My new world.... "Blogging World"

Confessions of a bad blogger.. In front of Blogging World!

It was September 22nd; my laptop clock was showing 11.55 PM. With the advice of some of my close friends and one of my nieces, I entered a new world, which was blogging world. I did not even know anyone, who belonged to this different kind of world or how to make things work in this world. But without the help of any person living or dead, I started learning every aspect of this world by my own, yes with the help of “Google” of course.

My new world.... "Blogging World"

I started getting habituated to this world. For the first time I was enjoying doing something.  May be this world gave me a chance to know myself better. Rather I would say that, it gave me a chance to spend some time with myself. It also gave me a chance to share my thoughts with those people who could value those thoughts. With each like, each comment & each follow my confidence started growing. I am not going to tell lie by, saying that I did not get hurt, when I saw many people were not liking, commenting on my posts or not even bothered to read my posts. Within this span of more than one month, I wrote more than 25 posts (Although not a single person bothered to read all those posts). For me as a reader, some of them were really good, some of them were average. I know I am sounding over confident. But it’s OK; I am like that only. I am never afraid of praising my own work; but if and only if I am having a feeling, i have done justice with that one. Oops I am diverting from the topic. Back to business, what I was saying that it still hurts when people do not bother to read my posts. Still during this journey in a world, which is new to me, I found some wonderful people; who not only read my posts, but tried their best to motivate me, to make me happy & helped me to keep going.

When I was a child, my Geography teacher ( she is my mother also :)) taught me that, world is very big and people of various parts of this planet are different from each other. Again like everyone’s English teacher, my Geography teacher also told me all those lies. :)Because now I am having the feeling that the world is not actually that much big as we thought, thanks to this blogging concept. Neither, we people are that much different from each other. We are now part of a family, a happy blogging family; what if we never met each other, what if we never talked to each other; still we motivate each other, still we respect each other, still we care for each other. It’s just a process of bringing the whole world under a single roof. It’s just a chance for us to try & change the perception of us on each other and also to show the world what talent we have. Our nationality, our religion, our age & our gender may differ; still we have everything else same. Each one of us smiles, each one of us cries reading someone else post. Most importantly each one of us strives for comments & likes on his/her posts. So how can we be different?

Now this blogging world & its people started entering to the world & people I live with. Now whenever I am free from my work or else I may say when I get tired in that world where I stay, or when I feel lonely even though I am with those people of that world in which I live; I just enter to this beautiful world to enjoy the beauty of writing, photography or anything which is part of what some intelligent people called as ‘creativity’ and common people like me called as “reason for our living”.

Yes, sometimes in disappointment that thought of quitting this blogging world comes to my mind. But that quote, “Quitters never win, Winners never quit”; which inspires me from my childhood days, does not allow me to do so. So I started reading every good writers post in my free time. Because I always believe if you want to be good speaker, be a good listener first. If you want to be a good father, be a good son first. So this thought applied in the field of writing also. So I believe if I want to be a good writer (Which I am not), I have to be a good reader first. And that’s what I always try to do. I go through the blogs of these wonderful writers to see what thoughts came out from their minds and if those are good enough, I appreciate them. Because what Talent deserves is appreciation & recognition. So why I will not appreciate good works of those talented people? One thing for sure, by living with these talented people one day I may able to write like them. I can bring my thoughts on paper in the best way possible. I just started my journey being a writer (for the first time, I am referring myself as writer; thanks to Lenore,  Melissa, Renee Johnson; you people helped me to realize that) and one day I will reach my destination for sure. I do not expect to get more than what I deserve; but I am not going to compromise with less than what I deserve. I am like that only. :)

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36 thoughts on “Confessions of a bad blogger.. In front of Blogging World!

  1. “If you want to be good speaker, be a good listener..” Excellent, Arindam. Funny thing about listening… it is much harder than speaking and/or writing.
    Keep writing – even when the stats are low – keep writing. The only way to get better at anything is to continue to try and be better. Nice post!

  2. What a nice post — I really enjoyed it. Especially this line, “Because I always believe if you want to be good speaker, be a good listener first. If you want to be a good father, be a good son first.”

    More people should think like you do. (Except for the part where you don’t think you’re a writer. I refuse to agree to that.)

