A Person Who wanted to be a Millionaire !

It’s a real story of a small town guy of India who became millionaire in just one hour of his life by his shear talent, dedication, Intelligence & presence of mind. When few days earlier, life gave him a chance to prove a point, he grabbed it & showed us all what a person can do in just one hour of his life.

I am talking about a young man Sushil Kumar who belongs to a small town in Bihar (a state in India) own a whole sum of Indian Rupees 5 crore(1023120.86US Dollar) in a game show called “Kaun Banega Crorepati”( which is an Indian reality/game show based on the UK game show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”) in just one hour. He is a computer operator, who works for a government agency where he computes records getting salary of Rupees6,000/month (122.7 US Dollar/month). It means he earned 8333 months/694 years salary in just one hour of his life. Yes this statistic is showing that, nothing is impossible in life; if a person believes he has the ability & confidence to make the impossible possible.

Some people may say that it was his destiny. For me yes it might be, but that young man was well prepared to be the winner of those moments of his life which destiny stored for him. He had to wait for 28 years of his life for those moments. He had to struggle for survival, he had to face the challenge life brought to him, he had to make lots of compromises, he had to keep faith on his own talent, he had to fight with his destiny in those years. At last when life gave him a small opportunity he really made it count and proved himself as a winner.

Sushil, wanted to take the civil services exams. He wanted to go to Delhi (capital of India) and prepare for the exams. However, he could not do so as he was unable to afford the expensive coaching classes there. He & his family do not have a house of his own, although they used to have one, but could not afford its maintenance. He lives with his parents, two elder and two younger brothers, his wife and the family’s kids in a rented house over there. He wanted to study when he was young, but with increase of family members in his family with each marriage the expenses also increased. As no other option left for him, so he took that job which came across his way to meet those expenses.

But he never lost hope. He moved on with life, but the desire to make it big was there in him. He just kept waiting for his chance to show the world what a common man, having all the terms & conditions of life going against him can do on his day. Atlast destiny agreed to take a test of him. He got selected for this game show, where a person if gives correct answers to all 13 questions gets a big amount of Indian Rupees 5crore (50 Million) . Some people may say that- it’s not a big deal lots of people are there who can answer 13 questions correctly. But actually it’s a big deal, to sit in front of the biggest actor of that country (Mr. Amitabh Bachan who is host of that show & the biggest Indian Actor ever), to face camera which he never experienced before,  to deal with all the attention he got which he was not habituated to, to keep nerves down when a person’s heart beats louder than the background score playing in that place &  to live up to the expectation his family and friends on him. In this kind of a scenario, if that person shows intelligence, presence of mind, confidence & capability to take risk and come as a winner; it really is a big thing.

No one can really say that what he got was due to his luck, because before him thousands of people played that game. But no one achieve what this man did. Yes luck has some hand in it, but more than luck it’s that man’s talent which won. As if he was leaving for this moment of his life, and when the moment came; he did not let it go. He made us realize that we must get ready with all we have; who knows when & where that moment of our life is going to come for which we are living. But we must make sure that when that moment will come, we will grab it with both hands to be a winner in life.

“If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride and never quit, you’ll be a winner. The price of victory is high but so are the rewards.”  -Paul Briant

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10 thoughts on “A Person Who wanted to be a Millionaire !

  1. He is an inspiration to not only Indians but all the people around the globe.His win also exemplifies the fact that no person no matter how rich or poor,how young or old…no person should be underestimated.

  2. What an incredible story Arindam! Thanks for sharing!

    I am a big fan of Jeopardy and have dreams of one day participating in the game show as I think it’d be a great opportunity. I watch Jeopardy ever night just about and just dream of what it’d be like to be standing there with Alex Trebek answering those questions just as I do at home.

  3. “But we must make sure that when that moment will come, we will grab it with both hands to be a winner in life.” Exactly! And, this was an excellent story with a wonderful ending.

  4. Great post, Arindam. You have a wonderful outlook on life. This line, “For me yes it might be, but that young man was well prepared to be the winner of those moments of his life which destiny stored for him,” speaks so much. There’s a saying, “Good luck comes to the well-prepared,” and you are so right! Had someone else been on that game show, someone who hadn’t prepared for his moment of fame and chance… the story would have ended differently.

    Thanks for the reminder to appreciate what we have.

    1. Thanks a lot Melissa, not only for liking the post but also for mentioning that line which was for me highlight of this post. Because when i wrote this post, i have a doubt in my mind that might be that person was lucky, but then i realized that, no it could not be possible only due to his luck. Yes he got those moments to showcase what talent he had, was due to his luck; but he won those moments only due to his talent & confidence.
      How you always catch my most fav lines in my posts, and mention them in your comments, may be that’s why you are such a good writer! :)

    1. Thanks a lot :) as always for wonderful words. You made my day.
      But in reality he is an Inspiration for sure but I am not. I have not done something to inspire someone yet. But for sure I hope one day I will.

      Sorry for the late reply, I some how missed to reply on this comments of yours. I am really sorry for that!

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