Early snow storm In USA – 2011


The moment snow storm started...

Conditions Started Getting Worst!

Next Day Morning !

It's gone now!These are the pictures of early snow storm that hit USA few days earlier. Trees, branches and power lines were down on the road. Till yesterday power was also not there in those places.

Thank god, cameras are not dependent on electric power. So even though there was no power, Still to make me happy & to help my blog get something different, my elder brother (Anupam)took these photographs. Even though he does not like these stuffs (means blogging, or photography that too in so much cold), still he clicked these photos to only give me something to show you all. So all the credit for this Post goes to my brother. I am just the middle man :). I am just presenting those photographs the best way I can… 

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16 thoughts on “Early snow storm In USA – 2011

  1. Oh wow! It’s beautiful but again, dangerous. I see you have added more images to your original post. Because I’m a fan of Winter beauty I’m going to “like” this post. It’s unfortunate that Winter can be so unbelievably beautiful but have such an ugly side affect.

    • You are right Joe! I may say that winter is sometimes dangerously beautiful !
      All the credit for this post goes to my brother, who dare to take these snaps when nature was in its worst mood.

  2. Since I didn’t see any videos of the storm you experienced, these are the first photos I’ve seen. Many thanks to your brother. I suspect we will see more “weirdness” this winter.

    Thank you for “liking” my blog, Arindam. I enjoy all that comes from the heart!

    • Thanks a lot. I am glad to hear that you enjoy all that comes from the heart. So I think you must have enjoyed time in my blog, as everything written here is truly from my heart.
      Hope to see you again in my blog :)

    • Thanks a lot. Yes i also love snow. But excess of anything is bad. This is what happened this time.
      Thanks a lot for giving me a chance to reply,.And best wishes to you from me & my brother :)

  3. Wow. I am a big fan of snow. It is possibly because I’ve never experienced days of being overwhelmed with it. What remains alien remains fascinating, too! Perhaps your brother will learn to dislike it in sometime.

    Convey my thanks to him for the beautiful pictures he took in spite of his dislike for such things. I know it takes a lot for the person to do that! :)

    • Thank a lot :) Yes i will convey your thanks to my brother for sure. Yes i make him to do all those things he dislikes lots of time in past 26 years, as he can’t refuse me anything. :) Who knows may be after seeing so many good wishes & thanks of you people, he may start liking these stuffs.

      And yes snow looks beautiful in pictures. But this time it made life really difficult there, with out power & other daily necessities like hot water etc.

      Thanks a lot for visiting my blog after along time.

  4. How nice of your brother to share this with you and then you with us! We didn’t get the snow storm this time around – thankfully. I love snow when I don’t have to move about too much in it. But when I have to work in it, it loses its charm. And this is early even for the northeast! But it is spectacularly beautiful. Please give your brother a big thumbs up from all of your fans.

    • Thanks a lot Renee :)
      Yes I have already given a big thumbs up to my brother .
      Yes it’s difficult to work in this time of the year under such weather. Still everything looks beautiful when it is covered with snow.

  5. I love these shots even if it’s not pleasant to have all that snow piled up on one’s car. Were these taken around your neighborhood?


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