    And I love that your mother was also your geography teacher. So appropriate. It’s a subject that doesn’t get much attention, here in America, but what other goal do mothers have than to teach their children how to live in the world? And “the world” is much more grand than a hometown, or a home country. Teaching geography cements that fact in a young person’s mind.

    1. Thanks a lot Melissa :) This post is just a way to say, thanks to you all wonderful people. i also hope that, more people should think like me. Then only my readership is going to increase. :)
      And yes my mother was a teacher. I still remembered how much tough it was, to sit in her classes during my school days, as she was very strict disciplinarian. Although she never treated me as her son, inside classroom. Still that feeling was something different.
      And while writing, i knew that you would disagree to that part, “i am not a writer.” :)

  3. You are a writer! I’ve learned to finally accept this from Lenore as well. (she’s good at making all of us realize the truth, isn’t she?) I read a lot more than I write. I enjoy reading and commenting and connecting much more now that I’ve gotten to know so many amazing people (and writers!) through this blogging world. It seems there isn’t enough time in my day sometimes but it’s good to unwind with a cup of coffee in the morning and read all the incredible blogs out there. Keep it up, Arindam!

    1. Darla, Thanks for such a beautiful & motivating comment. This post actually dedicated to you. This thought came to my mind, after reading your last post “Confessions of a bad cook”.
      Yes Lenore is too good to make others realize that they are writers, but i could not understand really why she wrote in her last post that, she needs to work on her writing part. I hope now we have to make her realize that, she is too good with what she is doing. :)
      It’s always a pleasure to see you in my blog. Thanks again for visiting. :)

  4. 25 inspiring posts in a short time frame of 2 months :) That proves your undying spirit,your incessant and honest effort and your never-give-up attitude :)
    As I always say….keep writing…keep inspiring :)

  5. Arindam, I am so honored to be on your list of people who have brought encoragement to you. You are a beautiful writer and you inspire me as well. I have also found through writing, reading, and traveling, that people around the world are pretty much the same. We hurt and heal; love and lose; succeed and fail. We may have different traditions, climates, hobbies, but we are essentially the same at our core. Do not give up or veer off course. It is still early. Keep being Arindam and all that means to those of us who truly love your unique perspective.

    1. Wow… what a beautiful comment Renee. As always you again made me feel special, although I am special. :)
      Yes you are always an inspiration for me. Not only as a writer, but also as a human being. Till now every time I write something new, i keep on waiting for your comment. May be you know my blog more than anyone else, as you read maximum of my posts. I forgot to mention that, you have not read my post on trees yet, so read that one on your next visit. :)

      Lastly, I do not know, if i have something unique or not; but for sure i am going to remain what I am. Thanks a Lot Renee for all your words.

  6. You, Arindam, are a writer. Don’t ever forget that. I like what you are doing with your blog, and I appreciate all you put into it. For that, I’m nominating you for the 7×7 Link Award. Congratulations!

    Take a peek at my blog to see how it works. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks a lot Becky!
      you are nominating me for an award, nothing more I can ask for. Yes you people are making me feel that I am a writer. :)
      Yes I will take a peek at your blog for sure.
      Thanks again for these nice & inspiring words and nomination for 7×7 Link Award. :)

  7. Yes, we are indeed a big blogging family. We support each other, we appreciate each other, we follow each other…It’s a community there everybody respects other people. That’s the most likable thing here (from my point of view). You need to have patience to be discovered by people who enjoy reading posts that worth reading.

    I wish you a long and beautiful jurney in writing.

    1. Thanks a lot for all these nice words. I appreciate them. I just saw in your profile that, you are also new to this blogging world. You are also doing great job, and i am very much sure that your blog is going to get all the recognition. I just found through your comment that, we both have similar point of views. So i am going to read your blog for sure.
      Best wishes to you from my side, keep up the good work you are doing.

  8. I really felt your heart in the post. I feel the same way sometimes. Good job, keep up the work. I love the quote “Quitters never win and winners never quite” I will remember that one.

  9. You did it again Arindam, excellent writing. As I’ve said in the past, the WordPress community is extremely supportive and that’s why I continue to use WordPress as my blogging site. I love to write, no doubt, but to get so much encouragement and appreciation for the time and energy a writer puts into their work is something special.

    It’s a great feeling to know people “like” what you write, leave comments, and especially subscribe. And with time and through visiting other blogs, your blogging family will increase in size everyday.

