, i try not to make my tears visible to others, as it not looks nice tears in a man’s eye. Still some time i could not control that emotion by thinking what other people are going to think about me by seeing this. Sometimes a person want to show his/her loved one how much he/she love & care for that person, but still that person care about what other people going to think about that.

      Laughing out loud when a person is really happy, bending on your knees & proposing a girl in a crowded place to show how much he love & care for that girl, to let all pains & sorrows out by letting your tears to flow through your eyes… etc are those emotions which can’t be avoided caring for others.

      Am i right while saying this Melissa! I do not know. But i really feel so.

    1. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog & commenting on it. I really appreciate it and i am really glad that you liked this one.
      I just checked that,You have a really nice blog. You too keep writing. Best wishes to you from my side.

  2. This is really nice! The ideas you’ve brought out are really true and makes you think! Makes me think I should go back to writing poetry again. :)

    And you’ve got a new follower! :D

    1. Thanks a lot Sanchari. :) And yes you should go back to writing poetry, i would love to read those from you. And one more thing believe me i am not a poet by any means, it was just a thought which came to my mind and i shared it with all.
      Lastly thanks for the follow. It will be my pleasure to see you in my blog again. Best wishes to you. :)

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