7×7 award

Yesterday, Becky Aaronson, nominated me for the 7×7 Link Award. I could not ask for more, as I was nominated by Becky, author of the blog, “An Improbable Life. She takes her readers to various parts of the world, various pages of history & helps them to know some great personalities (for example “Steve Jobs”) even better! And the highlight of her blog is photographs by her husband “Jeffrey Aaronson” (Who is one of the best photographers in the world). Thanks a lot Becky for giving my blog, its first recognition.

How 7 x 7 award works-


A person has to review all the posts, he/she has written and then list his/her top posts under seven different categories.

  1. Most Beautiful
  2. Most Helpful
  3. Most Popular
  4. Most Controversial
  5. Most surprisingly Successful
  6. Most Underrated
  7. Most Pride Worthy


The other part of the award is that you pass it on to seven other bloggers.

The procedure is very simple. So here I go-

My Choices & Nominations for 7×7 awards-

My list of top 7 posts under 7 different category-

1.Most Beautiful: Love U Mom.. (Dedicated to all mothers)

This post is all about thoughts of a son for his mother, who is staying  thousands KMs away from him.


2.Most Helpful: Am I Sounding Over-Confident!!

This post is all about, making a person feel the importance of confidence, and make everyone realize that, we are no one to term someone’s confidence as over-confidence.

I do not actually know whether it’s really helpful to everyone. But after reading the comments, i have a feeling that yes it helped some people to get motivated & inspired.

3.Most Popular: Mistakes, Failures & Regrets…. It’s one of them!

This post is a tribute to my cat, who gave me a reason to be happy, when I really needed it.

one of my previous cats

4.Most Controversial: An Unsung Hero…. who lost in pages of History

This post is dedicated to my real life hero “Saheed Bhagat Singh”, who gave his life at the age of 23, fighting for his motherland, India’s freedom.

5.Most Surprisingly Successful: Facebook, U & Break up!

This post is how a person’s life affected by social networking sites like “Facebook”, after a break up. Till now this post got more hits, than any other posts of my blog. I never expected this to happen, while I posted that one.

6.Most Underrated: Am I a Loser!

This post is a try to redefine the word “loser” & to help others realize that once in a life everyone need to analyze, what they won in life & what they lost in this journey to become a winner.

7. Most Pride worthy: “Save me & Save your self”- The Last letter from a tree to all Humans!

I am not proud of this post, because it got maximum number of hits, likes or comment.No it did not. Not even many people bother to read this one. But I am proud of this post, because i tried my best with in my limitation to transmit the most important message to all human beings, i.e. “SAVE TREE…. SAVE YOUR SELF”. It took a lot of time, to design these images by my own; although I am not good in either drawing or painting. Still I tried, as i want to send this message in the best possible way. So I am proud of this post.

And seven other bloggers, whom i am nominating for this award are-

  1. Lenore Diane’s Thoughts Exactly by Lenore

  2. She’s a Maineiac by Darla

  3. Writingfeemail by Renee

  4. Mostly Bright Idea by Charles

  5. winsomebella

  6. Partial View by Priya

  7. This Man’s Journey by Island Traveler

    Play 101 by Melissa 

    ( she is already nominated by Becky)

Please go through these blogs. I am sure they will not disappoint you. They are too good with their words.

Congrats to my fellow bloggers (Writers) on nomination for the 7×7 award! And thanks again, Becky, for the award!

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28 thoughts on “7×7 award

  1. You have flattered me twice in the same week – I am honored. I have already checked out the blog by the one who nominated you and it is terrific. As for your award, it is so deserved. You know how much I enjoy your writing style and point of view. Please forgive me if it takes a day or two to get my post put together. As you know, I’m doing nanowrimo and am closing in on the 50,000 word target. I will hit it this week for sure! Thanks again Arindam. Congratulations and Write on!

    1. A big Congrats to you Renee & Thank You. Yes it feels great to be nominated by Becky, who has a wonderful blog.
      It will be alright if you will take one or two days to get your post altogether. You are already nominated, so do not worry. I just saw lots of people from my blog hitting on your blog link. It shows your blog worth it. Enjoy all the appreciation coming your way Renee. You deserve it all.
      And concentrate on NaNoWriMo, i want to see you do wonder this time with that one. All the best to you & congrats again. :)

  2. Congrats, Arindam! I want to go through the list of your posts, and will do so soon enough.

    Keep blogging and learning and giving!

    1. Thanks a lot Priya :) and Congrats to you. You are wonderful as a writer and i want many people to visit your blog. Your blog worth all the appreciation.

      I will be more than happy if you will visit my list of posts. As not many people came across those posts, as i posted them when i was new in this blogging world and i had not many followers then.

  3. It’s the thought that counts my friend. When I was in my mid 20’s, I planted about 20 Mahogany trees in our lot….they are huge now and giving perfect shade. Being conscious and protective of our trees and of nature in general is admirable . It also ensures that the next generation will have the chance to enjoy what we see now. Thank for the award, I’m honored for the recognition. Have a great day…

    1. Yes IT, that thought is all which matters. If we are not going to care for nature, then why it will care for us. It’s as simple as that. Great to hear that you planted 20 Mahogany trees in your lot, in your Mid 20s. It shows you are much more sensible that me, at my current age. Thanks for sharing this , it’s going to inspire me for sure. Congrats to you for the award too, your blog deserves it.

      Lastly, Happy thanks giving to you & your family. Best wishes to you from my side to you & your family. :)

    1. Thanks a lot for these beautiful word & also for taking your time out to read these posts. Now it’s your turn, waiting for this 7 x 7 post in your blog, to see which are your choices of 7 posts for 7 different category.

      Congrats to you.:)

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