    Again, great writing Arindam.

    1. Thanks a lot Joe.
      Yes this community is extremely supportive. And the feeling of getting appreciation for your work from talented people of this community is something different. Yes after seeing the number of comments, i can feel that my blogging family size is increasing slowly day by day for sure.
      It’s always feels great to see you here Joe. Take care.

  10. Hi Arindam!

    I can’t help but leave a comment for the very first time using my account. I can feel that you are writing from the heart and that moves me. Suddenly, I became emotional reading your post because you exactly resonate my thoughts and feelings about blogging stuff. In fact, I had this post “CONFESSIONS of a Newbie Blogger”, noticed how we almost have the same title. I am new to the blogging world as well. It’s December and I have not posted anything yet. Though I have written quite a lot but those remains under “draft”. I don’t know what’s holding me back. I’m not sure. I am not that confident yet about my writings, there were several errors too about some of the post I have done which I am not satisfied about. Though I find that this blogging is something that I would like to be doing. In fact, when I signed in October, I was so excited and I find myself sleeping late at night or early in the morning (which I usually don’t do) just to finish an article. I have so much energy doing this in the past month and now, I am feeling low, I am having second thoughts shall I continue this new found passion.

    I am happy writing about most of my travel experiences. Although, I could not express best myself in writing, like you I am also hopeful to get better in time. It is my wish for my blog to make it as interesting as possible though I have not live up yet to make it as engaging and interactive as possible. You’ll see when you find the time to check my site. It has “zero” comments =/. If you have any feedback or thoughts to share, I would greatly appreciate it :).

    Thank you for reading my lengthy remarks and all the best to you.


    1. First of all thank you Mafey for posting your first comment in my blog. That’s really a big thing. I am really glad that you felt my blog worth it.
      I do not mind reading a lengthy remark. it’s my pleasure to listen what my fellow bloggers want to say me. I will visit your blog for sure. I just want you to post those drafts. Do not worry, if other people will like it or not. Just bring that confidence in you that you are one among those few people who choose blogging as their medium to share their thoughts rather than staying in any social networking site and doing nothing. So post those drafts, with out much caring about the feedback. If you want than you can read a post called, am i sounding overconfident in my blog. I hope that post is my reply to you and i have a feeling that it will bring that confidence in you to hit the publish button.
      Best wishes for your blog. I really appreciate that, you visited my blog and gave your valuable remark on it. It was all my pleasure to see you in my blog. :)

  11. I only released my blog personally only to chosen few, very few. All else are online buddies. On my previous blog, I wasn’t getting any views at all (as in 0 a lot of time), but I kept blogging just because I love to blog.

    WordPress has been very very good in linking their bloggers together. Now, my stats on my sophomore attempt are mighty fine. Never give up.

    1. Thanks a lot for going through this old post of mine. Now my stats are also somehow satisfying. And yes, WordPress is very very good in linking their bloggers together. Best wishes to you Rommel. I appreciate your support.

  12. arindam I am going to bookmark you.. I was thinking of giving up too.. but now will try a little longer.. don’ get as much time as i would like to read the blogs.. and its been a bit lonely..but will try and change that.. thank you..

    1. First of all nice to see you here. And thank you for the bookmark. :)
      Why were you thinking of giving up? You must continue. What if today many people are not visiting your blog. You have a really nice blog. Just keep faith in your talent and continue. I can assure you, you will get lots of people who will like your thoughts. So keep up the good work, you are doing. Best wishes to you. :)

    1. It’s not that much difficult. You can get list of smileys from Google or Wikipedia. For example- to get :) you have to type : and ) without any space in between them.

  13. As part of my promise to myself, to be more active here, I am reading your blog backwards, mostly random posts, but with each post I feel more connected to you, like you said, we are not so different after all. Another great post Arindam, I am enjoying reading your work, very much. Me and my couch both are thankful for keeping us company today.

    1. I am really happy hearing that, you made a promise to yourself to stay active here. And yes, you are absolutely right, we are not so different from others. To honest I have no idea about this whole process of writing, I just write what my heart says me to write.
      Thanks a lot to both you and your couch for saying such kind words. :) There is a post, which is a part of the book I am writing(although it’s not completely same). I hope You and your couch will like that one. :)

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